Black update for Rogers Nokia Lumia 520 due March 10

Good news if you’re on Rogers and patiently waiting for the Lumia Black and Update 3 to hit your Lumia 520, as Rogers has refreshed their support page with a due date: Monday, March 10.

The Lumia Black and Update 3 OS refresh bring all sorts of new features to existing Lumia owners, including doublet tap to wake, StoryTeller support, new camera algorithms and Driver Mode to handle notifications.

So far, every update has hit devices at 1PM ET, so we’re betting if you check for an update next Monday on your 520 at 1:01 PM, you should start downloading the latest version. Make sure you’re on Wi-Fi and have a full charge beforehand.

Source: Rogers; Thanks, astroboy#WP, for the tip!



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mazami says:

Try to read a messages :P

So I'm commenting here because I want someone to read my comment, :D.

Can anybody tell me whats the difference between GDR3 and Lumia Black??? Also, what is Rogers? 

And maybe too: anybody have news about when this update is coming to south america? for "Claro"

S h a n e says:

Canada has 3 major cell phone carriers... TELUS, BELL and ROGERS.

doeboiO says:

Gdr3 is an os update from Microsoft, Lumia black is a combination of that os update plus extra features from Nokia.
Tl;dr: it's Nokia's version of gdr 3

Jagar Tharn says:

meanwhile , no black update for 620 :P

vinca andrei says:

There is no love for us :)

eroselim says:

I'm getting envious with all other devices :(

MameTozhio says:

yes but what about Koodo XD

How about the forgotten Lumia 521? #tears

Amen! Where's Black for the 521 on T-Mobile? The 925 already has it, what about us?

Jim Bob4 says:

Come on t-mobile wake up....update the 521.

I'm hurt sitting out in cold with no black update

Their has no eta either

Yakko Warner says:

You'll get no sympathy from this 810 owner. :P

NightWatch71 says:

They really need to merge the Nokia exclusive updates with the existing developer preview program, bypass the carriers altogether.

John20212 says:


Until MS does updates like Apple, consumers are going to be the ones that continue to get screwed.


Or T-Mobile U.S.A.'s HTC 8x... :-(

pierrerv says:

They beat T-Mobile USA

Joeul_Ramos says:

And yet T-Mobile is STILL taking forever to send Update 3 for the L521. And the wait continues....

At this rate, WP 8.1 will come out before the Black firmware is released for the Lumia 521.

Joeul_Ramos says:

Smh sad but true..

Agreed. At this point I'd rather get the dev preview for 8.1 instead.

DennisvdG says:

Damn that's late, oh how I love Europe

How i love the"no locking over careers" setup in India, that means international variants which receive the ota updates before the careers branded variants. You pay for the device in one go, buying it directly from the maker, and the mobile careers only fight over call rates and data plans.

DennisvdG says:

Yep same here :)

that's great! 

I dindn't know how were things in there. I wish we had that here in south america

And the poor 810 they're leaving behind!

Clesanbar says:

I hate Movistar. Always late with updates for my 720

John20212 says:

It's ridiculous how long it's taking some carriers to roll out an update that was ready before Christmas on the ATT 1020.


MrGoodSmith says:

What about fido and chatr? And what if a device is on the Developer Preview Program?

lippidp says:

Rad. Black and GDR3 really make WP8 good.

_Emi_ says:

my sister got a 520, and it's not branded or something but still its not available, it sucks but I hope its the one that says "contry variant" "waiting for approval"... so if phones that have no carrier in the middle get this update so late, I can see how having a carrier can make things slower as well.

Dont know how much features this black update adds to 520, since I saw it doesnt have glance and such, but its always nice to be updated! hope 8.1 doesnt take many months to come to that 520!
520 just seems to get updates really late!

cknorthpole says:

Great so no more working Bluetooth audio streaming for them. Welcome to the group.

Dave_Arg says:

Already got Black, now waiting for WP 8,1 :D !

piratasnake says:

T Mobile not interested in this update to 521 I fight in tweeter for this I need support of others to be reality black for Lumia 521 people support me @piratasnake in tweeter come scream louder black update for us!!

onysi says:

And 521? Tmo users need it too and also 810.

Aamin26 says:

After Black Update internet sharing option is removed from 520.

kingjah says:

wpcentral, there there is definitely something wrong with your comment code today, I can't reply to commenters, and quite a few comments didn't take today.

When is the black update launching to Lumia 620?

eroselim says:

Sooner? IDK! 

RetroMan71 says:

Agreed! Haven't even had the update for the 620 yet.. So back to front!!!

Roni996 says:

Where's the black update for 521???

blackprince says:

Is TELUS even working on this for L520 users?

Sameer Beri says:

Till now I didn't received the update...