Movielator makes finding movies a breeze on your Windows Phone


If you're in the mood for watching a movie but can't decide what to watch, give Movielator a try. The Windows Phone app was recently released to the Store and will randomly pull up movie titles as suggestions on what to watch.  The results are based on genre or you can just randomly generate recommendations across the board from all genres.

Movielator will generate a selection of twelve movie titles that you can read a short synopsis of to help you narrow down your search. The app reminds me of those food apps that generate random recipes or resturaunts when you just can't decide what you're in the mood for.


Movielator taps into Wikipedia for the selection and titles have a wide date range. An action movie search generated everything from 1960's James Bond movies to the more recent Transformers movies. Not seeing many new releases, Movielator may be better suited for a quiet movie at home than finding one in the local theater.

Movielator is a free, ad supported app for your Windows Phone that you can find here in the Windows Phone Store.

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AlexNYC says:

This app sucks so much... If you don't have anything interesting to post, don't. It hurts your credibility. I read all your posts and this is by far the worse.

C'mon... Not the greatest app, but a good idea. You're negative.

Hiiiiiiiii says:

Wow, the UI... No words for it

ravi.tandon says:

Movie Monk. Try it.

XboxOmac says:

Not a good app at all, you know. Are there any apps similar like this? Maybe ones that asks couple of questions to find out what you're looking to watch maybe?

mohib.sheth says:

I would term this app useless. There are so many services like this already available. What I would have liked is if it can smartly recommend movies based on my ratings on IMDB or something similar.

gundam001 says:

Though it sounds uninteresting, but this app is not a total useless. Not the best, but it it's still nice. - The Balancing Act