Microsoft's 'Best of Build 2014' developer webcast broadcasting in India throughout May


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Build 2014 Keynote – Day 1 Live Blog

We're here, live at Microsoft's Build developer conference. On tap this morning on day one is the opening keynote, coming in at a butt numbing three hours in length. So you can bet Microsoft will have a lot to say in that time, including Windows Phone 8.1, Cortana and even a new app or two.

Head below to join in your own chat room to discuss the keynote as it happens, and watch our live commentary and photos as we cover the event live. We'll add the embed of the keynote as well.

The event kicks off at 8:30 AM PT / 11:30 am ET/ 4:30 PM GMT / 9:00 PM IST.




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leokime94 says:

I can't wait!! I'm soo excited!! :DD

stui83 says:

Its getting late here in Oz, not sure how long I'll hold out. Enjoy the show guys, I'll review the extensive supply of information when I wake up in the morning.

Montpbm says:

Come on man don't give up! Hang in there bro! Lol

SenneVc says:


SenneVc says:

Hehe, looks like i found a bug :D

Loco5150 says:


Which can be fixed by this piece of CSS:

overflow-x: auto;
white-space: pre;

Or this (if you don't care about old browsers):

word-wrap: break-word;


I really wish the make their website responsive...

Sagar Limaye says:

your name hahah. watch out for the garbage collector :p

Deaconclgi says:

I stayed up late to watch the Nokia N9 unveiling, it was about 3AM before I went to bed. It was awesome and I was awesomly tired when I had to get up for work 3 hours later!!! :)


You can do it man!!!! Make sure you set 2 alarms for the morning and that you have engergy supplying drinks so you don't turn into a grumpy old man in the morning!

dreonedon says:

Will it be streamed on Xbox 360!

alokinalset says:

1 more hours, its already 10pm, just got out from work

stui83 says:

50 minutes (=1:30am here), I guess I can hold out :)

Montpbm says:

Lol there u go..

tallgeese says:

Or he can just go in late.

guillams says:

Yeah, think like this is the big party and that lady wants to talk to you all night! It works for me! ;)

She's totally going to leave me with blue balls until 04/10

tbonenga says:

Didn't Oz catch on fire? We are talking about the Oz prison. Be careful and whatever you do don't drop the soap.

Same here.
Still 1 hour left.

vkelkar says:

20:26 here ....

HarkAtYou says:

I'm so excited, but I'm stuck at some stupid team building event with work :( Sigh!!

But my other half txt me to say that the xbox has had an update come through today... Wonder what it is! :D

Vittu41 says:

Very excited! And windows phone 8.1 finally, yay!

Vittu41 says:

Do we have the live streaming of the keynote, Daniel?

Pretty sure that's what that big box up above is there for but if you're on the WPC app, apologies.. :¬)

revxx14 says:

Think that's for the live blog only, stream will be availalbe here:

Credo93 says:

At what time is Nokia gonna start their event? Or are they going to announce it on the same live streaming and same stage?

erzhik says:

I thought Nokia is holding an event later in the day. 5pm PST? Not sure

dreonedon says:

Will it be streamed on Xbox 360

cysuresh says:

I think GMT time shall be 3:30 PM, However remaining time countdown is enough to clear the doubt.

CommonBlob says:

You are correct sir!

And what was your point in the first place :).... tooo excited?

Yeah, IST is +5:30 so GMT must be 3:30, assuming that IST is written correctly..

Nope, it's 4:30. Clocks went forward an hour a few days ago. :D

Can we stream live video?? If yes, where??

Niteshbids says:

GMT clocks do not go forward or back.

Lolwut? I live in the GMT timezone and they just did.

taymur says:

i missed all the important things because of the stupid gmt timing!!!! thank you for the amazing mistake there

taymur says:

i missed all the important things because of the stupid gmt timing!!!! thank you for the amazing mistake there

casaout says:

I am really looking forward to all the WindowsPhone 8.1 official announcements (and the rest of course ).

My team and I just released a new app to exchange pictures with other participants of an event in highest quality, Picturex ( The Microsoft Build Conference is an ideal place to exchange your pictures. We are happy for any feedback.

You could join the album for free here: (Windows Phone link) or find more information on Thank you!

dreonedon says:

Will it be streamed on Xbox 360!!!

Somebody answer the guy. BTW, I dont have an answer

nithin r says:

@Jagannath lolzz

Very exited!!! Cant wait for build to start...

Does any one think that Microsoft should create a Lumia or microsoft smart watch? Do you think they may announce it during buld?

I think it should happen. I'd also like to see them do something like the Samsung Smart watch with a heart rate monitor built in. I dont think that smart watches need cameras and I'd prefer one without a camera. I'd also like to see it integrate with my other windows devices i.e. it should be able to communicate with tablet, all in one and my windwsphone too.
I hope they do announce a smart watch during build.

