Call of Duty Windows Phone companion app now available, let the campaign begin

Call of Duty

With the release of the latest installment of the Call of Duty series over on the Xbox console, we are also seeing a Call of Duty companion Windows Phone app lurking in the shadows.

The official Call of Duty app hopes to provide a new mobile experience designed to work hand in hand with Call of Duty Ghosts. The app does require Call of Duty registration (can be done through the app) and you have to play your first Call of Duty Ghosts multiplayer match before you can start using the app.

Call of Duty

Once active, the Call of Duty Windows Phone app will keep you up to date with all the latest Call of Duty news and events, let you track your COD career stats, as well as create/join a Call of Duty Ghosts Clan. Once a part of a Clan you can coordinate game times, strategies and chat with other Clan members.

You can also compete against other Clans in Call of Duty Clan Wars to earn exclusive in-game bonuses. Second screen support is in development and is listed as "coming soon" and look for the Clan Wars features to being later this month.

Call of Duty is a free app for Windows Phone 8 devices and can be picked up here in the Windows Phone Store.

Thanks, everyone, for the tips!

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doomtuba says:

I don't play CoD but it's nice to see the support.

nokiauser911 says:

But why? COD is awesome.

tbolt76 says:

EA are you paying attention?

Yes!!! We need a battlelog app

Stevied1991 says:

I remember a dev responding on Reddit saying that they barely have the resources to make the Android one, and that a WP one wasn't even on the table.

Or something like that.

fc000 says:

The comment was that for BF3, they had "one guy" building the battlelog apps for iOS. For BF4, they actually have an entire team working on "Frostbite Go", designed for iOS and Android in mind. They say they don't see the value in Windows Phone and Windows 8 considering the low market share.

It's really disappointing that BF4 Commander won't be available for Windows 8.1 or RT. 

exiva says:

The battlelog apps code is mostly shared between Android and iOS as it's a HTML5 app in a wrapper. No reason they can't just add in IE support and make a simple wrapper.

cesar ruiz1 says:

Yeah its the basically the same code between platforms but they'll still ignore windows and go with blackberry and the excuses will that its the same code as android, EA @$$holes.

NightWatch71 says:

It's not about building an app. WPCentral covered it before, it's about supporting it.

Exactly where is our app rockstar!

Montpbm says:

Right! I'm a Battlefield 4 player.. Come on EA!

Odog4ever says:

Seriously. Need battlelog on my lumia.


Also  Can't believe their isn't even a Battlelog app for Windows 8 (EA can't even make up BS about marketshare with how many copies have sold already through OEMs and directly)

GustavN says:

+1000! Seriously EA. We need battlelog for our phones (and commander mode for Windows 8.1)

CitrusMocha says:

Sweet, I'll see how it is later tonight. Good coverage! Was curious about this as I finally played until MP level 2 and then went back to battlefield. Downloading now!

Requires 1gb of ram and the 4 reviews mention connection issues. Should have gotten a L925. :-\

The Madden of shooters... no thanks.

tbonenga says:

That's a Good thing...

laserfloyd says:

Yep. Same game for the past 5 years basically but with a new title and more Michael Bay effects. I want even get started on the people whining about 720p. First. World. Problems. :P

Rug says:

I'll give this game a few more tries, but something about this version isn't fun. Horrible map design, minimally.

iBandar says:

I want battlefield app. Please EA make it happen

Thenutman says:

Lumia 520 doesn't meet minimum specifications.  Can't imagine why though.  Usually it's because it requires 1gb of ram but I can't imagine some silly little stat tracking app would require that.

mcivor88 says:

Any news on the gta companion apps

Wael Hasno says:

I don't play CoD either but I appreciate them doing things right and releasing their app on their game's release date. See that, Rockstar??

armandolara says:

2.5 stars for the app on article's picture. Shit app..

Doomguy says:

The game is also a big pile of crap.

armandolara says:

True. Battlefield FTW.

Sadly it's extremely popular. :'(

I mean it isn't AWFUL, but not as good as other games.

