Brandon Foy lands at Microsoft

Here's a feel good story involving Microsoft, Windows Phones, and an energetic, creative developer. Remember Brandon Foy? The young man who created the Windows Phone ad concept that took center stage at Mix 2011.

Microsoft challenged everyone that if Brandon's video hit 200K views they would turn it into a national ad. Unfortunately, the video fell short of the 200K mark but it appears Microsoft wasn't done with Brandon.

According to a tweet by Brandon (you can follow him @brandonfoy), today was his first day as a UX Designer for Microsoft.  We are sure this is a start to a successful career and would like to extend our congratulations out to Brandon!

via: Liveside.net



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JAStark27 says:

Awesome maybe this guy will help with the commercials or something. Congrats Brandon

Wheezle says:

As long as he's only helping with graphics. Judging by his fan-made ads, he's as clueless about what makes a good advertisement as the rest of MS is. Much as I love WP, advertising was never Microsoft's strong point. I don't see this guy changing that.

GP07 says:

You're the only person I've seen post that they don't like his fan-made ads. If most people like it and you're in the minority of those who don't then who's actually clueless here?

thenet says:

Just for 1 video he working for microsoft. this is ridiculous!

wetworker says:

Great news. Microsoft FTW!!!

jcagga says:

Microsoft how about joining the beats audio and advertise it that every windows phone we buy or Nokia phones we buy will include the beats audio and have special packaging and what not?!

noirsoft says:

I don't understand. How would Windows Phone, which is about getting past overhyped useless glitz and getting to the useful parts, be helped by partering with an overhyped, useless marketing term like "Beats Audio by Dr Dre"? Should MS partner with Monster Cable and claim that your phone will get a better charge by using the special "unicorn **** powered" USB cable?

thenet says:

Give me a break he gets a job at microsoft just because it did not reach goal of 200k? geez i can do something like that myself making videos. And millons of people out of work and people finding jobs he gets to work for microsoft? ridiculous i bet you he never has any big experience and must be his first big company to work for. so BS...