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Lumia Cyan Updates!

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Lumia Cyan Updates!

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New Lumia 920 video glimpses unseen Transfer My Data, Nokia Drive+ apps

The same crew at NokiaGang who brought the earlier video OIS test with the Lumia 920 have a short video showing off the matte-black version.  The video itself doesn't reveal too much, though we have seen less of the all-black variation of the 920 since Nokia seems to focus on yellow for most product shots.

Interestingly, the handler does get the privilege of magically swiping to the right to see the programs list. Shocker, it's the same as Windows Phone 7 though we do quickly see a Transfer my Data app in that list. The program is never launched and we're unsure if this is part of the cloud-backup solution for saving app data that we showed in the SDK video or if this is a Nokia app to further augment that service (e.g. from any other smartphone).

The video at least gives you a nice visual "feel" for the device including size (the bottom does look thick) and a quick comparison to a Lumia 900.

We also noticed that Nokia Drive is now called Nokia Drive+ instead. That name change may have an easy explanation: Since all Windows Phone 8 devices have access to turn-by-turn navigation powered by Nokia Maps, it would seem Nokia would go beyond that for its users by offering Nokia Drive Plus.

  new WP8 apps

(L) Transfer my Data; (R) Nokia Drive +

Of course what that actually means in terms of new functions versus standard Windows Phone 8-Nokia powered mapping, is unclear. But our guess is if Nokia is "giving up" something for the platform, they will make up for it in other ways e.g. merging Nokia Transit (renamed Transport) and augmented reality features.

We know from New York that Windows Phone 8 will include indoor mapping and there are plenty of opportunities for Nokia there as well and that Nokia Maps will get augmented reality as well.

Source: Nokia Gang



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Nickkk101 says:

nice legs. i mean phone.

stumpy1570 says:

Give me this phone NOW!!!!

erasure25 says:

I agree! Nao!!!!!

CJ Thunder says:

I hope + combines transit, maps and drive.

milkybuet says:

And can communicate with the People hub.

CJ Thunder says:

Or talk to texts and emails

engellion says:

And all the features that are in the Symbian version - fastest route, no toll roads, paved roads only, traffic reports world wide, etc.

layfnatu2 says:

What's that app under his thumb Smart Shoot?

payam.ace says:

is the menu arrow on the bottom when you scroll down? :)

Nickkk101 says:

looks like it. why there tho?

TofuDelight says:

I think arrow is at the bottom so if a newbie scrolls down to the bottom, there is a hint of more apps to the right.

ChrisLynch says:

Yep, considering they had to do something like that as MS removed the black space on the right side of the home screen.

Murgatroyd7 says:

I hope there will be an option to use the old position...

ejlee072006 says:

There's an arrow now after taking a photo...give me my yellow lumia 920...

dandunk says:

Did he do some kind of an invisible unlock pattern with his thumb just before the L900 showed up?

jdep1 says:

I hope so. The windows 8 tablets will have that.

JoeDizzle33 says:

That's what I was wondering. Does anybody have any info on that. Looks like some James Bond type stuff.

Curtieson says:

I took that as a little fidget / ADHD know the type of guys they get for tech blogs are always a little.....'odd".  I didn't think he was actually taping the phone, the lock screen didn't do the "bounce" it normally does when you tap it.

Rockartisten says:

The lockscreen didn't bounce when he touched it, but after his 3(?) gestures it opened. Will we have picture password on WP8?

agm353 says:

I would think pic pw would show the gestures you have done, just like on Windows 8

Curtieson says:

What would be a guess to "Nokia Care"...?  How to care for your phone?
I'd guess "Transfer my Data" would be something that links up to "Welcome Home" and helps set up your phone from your old one.
Also, how come no shortcuts in the app list?  Looks like they had enough to get it (don't remember the number...was it 25? 50?)

Search our site for 'Nokia Care'...wrote a huge article on it awhile ago...

bb_gonzo says:

I definetly prefer the mate finish over the glossy ones. To bad there's no cyan option. Well, water under the bridge. I'd like to see both the 920 and the 900 lying on a table or something because i looked up the dimensions and know that the 920 is about 2mm thinner then the 900, but somehow it seems chunkier. 

schlubadub says:

Damn... I thought I'd like it without the gutter, but the tiles are just massive now :( Bring back the gutter! (as a setting)

Murgatroyd7 says:

I agree, I miss the gutter.  And it'd be nice if there was an in-between size that would fit three tiles side-by-side.

danzinho16 says:

You'll get use to it.

ahabenezer says:

We wants the precious.

TofuDelight says:

I noticed OneNote is listed separately from Office.

jfa1 says:

there was a mention thats its a seperate app  sometime back!

TonyDedrick says:

Looks like a flask, lol
But all kidding aside, its nice to see the phone being handled (in video in this case) and not just in still pictures. Gives you a better sense of how it looks in person. While a Nokia phone was never on my radar and I can't say for sure it is now, it is a nice looking phone and one I will at least give some consideration to when the time comes

dnasmyth says:

It looks like there is an over exposure warning on the camera. That is nice.

Benny1434 says:

BEAUTIFUL!!! Finally a good look at the black 920 in action! I seriously cannot wait! 
Nokia, please price it good off-contract for us guys switching from an iPhone!

DavidinCT says:

Come on Verizon, get this phone now !!!!

rath79 says:

anyone else notice when he took the picture in portrait mode the image went off to the left instead of up like it does on 7.5??
nice to see that no matter which way you hold the phone you swipe in from the left to scroll your camera roll.

albertico says:

Matte Lumia 920 > glossy Lumia 920; I hope we get the choice at launch! Really interested to see what this "Transfer my data" will be...

Tomasz S. says:

Nokia transport is a localized name of Nokia transit in non-English countries. It already works like that in the current version.

HitTheBricks says:

Looks like the camera app is a little faster and more intuitive. Pictures slide off to the left instead of up.

JoeDizzle33 says:

I have watched that video a few times. I am definitely excited for the WP8. L920 looks great can't wait to see the 8x now.