Buy your Valentine a Windows Phone and get Nokia Purity headphones free

Valentine Microsoft Store Offer

Microsoft has published a spcial offer on its Microsoft Store Facebook page. Should you buy your Valentine (or yourself) a Windows Phone, you'll receive what appears to be a pair of Nokia Purity earbuds by Monster for free. The headphones are worth $99, which are featured in the accompanying image.

It's a good deal for this time of the year, and yet another incentive to make the leap to Windows Phone. We're not 100% certain that the free headphones included in the offer are the earbuds, or if there are a select number of supported Windows Phones, so be sure to check in store when purchasing a smartphone - the Facebook page doesn't go into detail.

It's also not clear if this will apply to online purchases as well.

Source: Facebook (Microsoft)



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awesumjon says:

Wow, that's actually a great deal! I do need a new phone and a new pair of buds. . . .

xiontechinfo says:

I am "forever alone guy" :(

maussie95 says:

I am "friendzoned guy" :(

MediaCastleX says:

You guys should hook up... ^^

sayonical says:

If this deal was for the purity pro headphones then maybe...but my live tiles suddenly stopped working on my 920. I'm weary of any more investment in windows phone until then kinks get ironed out and apps start showing up.

Chi28n2k says:

Pay your cell bill. The tiles will start working again. They're "magical," like that...

eharris560 says:

Now that's funny

defblue says:

YAY, hopefully I'll get a free one since I'm being my own valentine :)

myrandex says:

Meh got suckered into thus with my Lumia 920 purchase, saw the free headphone offer with a purchase of a device from ATT, and it turned out only 5 stores or some BS cooperated with the promo and that didn't include ordering from ATT corporate over the phone...very lame, still bitter. Paid more and received less than other users :/

Ntropy99 says:

You beat me to this exact post! Where is the fine print with all of the limitations? "this offer good only if purchased at the Centerville store, xx from 10-10:15 with cash. Cannot be gained with an upgrade or an exception of a Sr. VP of both Nokia and the specified wireless provider". I submitted for the earphones the last time before they posted their exclusions. I do plan though to
buy my wife the red 822 for her valentine's present, which happens to be the next upgrade date.