British newspaper The Mirror launches official app for Windows 8

The Mirror

The Mirror is a leading British newspaper, which has just released an app for Windows 8. Since the newspaper itself is free through the app, readers will be able to enjoy each issue at no extra cost. Each issue downloaded through the app is an exact copy of the print edition ensuring nothing is left out from the viewing experience. It's not a substitute, but a fantastic companion app for any Mirror reader.

Included with text reported are video footage, expandable articles, special reader deals and columns from favorite personnel. Editions can be downloaded for offline viewing and the crosswords and sudoku puzles can also be completed from within the app, which is a neat addition. The team have attempted to recreate the newspaper in digital form, leaving as little out as possible, whilst creating a clutter-free experience.

The Mirror

What's more is the development team behind the app are looking for feedback on how they can further improve the app, so be sure to drop them a line at tabletsupport@trinitymirror.com and share your suggestions.



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I didn't know the Mirror was free. Not a bad newspaper either for a Tabloid.

slushygrim says:

The mirror isn't free! Needs changing in the article :)

The article says its free "through the app"

Ozzpot says:

It definitely isnt free. It's 50p weekdays and 70p on Saturday.

What's more it's a rag. Maaaaaybe it's the best of the red-top tabloids. Maybe. But it's journalistic standards are still in the gutter. You have to check every fact you read in The Mirror and they're usually wrong.

Just look at the pictured headline "Harrison Ford Crushed in Star Wars Set Horror" for a prime example of the sensationalist hyperbole they employ to drum up sales. Imagine if you just read that headline and didn't read up on the actual facts of the matter...

hwangeruk says:

Not bad? Its so left wing they might as well call it the socialist daily. Terrible "paper". I would only use it to clean my posterior after a dump. Honestly, you can literally read it front to back in 4 minutes. Its a nonsense.

Official apps! The more the merrier!

Yeah...now lets launch app for WP.....US newspapers are well supported on wp

binnyandrews says:

Ridiculous...... The hype was so much for this. And pathetic is that there is no announcement of wp8.1. What a pathetic communication. Seems like MS is losing focus again!

binnyandrews says:

Sorry I was responding to the first comment " The X2 is announced "

adrian1338 says:

guess you just lost focus, right

guri21 says:

Official apps :) wow Welcome to Windows

LimeSoda says:

The Mirror newspaper is NOT free

sportex says:

it is free and i am reading todays edition now

hwangeruk says:

He meant the actual paper not the app edition.

Force9Storm says:

"Since the newspaper itself is free" ? This is not true. Looks like you can only get yesterday's paper on here and earlier editions. This is great though.

Rich Edmonds says:

I'm confused. I'm staring at today's edition right here on my screen?

Force9Storm says:

Blimey, that is good. Didn't expect that so soon.

Aashish13 says:

Weave is such a good news reader app but still not updated

Terrible newspaper, but at least its extra momentum for the platform.

ZipZapRap says:

this is ine of those businesses I'd rather stay away from our platform.

Oh wells..

Finally the app I need to follow my favourite football clubs!


Zarnywoop says:

Well we do need more comic book apps.

I dont know if this falls into API, by your Xbox Video app is awful at handling our own personal Movies and TV Show Library. There are apps such as Film Closet that help with that on Windows 8/RT. The same app on Windows Phone does not deal with our own library of movies and TV shows. When I contacted the developer as to why, he said that you guys make it almost impossible to deal with our own video library. If API's would help with this, hit that one up, since it is obvious you guys aren't going to do anything to make Xbox Video work the way it should.

ritesh_meena says:

Now thats a good news for a newspapers lover like ma