Calculator² ad-free upgrade free for Windows Phone for next 20 hours


One of the most popular Windows Phone apps is Calculator², with a ton of features designed to help anyone who needs some serious math problems solved. Earlier this morning its developer Richard Walters sent us a note that the program's in-app purchase feature will be free to use for about the next 20 hours or so.

The deal allows users to unlock the app so that no ads show up while using the calculator, while also adding a background task for automatically updating the exchange rates.

We mentioned that the app was pretty popular, but how popular is it? Well, Walters told us this morning that the previous version of Calculator² for Windows Phone passed the one million downloads milestone last week. The Windows 8.1 version reached that same mark back in October.

However, that older Windows Phone version of the app will soon be removed from the store in favor of the current Calculator² app, which used to be called Calculator³. (Yes, we know it's a little confusing). The reason is that the newer version has been updated to become a universal app so that unlocking the in-app purchase will also work with its Windows 8.1 counterpart.

You can download the free Calculator² app right now from the Windows Phone Store and you can also get the Windows 8.1 version from the Windows Store.

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I've been using the paid version since day one. My all time favorite calculator app for Windows phone

viralgajera says:

Really nice app..

k0de says:

Agree! Same here.

Awesome apps...Free for upgrade!

DennisvdG says:

Indeed the best calculator app!

nufcfanatic says:

Have you tried TKalculator? It's my 1st pick, then this Calculator2 would be my second. Try the free version, it has no difference with the paid one, even it comes with no ad.

Yangstax says:

This app and #1 Toolkits are two great tool apps I downloaded happily this week and last.

QilleRz says:

I must agree with you ;)

simmomelb says:

Not ad free at all, just downloaded from the link and get the banner ads at the top, uninstalled and back to stock calc.

Mohit Jain4 says:

Just swipe left, click on upgrade dude

You can install the paid app free by going into the settings

wimvanp1 says:

After you have downloaded the app, you should swipe to the left. At the bottom, you will see an option to perform an in-app purchase. For the next 20 hours you don't have to pay for this purchase! Just click 'ok' on the payment overview (I just did it myself, and it worked!)

typaulo says:

open the app, swipe left, choose upgrade and you'll see that the upgrade to ad-free version will be available for free

realwarder says:

Thank you all.

I had got this free previously and used it the other day, wondering why ads were present.


t3chnick says:

Try reading the actual article before bitching

MameTozhio says:

It only says in-app purchase, it doesn't say what to do to get to the purchase part.

Yeah another article not written by Dan or Sam!

Mohit Jain4 says:

Yeah its such a nice app

Thanks for the tip!

mayblast says:

With an in-built discount calculator it would definitely be an all-in-one.

what is a "discount calculator"? you mean percentage?

mayblast says:

Yea percentage. Like an inbuilt formula, all you'd need to give the app is the original price and the discount and the app would give you the final price. I know the Tax+ and Tax- buttons but it's a bit of drag to go to settings to change the % every time you need it.

Also, a simple Del key in the calculator would be a nice addon.

cheesemoo says:

What would I do without WPCentral. 

distantskunk says:

Sweet. Got it.. Thanks WP Central

Thanq WP central it is an amazing app

afripino says:

For the record, the windows 8.1 adfree upgrade is still $1.49. Great app though.

RN50 says:

Great tip thanks

Locoexterno says:

Gracias Avisar porción.      

AlanTeew says:

Why does a calculator need access to my photos, microphone, and data services?

MrGoodSmith says:

Talk about bad programmers

Wam1q says:

The ad-supported version needs this to give you ads.

tgr42 says:

Obviously it doesn't, but practically all apps on WP require tons of permissions they don't really need.  It's a sign of the immaturity of the platform.

Arpit Mittal says:

but on windows 8.1 there is 80 Indian Rupee charge for removing adds.

parthi64434 says:

I have unlocked the ad free version right now in my windows 8.1 (I'm in India).... It's really free free free.....

Arpit Mittal says:

still showing ₹80 on windows 8.1 in India & whereas on wp8.0 its showing free.

crea7or says:

Same in Russia.

SRoshan143 says:

No man It's free, free, free.. :D

Mumbai, India

MrGoodSmith says:

The only thing that frustrates me about this app is that it's takes longer to launch than the default calculator.

ven07 says:

Wow thanks to the dev for this

Apoc says:

Yes, the 8.1 upgrade is still $1.49

parthi64434 says:

Nope just now i done it.... It's free

Apoc says:

For PC? or you talking about free for WP 8.1?

Apoc says:

Oh well, maybe some users are getting it free and some are not. It's worth 1.49 anyway. Win some and you lose some

Felix Wong says:

It was for me too, so I uninstalled it on Windows 8.1, installed it on WP8.1, upgraded for free there, and lastly installed on Windows 8.1. Then no ads (or upgrade option) on any device!

Muammer B says:

nice application

rastanac says:

Thanks for the tip, got the free upgrade via in-app purchase in settings!

prothor says:

Brilliant app I've been using for months. The add-free offer is great! Thanks!

tlgem says:

The windows app says $1.49 but if you already disabled adds in windows phone app it doesn't process purchase and adds disapear. 

raycpl says:

Love it. I forgotten about this when I did a hard reset, now its back....

Super cool calci ... Thanks wpc

ramyZgHR says:

Many thanks to developer!

Suhasa Su says:

I'm still using the calculator³. It's the same app as calculator². No ads as well. I liked the live tile thing in the calculator selection as well. So didn't switch.

dikadik says:

does the calculator³ still exist? I've been using since the calculator³, and *since the time that I couldn't remember* it forced me to upgrade to calculator². So does it mean that you didn't update the app since then?

PiggyMiddle says:

As well maybe, but does anyone care about the "Requires?" Microphone, Pictures, Dialer? How in Earth are they needed by a calculator? Microphone possible for speech input, but the others...


Totally agree, I don't install any apps that want my dialer, texting or things like that.

bluedot says:

Thanks for the heads up!

gummycat says:

Was able to download and get the free upgrade to be add-less.  But... the app crashes on my Nokia 1520 (8.1) whenever I press any of the calculator buttons.  Tried killing app and restarting, but no luck.  Oh well.

blindguy says:

Thank you! This is a great app.

thank you for your great article and thanks to UNIVERSAL APP :D

Extraneus says:

Great news! Cheers! :-)

Best calculator out there.

rysliv says:

I still cant find where this in-app purchase thing is.

josh8_1 says:

Swipe to the left

mikosoft says:

I've been using it for some time. Thanks for the info!

Arpit Mittal says:

still showing ₹80 on windows 8.1 in India & whereas on wp8.0 its showing free.

what can i do please reply fast?

Why does the app want access to the phone dialer, and my photos, plus other personal stuff?

It is a great so. Thing is, I don't use a calculator very much and use either my head or just need a simple one. But it is really Nic calculator app. I tried calculator apps and it is good. I realized I don't use them.

Tyradius says:

Haven't had any issues with the default calculator that comes with windows phone. What does this add that the default doesn't have?

harish402 says:

Thts grt upgrd my calc app freely thnks

Peter Savas says:

I installed it just now, and tapped on the banner that said 'Upgrade free to the Pro version' after going into the settings, and it showed a $1.49 charge to my AT&T account -- guess I'll find out when I get my phone bill.  I'm sure it's worth the money though.

jlanzac says:

Same to me. With the problems with feedly I didn't get the message till today. The developer should put again the deal ;)

vaderag says:

Yep, same here. Feedly meant I missed it :(

mrshots says:

There's a free version! Microsofts calculator. Plus it already exists on your phone... Seriously though I wouldn't pay for a calculator app