Please let me know what you think...

I don't but others will. Can't see the need.

I'm hanging for some Glasses!!!

adrian1338 says:

I went for contacts- trust me .. glasses are not that great and handy :)

lol, idk after seeing what Microsoft picked up from Osterhout....

Am i the only one who thinks tech glasses are going to destroy the thinking power of our brains and humans would turn into tech-dependant beings due to them, and thus, high tech glasses must be stopped ?
Opinions ?

I think its possible, but done correctly can build on ones intelligence and open new avenues of thinking! I don't think it will help much with keeping people physically active though...

WPUser111 says:

Cant wait... Wooooowww.. The most awaited day of my life has finally come......

ronty says:

Me too..I'm too excited for words.

15 more minutes guys

shaan sarode says:

Anyone know anything about why the store isn't working? No downloading? Maybe store update?

It's working for me here in India

kunalinamdar says:

Vishnu ambili - lets make wm group on fb or WhatsApp so that we can share info about Windows phone

Ravidid says:

I also want to participate in this group...!

kunalinamdar says:

Ravidid add me in fb

kunalinamdar says:

You can find me on fb or mail me your email id in

Credo93 says:

No problem updating Viber ...

Winnabe says:

Well, i am waiting with bated breath.

Munkeyphyst says:

100 internets to you for the correct use of bated breath. :)

Winnabe says:

Haha, as opposed to 'baited' breath? Have seen that a lot and cringed every single time. :P

milkybuet says:

Both my body and my Lumia 920 is ready!

I'm really excited about this. After waiting all this time the hour has finally arrived where in we would official get an insight of WP8.1 :)

mbharat999 says:

Almost an hour and forty five minutes remaining.!.!.!.

Viipottaja says:


I guess they meant it when they said they are moving towards all US carriers getting the same flagship devices :)

DontHate707 says:

Is that the icon?

Viipottaja says:

Yes and no, I think. Looks like the 930 is the exact same design, other than the extra colors. Probably the specs are the same too.

MobileVortex says:

awww man ima be real mad if a green icon ever surfaces and i cant get it lol.

Mayneeee!!! That's an awesome Orange!!!!

avigyan says:

Good to see IST listed as well. Thank you WPC.

It's almost here!

mjfadaway says:

Today feels like Christmas for me

bitwise says:

11:30PM here in South East Asia...

callorchat says:

If IST means (Indian Standard Time) then you got it wrong. The difference between GMT and IST is 5 hours and 30 mins.

hakimmmmm says:

no its correct

now its around 19:50 in india and 1 hour 10 minutes left for keynote to start

callorchat says:

I am merely pointing out that the difference between GMT and IST is 5 hours and 30 mins. I think the GMT time mentioned in the article is wrong.

Yeah it is. Might be the author left out DST while converting from his local time to GMT...

dracus_loki says:

IST is indian standard time

Akash Patel says:

it will start @ 9 pm  46 min 34 sec to go.

callorchat says:

Yes that is correct and the article should say BST (British Summer Time) instead of GMT 

Good morning Daniel, you might want to read that first paragraph again. I think you meant to say about.

I read it again, and now I know what you meant. lol

I can't sleep, so nervous/excited etc.... :/

j_jabbar says:

Damn....I'm driving a bus.....gonna have to checkin every terminus.

Better late than never. Keep your eyes on the road.. 8-)

I'm driving a truck today... Might have to "feel fatigued" in a couple of hours and pull a rest break I think!! Lol

Munkeyphyst says:

Sanctuary for all, community for all. Those who arrive survive ... Never Again. Never Trust. We First, Always.

iBandar says:

My BODY Is ready !!!

Viipottaja says:

Mine is blue, but in a good way! :D

ogracia says:

Ready for a WP 8.1 double penetration??? XD

elangab says:

Due to a last minute change I have go to work... Must stay spoiler free until the keynote will be released to re-watch.... Why, god, why? :(

Tafsern says:

And I am actually travelling home from work right now! (Norway). 

It's going to be legen....wait for it....DARY!

Sagar Limaye says:

Skip work.. Your boss will understand

His boss probably has an iPhone...
So he won't understand unless it was iPhone related

nizzon says:

Sitting here like a little boy waiting for Santa on xmas.

Mayur says:

Daniel, stop saying 4:30 PM GMT, it at 3:30 PM GMT and 4:30 PM BST (British Summer Time), which is what we are at now here in Britain, +1 h of GMT.

Confusing, ain't it?

.. guess that's why it qualified as fourth dimension ...

caliborn says:

How's the weather?

rodneyej says:

Today is my day.. No hatters, neigh sayers, trolls, and overly biased fanbois can ruin it for me❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕

LSDigital says:

Only a bad internet connection :p ahha

My Hitta My Hitta...

