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Cortana in More Regions

Activate Cortana alpha version in India, Canada, and Australia


Big Windows Phone 8.1 update coming to Weathr, join the beta today


Weather Hound updated - Adds HD Lockscreen support, weather alerts and more

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Cortana will be fluent in Canadian in time for Windows Phone 8.1


Weather Hound updated with transparent Live Tile support

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Canadian airlines will soon allow gate-to-gate electronics use


Top Windows Phone weather apps for severe weather season

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These are the best weather apps for Windows 8 right now


Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute releases Windows Phone app


Developer of Bright Weather releases free version; comes with advertisements


Weather Hound ends the year with another update, adds wide tile support


Weather Hound updated, minor tweaks and display options added to the mix


Phototag adds more themes and Windows Phone 7.5 compatibility in latest update


Weather Hound updated, adds a trial version and minor bug fixes


Today Widgets - add weather forecasts and quotes to your lock screen


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Amazing Weather HD for Windows Phone 8 updated, covers minor fixes


Bright Weather for Windows Phone 8 updated, adds lockscreen support and a trial version


Beautiful Vieather gets bumped with new features and a redesigned UI


Canada's Weather Network app hits the Windows Phone Store

The Weather Network

The Weather Network app is a new weather app for your Windows Phone that is powered by Canada's national weather service that shares the same name. The user interface is simple and straight forward and has a decent feature set.

The Weather Network has a "Follow Me" setting that will automatically adjust to your current location as you travel and has notifications for severe weather alerts.

The Weather Network

The layout for The Weather Network puts your current conditions and forecast data front and center. Main pages include your current conditions, an hourly forecast, a short term forecast (24 hours) and a long term forecast (five days). There is a "more" page that provides you access to weather maps, settings, and your locations.

Weather maps are animated and include layers for precipitation and cloud cover. Locations can be entered manually or by using the Follow Me feature and let your Windows Phone locations services set things.

The Weather Network's settings cover your measurement display (Fahrenheit, Celsius, Metric, Imperial) as well as turning on/off your location services and the Follow Me feature. Speaking of locations, The Weather Network does support global locations.

All in all, The Weather Network app is a nice looking weather app with some nice features. The animated map loads nicely and there's plenty of weather information to help you plan your day

The Weather Network is a free, ad support app the you can find here at the Windows Phone Store.

Thanks, Barry, for the tip!

QR: The Weather Network



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swizzlerz says:

Cool I'll try it out... :) I am Canadian :D

pdjcrawford says:

On quick first look I don't see a live tile option. Hope I just missed it in haste.

barry.weston says:

Nope no live tile.

Aldoron says:

For weather app, live tile is a must... I was excited, then I got disappointed :(

CJ Thunder says:

Follow me sounds great! I would love a live tile for a location and a live tile for follow me, a two sided one would be best....
It works worldly...gonna try.

CJ Thunder says:

After using it for a minute, it is the same as current location in MS' Weather app. Nothing special here...
My hopes turned into what I thought I read, sad...

The55 says:

Live tile?

kidjenius says:

i was actually excited to see this app since i find that it provides one of the best weather services in canada, but no live tile is a deal breaker for me

WhippedKream says:

This app is what we Canadians have wanted for awhile for accurate weather predicitions... However, I dont seem to see any live tiles :(

Wolfe_boy says:

No Live Tile. 
This is THE weather app I've been waiting for. I don't mind that I've shelled out for Weather Flow as it's a much prettier UI overall, but I still love me some Weather Network. Hopefully v2 will have better Live Tile support, and be WP7 compatible. 

buggyglint says:

It needs a live tile but I will support this app and wait for an update.

gorebashd says:

No live tile make hulk angry

apocacrux says:

I've been using Now since I got my Focus as I was waiting for an official app like this being Canadian and all.
The lack of live tile is disappointing but Now didn't have a working live tile either, so I'll get over it and enjoy the most accurate weather reports.

AmilM says:

I prefer The Weather Channel.

Amazing and useless app. No live tile, WTF? what would be even the point of releasing a weather app without live tile?
uninstalled already, too bad looked good and worked ok.

jfmanzo says:

The Weather Network is no more "Canada's national weather service" than is the Weather Channel in the US "America's national weather service." Canada's national weather office is at Environment Canada and unlike The Weather Network it provides dewpoint with its updates, which makes weather geeks like me happy.
Anyway, I think this is a fine app and the lack of live tile doesn't make it useless. 

The app is solid, it provides more information than many paid weather apps I have

nlm says:

I emailed about the lack of a live tile and received the following reply, I just hope the live radar from Weather Channel gets implemented:

"The live tile was postponed due to a backend technical issue that we are close to resolving. The original designs for the Win7 app included the live tile and our plan is to resubmit it with the first update. No timelines have been set at this time"

hoovermac says:

Nice app -  smooth and fast on my wife's Lumia 800 (doesn't work on my 610 as it requires more RAM than the 610 possesses).  The lack of a live tile is disappointing and a bit strange considering that the app has a live tile on the Windows 8 preview edition.

win7willy says:

No live tile? As slick looking as this app is, live tile is an absolute must.