Brief tour of MS Office on Mango [Video]

Title says it all. We got a more detailed look at Office on the new version of Windows Phone. We knew about Skydrive expansion, better support, Office 365 integration and now we see it in action.

What's also nice, though not seen, is if you need an app e.g. Adobe for PDFs, the OS can now recognize file types and match them against supporting apps in the Marketplace, making the process of finding the right app to "handle' the task much more simple.



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jfa1 says:

That is looking really nice I am excited about office 365 and integration with WP especially the exchange so I can get outlook sync for contacts calendar and tasks.

JohnCz says:

It does look nice. It will be interesting to see what Lync integration will eventually look like.

HD7guy says:

Looks cool. I sure hope they improved Excel so you can easily move cells around.

holmesrs says:

Almost think I shouldn't say anything yet since I haven't had the opportunity to go thru all the coverage yet, but at least for me I still haven't seen a glimpse of what the SkyDrive access is going to look like. Anybody else?