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Break some orbs, save the world in Sparkle for Windows Phone 8

Enjoy the classic marble shooting games where you're centralised and have to shoot and match gem colours to prevent the trail from hitting the end? You might want to check out Sparkle for Windows Phone 8, which is a game that will take to your liking and offer up many hours of gameplay to pass the time.

Sparkle, developed by 10tons Ltd, won the Grand Prize of $250,000 in Nokia's Calling All Innovators competition back in 2011. To spice up the game, there's more than 10 powerful amulets to discover with over a dozen powerups available to the player. While Sparkle isn't an Xbox Live title, there are achievements included to unlock.

The controls in Sparkle are easy and simple to get used to. The powerups offer a unique twist on familiar gameplay with the option to fire marbles at them to unlock useful abilities. But the controls and abilities aren't all that's a bonus in this addictive game. The hand crafted level design and physics of the marbles moving around the lanes is spectacular, not to mention the ice blasts and other abilities taking up the screen real estate.

Three game modes are available to choose from: quest, challenges and survival. This selection of modes ensures differentiating gameplay that helps break up the action and provide longevity. If you're new to the game, there's an interactive instruction pane in the settings (under "Extras" on the main menu) that allows you to test out your aim and some powerups, learning how to play the game quickly and efficiently. It's a neat idea.


Lastly, there's a color blind mode that adds glyphs to each marble to help tell them apart. This could also be useful even with perfect vision.

You can download Sparkle for $2.99 from the Windows Phone Store. A trial is available that includes the quest game mode.

QR: Sparkle



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Lol Zuma u said it

AskaLangly says:

No, PUZZLOOP is the original.

Jrexxx says:

So these guys won $250000 from Nokia, and they're charging $3 for the game? Not cool...

Residing says:

Please stop.  They won the award back in 2011, and probably used the money to bring additional games to the platforms they supported back then as it was easier to code for them (they even have games for WebOS).  I've seen about 3 new games for Symbian since then. 
And for the record, their games are expensive for Symbian devices as well.

CyclingNut says:

Have this on my Touchpad. Fun game

AdamBull says:

10tons is an AWESOME iOS developer and I'm really, really glad they're finally putting out games over here! Azkend is their best.

It's a pricey game but it IS very well done and quite fun...

R0bR says:

Totally agree, you can see the quality in this game once you play it. Worth the money when it's well made.

Residing says:

Most of the 10Ton games are also available on the Symbian platform, and when they offered Sparkle at $0.99, coupled with the review over at AAS, I bought it for my N8.  It is a game VERY well done, with a great story, and I just can't seem to get past day 44!
Nonetheless, since 2011, I have been e-mailing 10Tons regarding them bringing their games to WP.  They were very responsive and said 'no' for WP7, but yes to WP8.  I stumbled upon their games, in December, in the Windows 8 store, and emailed them again to see if they were bringing their games to WP8; again, very responsive, and a week after I emailed them, their games were in the marketplace.  Still a no go for WP7, sadly; I really wish that they could code for WP7!  Since I won't be giving up my Lumia 900 for another 9 months or so, it will be quite a while before I can enjoy their games on WP.
I personally prefer AZKEND (it's a really good story) - I played this game when it was a Bing game, and this is how I came to hear about 10Tons.  And yes - their games are expensive, even on Symbian, compared to iOS. 
I don't work for 10 Tons, LOL!  But I have been impressed with their games and I do recommend giving them a try :)

... I never thought of actually asking the app maker to move to a new platform. Great idea, thanks!

Nik Rolls says:

YUSS! Used to play this all the time on my N8, I've been missing it since the switch. Such a well built game.

david90531 says:

Aww.. Excited when I saw the picture, but wish it was a free game... Will give it a try

jpmensah says:

Finally, I have been waiting for this port like forever. Loved it on the N8, glad its on the lumia

Finally!!!! Now we need gRave Defense please please please...