BUILD 2012 Keynote Live Blog

San Francisco was sooo yesterday. Today we're all up in Microsoft's homebase for their BUILD developer conference. From 9am to 11am today is the first keynote (tomorrow is the other), so we figured we'd live blog the event. For full-width live blog, you can tune in at live.mobilenations.com. Join the chat!

Check out the live stream over on Channel 9, which is also displayed below:



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elquin says:

Daniel fantastic comment on the idea of online event yesterday was fantasti Thanks. Today again will. Thanks from Spain

zephjc says:

Holy Dream Theater!

kenzibit says:

Hope the say something about WP7.8 :'(

rgAndi says:

Are we going to see the new SDK?

dinchy87 says:

Has anybody else problems with Xbox music on its Windows 8??? i have serious problems with it on my desktop. It opens only the import screen and there is no way to get back to the xbox music strat screen. i can not play any music now. i have reinstalled it but the same. :(

WinFan1 says:

No issues here bro sorry

Sugarnotch says:

Try reinstall again, make sure you have media player installed (desktop). When I was running RTM I was having issues for all kinds of stuff with no WMP :(

dinchy87 says:

i tried but still nothing. seems like i have to reinstall my windows 8. or refresh it...

dinchy87 says:

i fixed the problems, it has to do with microsoft and where you registered your windows live id (microsoft account), mine was set to germany, on the install of windows 8 i selected Bosnia and Herzegovina as my location, where i really am, and so i "lost" the ability for some services like xbox music and i think xbox games. i switches the regions back to germany and now it works! But Microsoft should have told us about that all... So will many users be not happy with Windows 8 if they dont know what happens with they system.

fraztto says:

Good job covering Daniel.

Nah, no probs on my joint.

kullkid92x says:

Woah, did you guys catch that!? 4 million windows 8 activations in 3 days :0

gemini5150 says:

come on, that's  100 gb! haha

Apoc says:

WOW!!!! Damn! I wish I was a developer and was over there!!!

Eddie4646 says:

Surface and a Lumia 920?? *sigh*... WIsh I was a developer

damn, ya'll are getting some awesome goodies

txaggies07 says:

I dont even need a free Lumia 920....just let me buy one.

addicusbrown says:

Wish I was there just for the free 920.  Thanks for the link WP Central.  I really enjoy watching that guy (Charlie?) give the breakdown.  Great speaker.  Great Product.

sdreamer says:

Seriously... a free Lumia 920 and a Surface RT >.> I would buy a Lumia 920 if I could... AT&T needs to let Lumia and Titan II users upgrade early.

dangish says:

You lucky sumbish

eizsoft says:

Where is the LINK to the Final SDK for Windows Phone??

RaRa85 says:

So my new goal in life is to be a developer and attend one of these events and get great hardware to go home with.lol Wow!

WinFan1 says:

man im so happy for you devs your hard work are what will make my devotion into the microsoft platform all the more worth it, and so i say to hell with it give em more!! so long as they bring some cool applications!!!