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CamFish gets an update to add few requested features


I wrote about CamFish a few days back, and quite liked the full-featured camera app. While most reviews on the Windows Phone Store and as comments to the last post were positive, few pointed out some much needed features missing. There were also some complaints about the frequent crashes as well.

And that’s when the power of the community came alive. The developers of CamFish have released an update – version – for the app that adds four of the four features requested! The latest update adds the ability to capture in landscape mode and to zoom. As requested, it now allows clicking photos using the camera hardware button and added the Lens support.

The app has also received some bug fixes, although I cannot confirm if it resolves the crashing issue. In the brief time I spent with the app after the update, the app worked all well.


While this might be a good all-in-one photography app to give a whirl, you obviously could have other favorites. However, there’s no denying that the quick response from the developers to the feedback is pretty impressive and makes this an app to watch out for.

The app is available for free for Windows Phone 8 devices from the Windows Phone Store. Update to the latest version, and check out how the new features work out for you, and if you haven’t tried it yet, give it a go. We’ll also give it a spin for a while, and get a full review in a few days.

QR: CamFish



There are 26 comments. Sign in to comment

mig1776 says:

Cool another camera app ☺

MrWhiteman says:

Which uses the same Nokia API and has the same quality photo as all the others

tejedor1967 says:

Maybe, I don't know, but then... Why on Earth this CamFish has Burst mode and my super duper Camera Pro in my Lumia 1020 hasn't?

I love Burst mode and you have something similar in Nokia Smart Cam but limited to 10 frames.

lesd777 says:

Hey with app folder now at least you can organize them .

rodneyej says:

I'm loving app folder❕❕❕.. It's becoming very useful in more ways than one.

abhishek...well official siddhivinayak temple app is now available!!

rodneyej says:

CamFish.. Lol❕
Sounds like some kind of voyeurism app...

Everytime a look at the CamFish screenshots I imagine that the guy in this is the developer. Is this actually true?

rain620 says:

That guy is from American Idol. I forgot the name, though.

Kris Allen, IIRC.

HaibaneReki says:

Team ProShot ^_^

cesar ruiz1 says:

Tried it out again but freezes on my Lumia 1520, tried it a few times and didn't open.

Richard_Indy says:

same issue as Cesar, plus the first pic didn't save to my phone.

Aashish13 says:

Cool update but one of the best camera I have ever seen is One Shot

gcdc_lumia says:

fb beta got anothr update just now. grab it guys!

paulomalley says:

I just want a decent Panorama App... :/

SndP says:

Говно, если честно :(

DenisSuncity says:

Nice that you introduced who you are.

nokiauser911 says:

The photography apps in the windows phone store are too damn high!

Bruno Sain says:

Just what we needed ,Another photo app,makes me wonder if Microsoft is thinking of converting the phones in to cameras !!  

rain620 says:

I'm still pressed. This camFISH has no FISHeye lens .

tejedor1967 says:

The only problem with this app is that doesn't appears in the "Modes" list so I need to lauch it directly instead launching it from Camera Pro like many other camera applications.

tejedor1967 says:

I don't like the fact that doesn't appears in the "Modes" list of my camera application.

frett says:

Just an FYI, the app is crashing on HTC 8x phones very consistently. Check the reviews.