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New SDK and Emulators now available for developers


Windows Phone a target of more than 1/4 of app developers, despite market share


Developers: Here's how to give users the option for a Transparent Live Tile (Updated)


Xbox One games to benefit from major graphics boost with new XDK


Internet Explorer Developer Channel offers bleeding edge web experience

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The journey of the Windows Phone platform and state of the ecosystem


Microsoft launches official #wpdev Windows Phone 8 app for developers


Low memory devices lead Windows Phone downloads, games are most popular category


Telerik makes controls free for a limited time in honor of TechEd 2014


Adobe releases PhoneGap Developer for Windows Phone


Learn to develop for Windows Phone 8.1 in one weekend with Channel 9


Microsoft's 'Best of Build 2014' developer webcast broadcasting in India throughout May


Windows Phone developer hooks up Cortana to control his lights


Windows Phone 8.1 and universal apps can now be submitted to the Dev Center


Microsoft to host new Publish Windows developer days with awesome prizes


Video editing apps are coming to Windows Phone 8.1, here's a preview


Microsoft's Ben Rudolph and Terry Myerson recap their favorite Build 2014 announcements

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Daniel Rubino, Mary Jo Foley, Paul Thurrott and Leo Laporte talk Build 2014 on the newest episode of Windows Weekly!


Microsoft shows off concept embedded car software that plays nice with Windows Phone

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Bookmark this: Microsoft's highlights from Build 2014

Build 2014

We’re still recovering from Microsoft’s //BUILD/ conference from last week. Build 2014 was the event that Microsoft finally showed us Windows Phone 8.1 for the first time publically. It was also full of information for developers throughout the week at all the various sessions. Microsoft has compiled a really handy recap of the event last week.

Need to catch up and digest all the info? Then you’re going to watch to go to Microsoft’s Building Apps for Windows blog to get a full rundown of everything. They’ve compiled highlights from the keynotes, universal apps, Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 8.1 Update.

This is their Build 2014 highlights #1, which means we can probably look forward to another post from them breaking down all the enterprise features.

Hit up the source link below to catch up!

Source: Build 2014 Highlights #1



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Turanga06 says:

I've a Lumia 1020, will it recei.... *SLAP*

oh dear.. it appears we have a new WPC joke to spam

taymur says:

Just enjoy, this will end in 4 days..... ::fingerscrossed::

HaibaneReki says:

better than the last one :)

Will my 3310 get 8.1?

DJCBS says:

No. The 3310 will receive an OTA update later this month and will receive Windows 9 directly in September.

Turanga06 says:

Another: "And I'm just sitting here... waiting for the DP"

ergattonero says:

Double Penetration?

The_Lord23 says:

I hope that's not what he meant

Aniket Bhat says:

LMAO xD xD xD !!!!!!
I think he meant about Dev Preview..

xankazo says:

I'm reading "Developer's Preview" in every title from WPCentral that pops up on my phone. It must be some kind of disease, illness, syndrome... what is it guys?

cdb033 says:

Lol the same here!!!

kenzibit says:

People just can't wait....can you?

terrokkinit says:

Obsession? Thrill? Freaking awesomeness?! ;)

DJCBS says:

Let it go...let it go...

taymur says:

You mean more like..... let. it. go.
Let. it. go.

wphashan says:

Nokia, let it available... Let it available :v

guillams says:

I'm almost close to a heartbreak opening the site hoping to find the "developer's preview available" title...

PoohGQ says:

You better watch out for "Heartbleed" then.. :p

Dear Microsoft team, 

                                 I am Tomas, and I had a great idea. Because of Windows Phone 8.1 new feature, Cortana, the actual command to use Tell Me won't have a use any more, that's why you can use as old phones, that pressing a certain bottom you could call a contact. That will difference Windows Phone even more than now. This will also be atractive to "the next billion", people from the third world that want their first smartphone.

                                 Thank you for your time and I hope you could make this happen.



Rockartisten says:

Dear Tomas

We will look into it. Thanks for your dedication.