Mister Gore says:

I hate COD but I am happy to see the support. Now if they can update Halo Waypoint and get the GTAV iFruit app that would be fantastic.

DJCBS says:

Pity they haven't made the companion available for Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag. I got bored of CoD years ago.

So we need the battle log and the GTA companion app!

NIST says:

This app won't run on 1080p screens. But your phone will upscale it nicely.

Dave Bhullar says:

Lol I've been waiting for a GTA V app for months.

Bob101910 says:

Same here. GTAV even gave the best character a Windows Phone to use, yet we don't have the official apps yet.

xratola says:

I saw call of duty and I was like woooooooowwwww! Then I saw companion and I was like I have to finish studying .-.

JCas2011 says:

Yeah we need one for Battlefield 4.. They have one for BF3!!

brandoshido says:

Come on battlefield!

firehouse31 says:

You need to say in your article it won't work on the Lumia 520

inseyven says:

And 620, 720... Etc.. 1Gb RAM WTF?!

HenRoid says:

Off topic, how and why are the words "reviews", "with Live Tile" and "download over WI-FI" colored in blue? I'm curious to know.

theroyboy44 says:

Still no companion app for GTA V tho

XcZachx20 says:

The one time I don't buy the game on day one they release the app on time...

MrDiamondJ says:

It's pretty sad that we get a Ghosts app day one (although I have no idea why they didn't just update Elite), but the Halo Waypoint app only got a web link added to the Halo site for Halo 4.

bkbkjbb says:

Call of duty blows now.

Great news! Wasn't it supposed to be a GTA V companion app too?

laserfloyd says:

CoD4 was the first and last good CoD. Should have stopped with MW2. Oh well. Gotta milk that cow. Oh and create fanboy flame wars over resolution. Avoiding these games like the plague BUT glad to see the WP8 support. :P

inseyven says:

Hey, Black ops 1 wasn't bad enough

This app's not available for my country :(

same here :( i'm in Malta

inseyven says:

Optimized app, yes sir... Who's the genius that made this app? 1Gb RAM just to see a stats bar and my class? GG WP Infinity Ward, that's why I only play treyarch's CoDs and BF

Craphex says:

There's also the CoD Elite app too, best to just get rid of this one or will it be updated too?

Elite doesn't track ghosts, which is really lame. They could have just revamped that app and had it optimized for all devices and not just those with 1gb of ram. And of course, their twitter support knows nothing regarding 512mb devices. If anyone has it, does it actually show any challenges like the elite app?

Wish it worked on my Lumia 800!

MrTechRat says:

Can't use app on my phone

Not available for Indian region wtf activision sucks :X

Nejcooo says:

The most softcore shooter ever. Gameplay feels so cheap bah

Wagan8r says:

I got excited until I saw the word "companion". I'm sick of these stupid "companion" apps. Give us a real CoD game!

Witness says:

Any time I find out that a new app available on iOS/Android AND WP8 of this magnitude, I'm happy. Yes, COD is a very arcadey shooter - tell that to my friends who had a tough time adjusting to BF3. I'd rather play BF, but I digress. This is a big deal - I downloaded it on the iPod last night, and silently cursed at the fact I wasn't able to do this on my phone, only to find out it IS available. Great! I mean, XBOX is known for shooters, so it only makes sense that the blockbuster title apps show up on WP.


On a side note, I've installed it, but it won't launch. Has anyone else run into this issue? There was a message about needing to run the game once first, but I already have. On PS3. Don't tell me it only hooks to XB games - that would absolutely suck.

MadMonty says:

I got the app to work right after I logged into the official Call of Duty website with my CoD login and "linked" my systems to my profile. Soon as I did that, the very next time I launched the app it loaded with my info and worked as intended.

Witness says:

I have both XBOX and PSN linked. I'm only on playing on the PS3. Are you playing XB? I logged into Activision's site, and it all seems ok, but still no go on the app.

micke75z says:

WP 7.x ???!!!!!!, Hello!!!!!! Do wi get anything???! The answer is NO!!

NUFCMonk says:

1GB of RAM for a [stupid] stat tracking app!!? :(