Canada’s Lumia 520 about to get Amber’d on Telus, Rogers and more

If you’re up in Canada and are rocking the super cool Lumia 520, get ready as Nokia and their carrier partners are in final checks for releasing the Amber/GDR2 update.

Looking at Nokia’s support page, we can see updates for the Lumia 520 on Chatr Wireless, Koodo, PC Mobile, Rogers and Telus have all switched from ‘Waiting for approval’ to ‘Coming soon’. That means last minute preparations and the updates should flow within the next 24 to 48 hours.

Nokia’s Amber update will bring improved image processing, flip to silence, FM radio, call + SMS blocking, Lumia color profile and Nokia Smart camera, while Microsoft’s GDR2 will fix Other storage and improve things like Xbox Music.

Source: Nokia; Thanks, kryten100, for the heads up



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tamas305 says:

Required comment about AT&T

GhostITMG says:

You beat me to it!  But seriously WTF??? 

coasters says:

Att only has til Monday if they're gonna keep their word.

Fiann says:

AT&T is probably going to skip this one. They would rather get you to pony up to buy a 1020 or 925 unsubsidized.

Nah, we will get gdr2...when everyone else gets gdr3.

Rick Smits says:

Lol its a minor update... They are probably gonna bundle it with gdr3

Josh Harman says:

Actually, I think it was Nokia's word... and they said they were expecting all Nokia's to have it by the end of September - not promised.

walter1832 says:

You are correct, sir!  ATT never promised anything except heartache.

PeadarWagon says:

I'm having déjà vu. I had the 1st galaxy s and it took over a year before att pushed an OS update. Is att known for this? Should I #switchtoverizon?

ricbon says:

no doesnt matter go iphone or nexus if you want updates asap

ricbon says:

meh just twitted them same response "no info stay tune"

Same here @attcustomercare

Same robotic response

hasanmj8 says:

Hurry up at&t !!!!:-(

Jaskys says:

Lithuanian Lumia 520 should be getting Amber update tonight.

rdubmu says:

Come on At&t!

cesar ruiz1 says:

At&t said September didn't say what year... Just do it yourself LTE works pro cam works data sense for those who need it works, Former Samsung focus, LG thrill owner don't wait for at&t.

Josh Harman says:

I think it was Nokia that said that.

cesar ruiz1 says:

Very try. but don't you think if Nokia says it that means they spoke to at&t and confirmed. At&t can add all the bloat they want a we can delete it without rooting device so why are they holding it.

MrGoodSmith says:

I am "up in Canada and rocking the super cool Lumia 520"
Finally !

Sarang68 says:

Does it take carriers really so long to test the update? Does it also depend on the magnitude of it? Please explain the advantage in your contract system of paying less now but more in the long run,besides getting to upgrade to a new device earlier.

tacofiend says:

And here I am needing to factory reset a 3rd time after Amber because my network signal is constantly dropping and jumping all over the place. I can't even stream music consistently anymore, and the first 2 times it got stuck in a restart loop that required the Nokia Care Suite to fix. If this doesn't work I have within a month or so to get a hardware replacement, IF Rogers doesn't bend me over.

blackprince says:

Finally been waiting for this since the wife got amber'd on her 620.

How much storage was needed on your wives phone for the update?? Even with an 32GB SD card in my 520, storage space is slim.

blackprince says:

I think it was a GB if I remember correctly. I had clear a bunch of stuff first before downloading it.

sholokov says:

Would an ATT Lumia on Rogers network get the update in Canada?

MrGoodSmith says:

I don't think so. It's the product code of the phone that decides what update is available

pankaj981 says:

Yes, when ATT releases the update for its phones

erasure25 says:

I wish we could do some sort of trick to update the phone, like in WP7 where you would unplug your network cable just as Zune was checking for updates and it would fool the software into offering the update....

Quin 2013 says:

That would be awesome!

MrGoodSmith says:

Years ago when I got my Nokia N95, I was able to use a third party software to change the product code of the phone, which enabled me to pull a newer update that wasn't yet available for my region. I don't know if there are any tools to change the product code of a Lumia phone.

leo74 says:

At this point I really don't care anymore. I accept the fact that while WP is great, AT&T does their best to make it suck big time... Will still stick with WP, but it is hard to recommend it to people who are already complaining about the "lack of apps". Uncertainty on upgrades is probably not going to win them over either...

jeffro-tull says:

Any word on when T-Mobile will re-release Amber? I bought a Lumia 521 a couple weeks ago, after they pulled the update. Sure would be nice to have it.

Vistaus says:

@editors: It's rolling out right now on the country variant 720 in The Netherlands.

MrGoodSmith says:

By the way Daniel, your Nokia source link doesn't seem to be pointing to the intended page

My 820 just got Ambered! Awesome update! Storage! FM Radio! Glance! Maps on SD card! Call filter! Screen options (my LCD looks like an Amoled!)! Camera got even better! Go Lumia! Go Windows Phone!
Thank you Vodafone! (sorry for doubting, all in all it came quick enough)

The 820 is amoled though...not ips LCD like 920.

Seriously? Poor calibrated before Amber then, look quite poorer compared to my 800.

nikoduque says:

i have an unlocked rogers 920, would i get the update when rogers has it available? or would i have to wait until my local carrier maes the update available?

Niavlys77 says:

The Rogers 920 has had the update available for weeks now.. go into your phone settings and check for updates!

nikoduque says:

There is nothing! :(

Niavlys77 says:

That's odd - I've got an unlocked Rogers Lumia 920 and had the update for at least a few weeks by now. I didn't have it on any carrier when I updated it, so I'm not sure whether that would make a difference.

ryraansh says:

245 unread texts? With no sim?

sholokov says:

Backed up messages from your previous phone. Connected via hotmail account!

clausl says:

Just updated my daughters 520 here in Denmark

Mark Richey says:

Yep. 2 Fears here...
1. We don't get GDR2 until GDR3 (November? Meaning March for AT&T)
2. We get GDR2 late and again....Wait until March for GDR3
I was on an International version of the HTC Titan when WP 7.8 came out and I remember waiting on that and fooling with a cumulative update that took constant plug-pulling through Zune to get all the pieces. 2 Weeks later, my phone died and went into a loop, either caused by that or the update to the Twitter app I installed. Hard reset, and low and behold, 7.8 was still there... Had been worried I was back to square 1.
Now I have an AT&T branded 920 on another network. I was hoping against all hope that it would find its way to me (thought I knew better)
I will be waiting for the next 106 hours for the article here tipping me off that....
Nothing has changed.

Winnabe says:

Please listen to this, I am that desperate, yes. I got the Amber update 2 days ago on my L720 in India. It was like a placebo, animations felt more fluid, i got the glance, radio, color profile etc. I went to bed a happy man. The next day, I just gave in to my narcissistic cravings, and took a 'selfie' with my front facing camera. And the horror, the horror! Image processing is absolutely f***ed up! The images now have an all-encompassing amber hue, earlier they had a purple hue, but at least the colors were nearer to natural! Post-Amber, the colours have just titled towards sepia. the resolution is so much poorer than before the Amber update, that I had demo a comparison of pictures to people around me to get a confirmation that the picture quality has just downgraded. On the front facing camera though. The main camera still works fine. Anybody else experienced this post-Amber?

mohmia says:

thought amber with gdr3 improves the image quality on 920 overall. can't speak for 720, can you post comparison pictures

why is this aticle about the lumia 520, yet the source link to nokia leads to the product description of the lumia 1020?

phatboy66 says:

Can't wait, I have a Telus Lumia 520 and have been waiting for this update for a long time!

Could we, maybe, automatically deny comments that mention AT&T? It's getting to be really sad.

Regg_Deen says:

looks like I got the update on my just returned from repair Rogers Nokia Lumia 520
os version 8.0.10328.78
revision # 3046.0000.1329.2001