Aashish13 says:

Will this video be uploaded on u tube? I cant watch the video now. Bad luck. Stuck in some work.

sandromaeke says:

Não aguento mais esperar

cuwe says:

Can we stream through our Windows Phone 8 .

jrggzmn says:

I second this!

Naren Parker says:

Man...I've never been this upbeat for a conference in my entire life. Gonna grab eateries to munch on while watching the live stream. Its already feeling like festival today. MS better live up to the hype.

I know exactly how you feel. Wish I watching it with a group of ppl and having a BBQ.
Almost as exciting as watching MMA events

Darren Walsh says:

Will get some tissues on the way home for the drool lol

9.30 pm in Bangladesh!! :D :D 

3 hours!!!! Bloody hell, hope you took a packed lunch.  Can't they condense it a bit......"H, I'm Satya, here's Windows Phone 8.1, it friggin rocks, have fun, bye!" 

dracus_loki says:

That would get the fun out ,, :)

Chemilinski says:

I'm holding my fingers together for lots of hardware announcements, not just pertaining to WP8.1 :D

Sagar Limaye says:

Has Joe arrived? :P

laydbaak says:

Has anyone heard if there is a fix for the other storage issue?

dracus_loki says:

Haha ,,, yup yup

Ravidid says:

Curiously waiting for WP8.1....!

Sambyo says:

I need to take a dump! :P

ryanxvx says:

Woke up early on my day off, just so I can see all the great news!

Th3 I3LooD says:

T minus 1 hour..... :)

Sagar Limaye says:

Haha not announcing wp8.1 is the most evil thing MS can do right now xD

Madhu T C says:

And wishing "Belated April fool day"

JNate says:

In the program guide, I can't find any mention of Windows Phone, or the 8.1 update.

Program guide is here:


I hope the guide is just not complete.

Also I hope they won't wait till the 3rd day to reveal the update -_- , I can't wait that long...

If everything is mentioned then no one will be excited too much. I think keynote will be the main highlight of the event.

Perhaps its in the keynotes.

jomarr says:

I am so tired from work but I am staying late for this! 54 mins bring it ON!!!

Just wait by staring at the timer and listening to this:


glassadam says:

Cool! I thought I read the WP 8.1 stuff wasn't till tomorrow?

What time would be it for GMT+2 ? Like 6:30 PM?

It is 5:30 pm for GMT+2.

Sean D. says:

This should be good.

Looking forward to several hundred angry comments, mad that MS didn't include a "feature" that was never supposed to be included to begin with.

"OMG, no widgets?!? MS = failz! Going back to BBz10!!"


tjecco says:

Lol, and all the reviews tomorrow, "this is the end of windows phone"

ecr80 says:

Awesome, bene waiting for WP8.1 a Long time

lemonsteveo says:

The third best day of my life lol

There's No live chat.. Ryt..??

Akash Patel says:

The link for build 2014 live stream

waiting for it eagerly.

so much better than apple keynotes where its all the same everytime 1 new product and self praise..

BTW, it is 3:30 pm GMT, in about half an hour.

suraj.das says:

23 minutes more :3 I have an exam tomorrow. xD

usman567 says:

Same condition is here.

jfivieght says:

"This changes everything"...

suraj.das says:

Its gonna start at 9:00 PM here in India!

Dying to see the first look of cortona....

a lod excited but i find the clock's tiking slowlyy.....EEEEEWWWWWWW

DavidinCT says:

Clock IS ticking slow..... Got it open at work...Cool..

b0blight says:

YES YES YES YES YES YES ! Build is starting !! 

tjecco says:

I hope they announce a couple of games as well (plants vs zombies 2 and candy crush) so I can scratch that off our list

getting goose bumps

suraj.das says:

lets //build/ it up. lol

Kaushik Dash says:


Ayyush3 says:

Ohho..Can't wait.Turn my clocks' hands.I doubt itz twisted.Mom gonna kill me.



Oh, wait, now its 7 minutes :-)

OMG,This is like a happy new years countdown...Cant stop looking at the time...

Bring it Windows Phone 8.1....

WPJinn says:

Just waiting to know when i can have WP8.1 on my device

10 april uf u have dev preview

Its over... Where is my windows phone 8.1?

Corvodin says:

Damned stream isn't working. 

Lumia looks so sexy on video

Micromax is gonnna hit india market

mab664 says:

8.1 already!

Adretheon says:

For those of use on mobile devices is there anywhere to get highlights updates? I can't sit here and view the live blog, but I also dont want to go through the whole thing just to check the best things.

Sean D. says:

Please keep in mind that with the like the action center, it's just like live tiles... if something doesn't "work", look toward the developers. That gets ignored far too often.

pookiewood says:

Hmm seeing that green phone in Joes hand is starting to change my mind.  I don't care for as much as I do blue and red but that phone looks great in his hands.


EDIT: New Lock Screen.  Mind blown!

Its blowing my mind

shaan sarode says: