Buy the Cortana shirt that Joe Belfiore wore last week at Build

Cortana shirt

No, you’re not literally wearing the same shirt that Joe Belfiore wore last week during the day one keynote at Build 2014. Hopefully that one has been washed and framed at the Belfiore residence as a trophy for all the hard work that went into Cortana. But you too can join history and show off your support for Cortana on Windows Phone. Microsoft’s company store has the swag up for sale. Details below.

Show off your love for Windows Phone 8.1 and Cortana with this shirt. There are two variants, one with just Cortana on the front and nothing in the back. The other has Cortana up front, but the hashtag #cortanacashhaveawesome on the back.

Cortana Shirt

The shirts go for $22.95 and are available in small, medium, large, XL, 2XL and 3XL. Anyone thinking of ordering one to show their love for Cortana? They're currently listed as 'on order', so you'll want to bookmark this page for when they're back in stock. You can however, place a pre-order to make sure you get one when they do come in. 

Don’t forget to catch our Cortana hands-on video below.

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I don't want his shirt, I want a new one ;)

Will6371 says:

I wouldn't mine being able to wear it, do they do it in very fat size? Is american XL the same or bigger than the european XL or bigger?

This is America, of course :D

Contrary to popular belief, America is not the fattest nation, per capita. I believe that designation may fall to Mexíco. Not sure, but know its not us! Boom!

Rishicash says:

Wrong amigo. USA is #1 @ 30.6% and Mexico #2 @ 24.2%. The UK is a very close #3 @ 23%.

Well, dang. I guess I'm gonna drown my sorrows in some candied yams and fried chicken. Oh! Ben and Jerry's is buy one get one free this week!

sectime says:

Good thing ObamaCare is there for your  heart attack, eat up !!

Rishicash says:

The interwebs amigo! If it doesn't exist there...it doesn't exist!

Rishicash says:

Just a little demanding wouldn't you say? Just search Global Obesity Stats as I did. I looked at 3 links with the same stats. 

Novron says:

You're wrong too, Rish. You have old data. Mexico beat the US in 2008 with 33%. The US has since taken the lead again at 35%.

Rishicash says:

How am I wrong in saying the US is #1? #1 and "taken the lead" is pretty much the same thing, no? "The US has since taken the lead again at 35%."

BMI is a Bullshit scale anyway!

Rishicash says:

Though few are like this, one can be generally healthy and fat, but being fat is being fat and carries it own health risks like heart disease and diabetes. 

Yeah, just one problem is overeating... Here another big problem is that people don't vary their diets enough. All meat and cheese and no vegetables.

Anyway America has to many fat people to many government benefits and to many fukn fast food joints we gotta change something

Anybody else that has T-Mobile, get a text from them saying "Government's lifeline program offers affordable phone service for low-income customers! Check to see if you qualify!"
Since when is having a cell phone a right? It is a privelage! This, is one reason why we are going broke!

Rishicash says:

A very minor reason. "Corporate welfare",  Wall St./Big Banks and decimating the middle class by far and away are more responsible for this.

Lumia 8x says:

Mexico is the fattest nation on earth. Check your source buddy!

patiua says:

Captain Flynn??? Is that you?

America may not be anymore, but it's definitely American gluttony that has infected the rest of the world, lol

JoRdaNeK says:

Whatever euro size you're after just imagine this chart: small=medium/large, medium = XL etc that's what i do when ordering

Rishicash says:

US sizing - Fat, Medium Fat, Extra Fat, Obese.

wpn00b says:

No wonder Microsoft's contests are US only. If the anti-US consumer opinion/sentiment matches yours, I completely understand...

Rishicash says:

Huh? I am American. 

You have serious issues in that case. Your name sounds Indian and judging from your posts (You and Morpheus were having a discussion until you suddenly started calling it "rediculous" - which is not even a word, because you were out of arguments), you're either mentally challenged, or sitting in a corner of the US homesick.

ralven2000 says:

hes not from the US XD just look at his previous posts and you even see he says hes not when he was planning a road trip... lmao hes austrailian

jlynnm350z says:

I'm guessing your fat.

Marco Gomes1 says:

American XL is orca xxxl :)

dqgeek says:

Once when school shirts were going on sale at the college I went to, they said they come in small, medium, large, extra-large, and grotesque.

Novron says:

XL is orca xxxl? What are you? a 75 lb Polynesian?

Tragic says:

American XL is bigger than European XL mate.

jharr100 says:

Joe's exact shirt would go for like $5000 starting bid on eBay...he's just so awesome...

Mayur says:

Does it come WP8.1 pre-installed? /s

jharr100 says:

ofc...but for 5k its gonna need to have access to nightly builds or something

NIST says:

I want one two sizes too small.

Jaskys says:

Why not? It might have secret information about upcoming update

jsnod25 says:

I see what you did there Daniel... Pretending to be the average first poster, who makes comments clearly based on the title, and contrary to what even the first line says... I like your humor!

jlynnm350z says:

Such a comodian, flush flush.

pookiewood says:

I actually wanted the shirt as well.  It would've been even better with color options. HAHA!

Gilgameshi says:

I read that as "I don't want his sh*t......."

I have no idea what we're talking about but I want some waffles right now.

I don't think being the second fattest nation in the world is anything to brag about...

Wasn't this already outted as a copy of the Tron T-shirt...only on backwards?

chrispyogurt says:

Yo Daniel. Maybe WPCentral can buy bulk and sell on discount to us readers outside US?

rubenbest says:

22$?!?!?!?!?!.....im prolli gonna get it lol

Arpit Mittal says:

this also applicable in USA?  huhhh

SonofNun says:

I'm probably just dumb this way, but I don't understand that hashtag? Can anyone explain?

Idiosyncrasy says:

It's a reference to his presentation during the //BUILD/ Keynote when he introduced Cortana. He was trying to do a live demo of Cortana and post to twitter with the tags #cortana #awesome, but she misunderstood him and put one tag of #cortanacashhaveawesome (see took hashtag awesome as "cashhave awesome") - I honestly love that they put that on the shirt and I'm totally going to get that one

BPaules says:

Oh. haha Thanks.  I was wondering also.

SonofNun says:

Ah, I didn't make that connection. :) I watched the keynote, but didn't specifically remember that. I must not be a big enough fan. ;) I'll just go sit in my corner and get back to app development.

DarrenSproat says:

Ordering one with hash tag on back... :)

montel22 says:

Thank you I have always wondered what the heck the hashtag is for lol.

Absolutely, I'll be getting that one too! ;D

EDIT: actually I take that back... Haven't converted to NZD yet but it sounds expensive.

Nik Rolls says:

NZD is pretty strong right now. Shirt is 22.95 US which is 26.68 NZ. Not counting shipping.

Jupast says:

It's the shipping that tends to be the killer pricetag when it comes to getting things to NZ. It's insane sometimes.



Rishicash says:

I'd like to see a shirt from the Tonight Show:

Siri to Cortana - "Oh. It's on bitch!"

Nik Rolls says:

Thanks, I saw the keynote but forgot about that moment. Awesome in-joke :)

Judge_Daniel says:

No worries. I was going to ask the same thing.

Aashish13 says:

3xl size is for the big show and the great khali from wwe

ArthJar says:

It's either for really tall people or really fat people.

lippidp says:

If I buy it will it make me faster? Hahahaha.... Screw the spam filter!!!

dalydose says:

Where's the hats and coffee mugs? I want the Microsoft Store to sell this stuff for immediate gratification pick up.

Belfiore's new job. :P

erzhik says:

Kinda expensive for a simple t-shirt.

Shut up and take my money!

Tlcoman says:

Is this US only or Europe too?

Chemilinski says:

If it weren't US only, it just wouldn't be Microsoft!

Don't talk like they always do it. :P It takes time and energy to set up things for physical delivery in various countries. Besides, Surface is in many.

Ticomfreak says:

I like your username, lol ;-)

Tlcoman says:

Yeah, i saw your username before too, my username is this because my real name is Tico ;-P

noorimanyosh says:

World wide delivery?

SwimSwim says:

I might get one, Cortana actually looks really cool. I'd get the shirt with Cortana on the front, empty on the back.

I would live one but at the same time most people will think its just a blue circle :P I wish it said "Hi I am Cortana" like it does when you set it up for the first time

SwimSwim says:

I personally wouldn't want one saying it, I want to be more subtle in my support for Cortana. If people know who she is, they'll get the shirt. If not, then let them think it's just a blue circle.

But I do see what you mean, and it'd be better advertising if it had "Cortana" on there somewhere. It'd be nice if they had a t-shirt option like this:


rockstarzzz says:

Want the hashtag one! Geeky as a nerd!

xankazo says:


Mayur says:


I love how MS took that mistake and just rolled with it. They really have a great sense of humor

Jonas_H says:

lol i tweeted so often that i want this shirt,now they finally have it!!,:))

farsidius says:

$23 is a little steep for my t-shirt collection, but nice to know it's available.

