Black Friday Deals at the Microsoft Store revealed on official website

Microsoft Store

Black Friday is soon approaching (November 29th for those who aren't familiar with the frantic shopping period in the US) and Microsoft is looking to take full advantage of consumers who will be on the hunt for some deals. The company has unveiled numerous products on its online store, perfect if you'd like to bag some bargains without risking personal safety.

There are original Surface tablets, Xbox 360 consoles and accessories included. Unfortunately, you're not looking at the new wave of products that have been or are being released this year (namely Surface 2 and Xbox One), but Xbox 360 titles like FIFA 14 and Battlefield 4 more than make up for the absence.

MS Store Black Friday

Head on over to the Windows Store for the full list of deals that are set to kick off on November 28th - note that pricing will be altered when the sale goes live. There's also free delivery and free returns to help tempt you to part with some hard-earned money.

Source: Microsoft Store; cheers, Mark, for the heads up!



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jgbstetson says:

Was hoping for more, especially on phones and phone accessories.

Acbuono5 says:

Same..though the surface prices are pretty low. Just wish more devices prices would be dropped or offered at least a gift card...rhats what best buy is doing with the new fitbit force which I decided to return my after seeing the ad to get a $20 gift card.

Looks mostly like crap. All of the old and low-end stuff is on-sale, while the new console's games, the new tablet, and the higher-end devices (meaning NOT the bottom-of-the-barrel 520) are all absent.

JamesDax3 says:

That 15in Dell with touch screen for $399 looks like a damn fine deal to me. If I can't find a good deal on an i5 tablet I might puck that up.

Yeah, but it's a *Dell*.  Yuck.

Why would they put brand new stuff on sale? Isn't the main point of a sale to move old product?

jgbstetson says:

And to promote new product.

dkp23 says:

How bout a b2g1 xbox one games deal :)

BryanLM says:

Borrow 2 Give 1

dkp23 says:

Yes same amazon/target had for ps4 games, i think frys did too. 


no such deal for xbox one. sucks.  MS store could be the hero we deserve. 

n7slc says:

I think he meant BOGO...

dkp23 says:

BOGO is not realistic for next gen launch titles.  So yes, i meant buy two get 1, like the ps4 deals. 

Sell the free game, then it becomes like a bogo

grmackay says:

Hopefully they match Best Buy black Friday deal on original Surface @$199. I'd much rather get one directly from Microsoft.

iggypop120 says:

No long ass lines

grmackay says:

Not interested in fighting crowds at Best buy black Friday, that's why

cesar ruiz1 says:

It is 199. In Microsoft store also

Rhoyz says:

I'll stick with bestbuy on surface RT (1st Gen) on Black Friday for $199

JamesDax3 says:

FYI the Microsoft store is selling the surface rt for $199

unitalfredo says:

Staples has the best deal and its starts on sunday
- surface with keyboard for $250 :D

Alpo714 says:

Any deals on the Lumia 2520 or accessories?

Mouthsmasher says:

Dang, I was hoping for some Xbox One game discounts, at least a small discount, anyways.

eortizr says:

MS Store Black Friday stuff, sucks,,, lol.. really last year Surface Black Friday price is the same as the current price in BestBuy, and the lumia 520 BF price is $50 more than other retailers... is just hilarious.

danielgray says:

Why buy an XBox360, I'm guessing support will be non existent. Doubt Skype will ever turn up on it. Probably other online stuff like Netflix won't get updated.

Aaron M says:

Skype is on the 360. Netflix just got an update like a week ago. MS isn't ending support to a console owned by 60 million ppl and still being sold.

danielgray says:

How do you install Skype on the Xbox360? I don't have it.

cannon#WP says:

I'm pretty sure it's featured in the apps section.

kwajr says:

Its a great bedroom media box

JamesDax3 says:

Support will continue for the next 3 years and the Netfix app just got updated.

theefman says:

Cos the 360 is still the best console our there. There's no Halo or Gears or any other must-have game for the XB1, the 360 is a bargain at that price.

Kevin Rush says:

Just FYI, my XBOX 360s are great "media extenders" for my whole house Windows Media Center and offer many other media apps too (Amazon, Hulu, Vudo, TARGET Ticket, Crackle, CinimaNow, MLB, Redbox, .. many more (even evil google YouTube)), and ... I think you can use it to play some games? Please do not underestimate XBOX 360.

ricardios says:

Was hoping for a bogo touch or type cover

Yusuf Nazami says:

<p>Where are the prices mentioned for the products? I can just see the listings and whne i click on the product they show the current sale prices at the site.</p>

<p>I am really interested in seeing the $399 price tag for Dell Inspiron 15Z to beleive it :)</p>

JamesDax3 says:


A Windows 8-based Dell Inspiron 15z touch-screen laptop, meanwhile, will be $399, a $450 discount. The 15.6-inch device, which can be upgraded to Windows 8.1 for free, runs an Intel Core i5 processor, 6GB of memory, and a 500GB HDD.


That, IMHO is a damn fine deal.  But I really want a tablet with an i5. 

iggypop120 says:

Had hoped they would sell a phone for Verizon.

Jack Larson1 says:

For anyone not familiar with black Friday, think people being pepper sprayed over a toaster, or a gladiatorial battle (resulting in death) over a tv or something. And some discounted prices.

scdkad says:

Lol. Yes I'm not into fighting mobs just to save $10 on something. Haven't gone out on black Friday in 25 years..

erzhik says:

Apart from that laptop, this BF is lame. Last year was a bit better when Target made an error and was selling $20 Xbox Live cards for $10.

rahul.sharma says:

Yeah, that target deal was awesome. I wish someone makes that mistake again.

For sure!...I bought 8 of those last year since it was too good to pass up....By far the best deal last year at all of the stores...It doesn't look like we'll see that again this year unfortunately.

Kevin Rush says:

TARGET is the best!

cannon#WP says:

A Surface RT for $199? I may be on top of that.

grmackay says:

Yeah, I'm going to probably grab one at that price. It's not worth waiting in a crazy line through. I'll try my luck online.

Yeah, I'm no huge fan of RT, but for a glorified toilet/comics-graphic novel/PDF reader, why not?   It's about what I pay monthly for cable.

wiseguywood says:

I have to agree, 199 for an RT is a great price.

donebrasko says:

I don't see surface price what is it?

bahamut443 says:

Are a
Ny of these deals being honored online?

dertdog says:

The ad does say the price will drop @midnight on the 28th

Every year I am floored by people expecting current items to be on sale this day. Black Friday deals are usually a fire sale for last years tech.

Mooncow27 says:

I'll take a Surface. You can play Facebook games on one right?

swizzlerz says:

It has flash. I just don't play Facebook. To busy.

kang li says:

you can play any Flash games in IE because I think that is the only true flash-supporting browser in mobile device.

Yeah, I'm no huge fan of RT, but for a glorified toilet/comics-graphic novel/PDF reader, why not?   It's about what I pay monthly for cable.
I wouldn't bet on it. Maybe in the browser, but the Facebook app on RT (as per W8 on my desktop) is pretty basic, bare bones stuff. You can't even save a photo to your local storage Pictures folder.

Corvodin says:

Amazon it is then.

Plz what's Nokia/Microsoft saying about a file explorer/ manager for WP8 devices??? Its d only thing missing in my 920!!! Thanks.