The entire MS team

DJCBS says:

Dear Tomas,

We thank you for your idea. We will take your suggestion into consideration and we'll get back to you in 3 years. Eventually.


(post scriptum - jokes aside, this isn't a Microsoft official site, mate. It's not very useful to request those things here. Check Microsoft's UserVoice page and put the suggestion there ;) )

Dear Tomas, grammar. That is all ;)

Reebs Reebs says:

I'm sure he kicks ass in another language. You know, there are a few around this globe :)

Hablo español y parlo italiano :)

Reebs Reebs says:

Hell yeah! :) That's what I love about this forum. It is very diverse indeed.

jawss says:

You're awesome!

F3rzz says:

That's actually a good idea.

taymur says:

Jimmy Fallon voice and background music...
Thank you, Tomas, as for your English, the MS team might just make that feature detonates the phone, and get rid of "the next billion".

pookyjoralyn says:

/b I see what MSFT is doing there :3

WinOMG says:

Omg it thrills me how apps will completely change the start screen. I want that diagonal theme. Epic.

AlexanderJJJ says:

Most memorable part of build was when they did not announce any new high-end phones coming to T-Mobile! Oh well, maybe next year! :/

Tansen says:

The Lumia 925 will get all of the same software any new phone will. It has a very high PPI screen, fantastic, highly rated, high MP camera. Also it is probably one of the last Lumias that will have the glance screen. If they don't release a new Tmobile windows phone that is flagship level, I'm not sure it would really impact us a whole lot since we've already got flagship material in our hands.

Guys, on the enterprise side, did someone see something about encrypted email? Is it coming in WP 8.1?

Yeah, it's there.

Awesome, tks €:-D

lippidp says:

Why does Belfiore say Windows 8 point 1? Everyone I know in software would say Windows 8 dot 1. And Baja Fresh is not the third best Mexican restaurant in Palo Alto. Anyway, Cortana looks mostly good. Eagerly awaiting giving it a shot!

Judas20 says:

8 dot 1 sounds weird

bayanii says:

He's not only selling it to software savvy folks.

lippidp says:

He was speaking to an auditorium full of devs. To me it made him lose some street cred.

neonspark says:

it's not a URL. it is a number. you don't say $1.5 dollars as one dot five dollars.

lippidp says:

I see your point (ha!), but it is not really a number so much as a designation. In other words, you don't add Windows 7 to Windows 8.1 and get Windows 15.1. Same with IP addresses. You don't add with and get, and absolutely no one in the know would say "point" for an IP address and not expect to get laughed at.

neonspark says:

just because you don't add versions to get the next, it doesn't mean it isn't a number. And BTW, IP addresses don't use "point". You don't say 127 point 1 etc. you're highly confused :) stop it.

Whatever the case, it is windows eight point one...period!!!

lippidp says:

It is you that is confused. If read correctly you will see that I also say no one uses point when talking about IP addresses. Similarly, no one in software uses point for version numbers. Sure, I can see laymen saying point. What I'm saying is Belfiore by using point when talking to an auditorium full of devs comes off as sounding like a layman, which isn't good for the head of the division.

neonspark says:

Similarly, no one in software uses point for version numbers

HA HA HA. sure. ok.

well you heard it first. windows phone 7 POINT 5 was really SEVEN DOT FIVE.

LOL. you've lost it. but I give you credit for trying. 

pallentx says:

Right, I would say a dollar fifty. So Windows Phone 8.1 should be Windows Phone eight 10.

neonspark says:

read this in words:

3/2 = 1.5

argument settled.

pallentx says:

"you’re going to watch to go to Microsoft’s"


I think you meant "You're going to want to go to Microsoft's"

cortana of us accent contained in the developer preview or indians will have to wait a year? i somewhere heard that cortana will be available for us only... ms is currently working on other accents... and it will be soon available in 2015... btw cant wait for the DP (DEV PREV.... NT DOUBLE PENETRATION ;) )