Planblover08 says:

Does anyone know where I can find the Xbox one logo shirt that was given out during launch?

MikeSo says:

Haha. I might buy this. FML.

Mayur says:

No, I am designing my own. Which reads - Sorry Dave, I am not cheap...go 'Now' play with 'Siri' :/

ksbanderson says:

WHOAH dealbreaker when the shipping is more expensive than the product - $31.80 to Canada

Guytronic says:


Maybe I'll stop by the MS store here in town and see what they might have.

IamDefiler says:

$30 for a T-Shirt, even one a rad as this, is too much.

DavidinCT says:

Kinda thinking the same thing....$10-15 shipped would be the sweet spot for it....

Still cool anyway about it...

greg2k says:

Not the right design. Notice how Joe's shirt has the Cortana circle with a grey outer ring.

Jupast says:

Should be light blue, and then a darker shade of blue.

The grey on Joe's shirt doesn't look right.

revxx14 says:

I'd love this shirt, but without the hastag on the back :/ wonder how hard it'd be to scrape off.

IamDefiler says:

They sell both versions. One with, one without.

revxx14 says:

Noticed that like 2 seconds after I posted. I've now pre-ordered :)

sinime says:

Preordered one for myself. ^_^

bogascorp says:

Just checked the shipping costs. $84.24 for International delivery. Damn that's expensive!

Dean McCrae says:

Who says they're not still M$?

John20212 says:

Thats insane. If I could get it for $25 with delivery to EU I would be all over that, otherwise just have to wait until I am back in US in future.


crise says:

Uh it is not that hard to make this shirt yourself for 15 euro or so. Just bing/google a tshirt printing company in your country and draw a circle in PhotoShop and submit it to be printed on a blank t-shirt.

lzandman says:

I prefer the one I made last week :-)



Mayur says:

lol You are mean to Cortana...

Ma1dere says:

US exclusive, isn't it?

crise says:

Draw a circle in PhotoShop and submit it to a local t-shirt printing company. Done. Cheaper.

It's two circles. Different colours. A little more complicated.

dericslab says:

Dammit... I want one too!

Montpbm says:

I'll just take WP8.1 :)

Kronus24 says:

Can Cortana do more complex things as:

1: To send a text to a person at a certain time?

2: To set a Silent(ignore) to a user in your phone book, not during quite hour? So they will call but you will only see a miss call from that user when you unlock your phone.

3. When you recieve a text or email, from someone you are waiting for, to to not only send a notification but to also make camera light flash or vibrate(both).

4. To make a group(s) for example called family etc, to have set to a certain ringtone. (not sure you can do that in the regular phone settings)

5. what about tracking, when a new song(album) is release from your fav. artist, movie is release, etc. If it is base of bing which is index i dont see why it wouldnt be able to track these different requests.

I think when Cortana matures we will be able to do more complex requests and really make your phone the more personal phone in the world.


Marco Gomes1 says:

Yes to all, and lap dances too.

Another thing that would be useful is if it could send texts based on specific events such as "If my mother doesn't call me before 8:00, tell her to call the plumber".

Kronus24 says:


I use to have a app on Winmo that would let me pre write text and send on a certain date and time. Like birthdays, reminders, sweet messege to my girl, etc. Sometimes you get busy at work a dont have time to send it out or forget. So if Cortana can take in a text no reason why you cant say " Cortana, Send text "Happy birthday" to everyone in my Famliy Group on there birtday date.


b23h says:

I don't think she does lap dances, she's tending into rampancy these days....

TroyRiggins says:

Wear it backwards and it's a Tron shirt.

Justin Cases says:

Waiting for a lawsuit from Apple. Didn't they invent and patent circle to use as a home button?

Mayur says:

MS and Apple has agreement since 90s not to sue each other and don't copy each other's stuff.

ajgorak says:

They've got more reason to answer to the IDF, as a blue circle is the international symbol for diabetes.

The Israeli Defense Force?

astroXP says:

$32.41 is the cheapest w/ shipping & tax included for just ONE tshirt!? Damn Microsoft, you know, not all of us are softies employees with a big fat check ($xxxx.xx) :(

mdram says:

Looks like a Tron shirt...

Bagsy says:

ONLY $67.87 shipping to the UK. Bargain!!

Marco Gomes1 says:

Bet you could buy a 520 and a pack of cigs for that :)

crise says:

Print your own one at a local printing company. Easy.


I will print this Cortana logo on a black shirt :D
Cheaper, and faster

swizzlerz says:

And I'll have the official one.


