Camera360 for Windows Phone 8 updated, sexy lips added


Camera360 is an eye-catching camera app for Windows Phone 8 that features a Compass Tool that makes it easy to switch camera scenes/modes on the go.

The photography app was recently updated to version 1.7.0 which addresses a few bug fixes and performance improvements as well as adding a sexy lip effect and new instant preview feature.

Camera360 has always had a live preview of any filter effects but with the instant preview feature, the effect is displayed intermittently to save battery power.  The effect filter will be displayed just for a few seconds or when you half-press the shutter button.  According to the developer, the savings are generally in the 50% range.

The sexy lip filter is available in the Portrait mode and as expected, adds a deepens any red colors in the picture.  Ideal if you want your subject to have richer lip color or for non-portraits if you want the reds in a photo to have a little "pop".

If you have not tried Camera360, you need to.  It is a very user-friendly camera app for Windows Phone 8 and the update simply adds to the attraction.

Camera360 is a free app and available for Windows Phone 8.  You can find your copy of Camera360 here in the Windows Phone Store.

Thanks, faalil, for the tip!

QR: Camera360



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i have already updated yesterday -.-'

..and yet, it's not even live for me, lol

sarim_xyz says:

shows v1.6.0. last updated 10/28/2013. i think not live for me either.

you have wrong time day -.-''

th0mas96 says:

In Germany I get v1.7.0.1, updated today..

NIST says:

I already have sexy lips.

Bruno Sain says:

v1.7.0.1 here too

ogracia says:

1.7.01 Live here in spain

aaa6112 says:

There are two versions of this app, is that right? This is one, and the other a Nokia Exclusive? I have a different version of this app (prolly the Nokia exclusive).

Freespacer says:

You are right. There are 2 versions. I have installed both. I would really like to know the difference...

wpguy says:

Am I the only one relieved the sexy lips feature isn't for adding duck face?

Jazmac says:

Lets see, a picture of a turtle and sexy lips. This must be some hell of an update.  :)

I think its the best camera app available!

Micah Dawson says:

Lol I take all my selfies with this app haha. It is an amazing app

Somehow it does not determine the app is installed. I see a v1.7, in India.

Abdal says:

So many camera apps !! Can anybody differentiate between nokia camera, imagine camera, camera 360.

LoL, atleast now don't complaint that WP has no apps :P

Abdal says:

I never ever complained that WP has no Apps !!

Bruno Sain says:

They all do the same things,same filters,same effects,boring copies of one another :(

Abdal says:

Sooner or later, wp store will be full of cloning apps like android store has.!!

Bruno Sain says:

Yeah,they are in the right direction :)

Gohar428 says:

I cannot login through desktop..anybody facing this problem too..?

tryforget says:

oh yeah that great

RetroMan71 says:

Since updating, my pictures aren't getting saved to my phone.. Was working perfect before, why can't they leave things alone!!!

nachikethas says:

The best application in store.