Blouse for 23$ is a good deal here is Saudi Arabia, but the cost of shipping will be so expensive :/

Marco Gomes1 says:

Is there one with #comingsoon or #inthecomingmonths? Or maybe #duetolowuserbaseawindowsphoneappisnotinourimmediateplans?!

lamplghter13 says:

I thought it was a Germs shirt for a second !!

swizzlerz says:

Ordering - I want more than the t shirt now gotta wait a week

Marco Gomes1 says:

I think I'll use my Bing rewards points, oh wait... For a moment there I've mistaken Microsoft for a global company. My bad.

sarim_xyz says:

Too expensive!

swizzlerz says:

I do find it interesting that Microsoft isn't listed under brands on the website... Lol

lesd777 says:

Lol I'm gonna pass. Thanks though

Vertego says:

Cortana Tee ... US only beta release; UK & China 'later in 2014' and rest of world 2015.

If I have to wait for Cortana then I will forego the Tee.

eddieDOTexe says:

Cortana Cash Have Awesome?

In the demo, Joe told her to tweet, "Hashtag Cortana Hashtag Awesome" to get "#Cortana #Awesome"
Instead he got, "#Cortana Cash Have Awesome" :P

cybermoose89 says:

Looks cool but ill pass

PimpinJay71 says:

Can't believe they actually put this up for sale.  Buying one ASAP!

monigal2 says:

If it were $10

KMF79 says:

Thank you for posting this. I was asking Microsoft on Twitter after Joe's presentation where I could buy one of these. I'm definitely getting one. Oh and I was on Twitter using that hashtag right after seeing it on Joe's demonstration phone. I thought it was pretty awesome.

DJCBS says:

That shop is even crazier than the idiots at Amazon UK.

$80 or more to ship a bloody T-shirt to Europe?


Yeah, thanks, but no thanks.

Soble says:

Want but 22$.. Expensive!

I'll make one myself at eshirt!

SonOfDad says:

It's a t-shirt with 2 circles on it, no one will have any idea what it means. Buy an $8 T and an iron on for another $5!

Edward3Lions says:

Ordered mine today. Now hurry up and get here! :P

YES! I just hope they ship to Australia! How come I've never heard of this site before? Heaps of cool stuff on there!


Dont mean to be a party pooper but Cortana must be the worst idea to call it. This make sense only for the Halo fans, but for all other mum and pops out there who is not familiar with Cortana, saying Siri is much easier than saying Cortana.

spaulagain says:

You're kidding right? Cortana is not hard to say. Its only one syllable more than Siri.

Cortana sounds more like a person's name than Siri, thus making it even more "personal"

KMF79 says:

Hey buddy, that's Your opinion. Don't project Your opinion on others. It makes you look like a douche.

spaulagain says:

Ordered mine, but $7 for 10 to 15 day shipping? Damn!

vakama94 says:

Can I get this to be shipped in Mexico?. That's one awesome shirt.

Edward Kang says:

Too big for Asian

Jazmac says:

Another item I problem wont be able to get.  I wanted, and still want a Scroggle mug. Can't get one. Now this shirt. Probably won't be able to get it either.

Reebs Reebs says:

Gone one as a birthday gift... everytime my brother comes over, I fill it with coffee and turn the eye towards him. He hates it... as of course, he has to love Google :)

henocksandy says:

Let cortana come to my country india, then I'll wear and support it cortana

wvanellis says:

Belfiore needs a hairstyle fitting of his age. He's not a 12y/o skater dude!

RolexDPracer says:

Looks like The Germs "G.I." album cover.

chrispyogurt says:

What does #CortanaCashHaveAwesome mean? 

She mistook "Hashtag Cortana Hashtag Awesome" for "#Cortana Cash Have Awesome" during the demo :P

Martinio32 says:

Microsoft should be paid for everyone who want to suit this t-shirt.

Kashyapjani says:

Someone gift this to me. Its my birthday!

Achal Shukla says:

What about India, if we want that Cortana T-Shirt in India then?? I want that t-shirt coz i love Windows Phone and love Cortana as well.. So i will feel great if you would help me to get each of this both shirt..

4bh1sh3k says:

Same here. Does anyone know if we can get these t-shirts from India?

I want pants with cortana in front wow

luke_grech1 says:

Did anyone get the update notification? Because I did! And I don't know how because nobody is reporting that it got released. Any info?

Ddriver66 says:

Not normal! Two Tshirt for $45 and to switzerland send $82!!!!
Not to akzept.