Capturing memories with mylife for Windows Phone 8


mylife is a diary app for Windows Phone 8 devices that has the ability to capture images, videos and audio messages of your daily experiences.  Your daily record can then be sorted by location or timeline to easily track your memories.

mylife is not a bad option to consider if you are in the market for a photo diary.  However, while mylife has plenty of features, a few features are missing that holds this Windows Phone app back just a bit.

mylife's Main Pages

When you first launch mylife you will need to set up an account by entering your email address and secure the app with a PIN number.  From there you jump to mylife's main pages that include a Capture Page that presents you with options to capture images, video, audio or thoughts and a Relive Page that lets your review your photos, videos, audio, and thoughts.  You also have the option to view mylife’s mydays calendar and any achievements earned.

The mydays calendar will chart the days you have recorded an image, audio note, video or thought and provide a “Thought for the Day” for inspiration.

Along the bottom of the main pages are control buttons to view the About screen, rate the app in the Windows Phone Store, email the developer and access the app’s settings.

mylife's Settings Pages

mylife’s settings include:

  • General Settings: Sorting options, setting a security PIN for the app, turning on/off location tagging, and turn on/off vibration feedback.
  • Tile Settings: Various pinning options.
  • Photo Settings: Naming photo albums, turning on/off auto copy to your Pictures Hub, setting slide show intervals, and enabling photo sync on launch.
  • Video Settings: Turning on/off SkyDrive backup.
  • Audio Settings: Turning on/off SkyDrive backup.
  • Thoughts Settings: Turning on/off SkyDrive backup and turning on/off reminders to enter your thoughts.

From the Capture Page mylife will launch an internal camera app to record video or capture still images as well as audio notes.  Thought entry is where you type out what is on your mind, how you are feeling, or anything else that comes to mind on a particular day.  Thought entries are limited to 160 characters.

mylife's mydays Page, myphotos Sort, and Thought Page

Reliving or reviewing your mylife entries will send you to a series of pages that sort your images, videos, audio notes and thoughts by album, location, day  of the week, time of day, calendar timeline and by any tags you’ve created.  Audio, Video and Thoughts are sorted only by calendar location and timeline.

The one shortcoming with mylife is that you can only record images and videos through the internal camera app.  There is no way to import existing images or videos from your Windows Phone Pictures Hub to mylife.  It really restricts the usefulness of the app for the times you have capture life moments outside the mylife app.  Another downside to mylife is the inability to share within the app.  You will need to save images to your Pictures Hub and backup videos/audio recording to SkyDrive and use those sharing options.

Update 11 AM ET: From the developer, we are told that you CAN import images, though it's not as obvious. To do so, go into app settings > photos > enable sync on launch. Once enabled, photos will b synced when you launch myphotos from 'Relive' section.

mylife has a nice feel to it but is too internally oriented in that you record life memories with other camera apps and cameras.  I like how mylife will sort your images, videos, audio notes and thoughts of the day but it really needs the ability to import items from outside the app to be complete.

mylife is a free app that is available for Windows Phone 8 devices.  It is not compatible with low memory devices such as the Nokia Lumia 520, likely because of the lack of a front facing camera.  You can find mylife here in the Windows Phone Store.

QR: mylife



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It's not available for my Lumia 720 because it requires Gyroscope??

fauzanade says:

Same reason not available for Lumia 620 too.

dolbyarun says:

Hi Fahmi, The gyro requirement is in place because there was some parallax animation in the initial version and its just a mistake on my side not to remove it from phone requirement.

Planning to release the next version without the gyro reqirement and few more feature. Hang on! Appreciate your patience.

Jazmac says:

This sounds awfully close to this app talked about here that was a favorite to Nokia's head Steven Elop. It seems to have a similar purpose anyway.

coldfilter says:

"Track my Life" Which I found to be a mess! Will give this a whirl though

Jazmac says:

Thats the one.

dolbyarun says:

Hi Coldfilter, please do. I hope "mylife" will not disappoint you. Let me know what else you feel is needed. Will do my best to get those features as long I have API support.

Clodderes says:

Yup, it's quite similar. but more options are good. It's interesting idea

Kush Grover says:

Hill Climb Racing updated.

this app was last updated on jan 9th... but still no ratings no reviews....  nyway m downloading it.... lemme see....

It could be a great app..

Richard_Indy says:

Its an NSA portal. Lol. It would work well if you were writing an autobiography. The life and times of a WP owner. Wake up, grab L1520 , check WP Central app, check work email, check WP Central app again, try to be first poster when a new article comes up, make sure to install all reported free premium content so its yours for life even if you may not use app too much. Defend the WP ecosystem by telling all the cool stuff used between the WP phone, OneDrive, Xbox and win 8.1. Check WP Central again... And so repeats my day in the diary...

Tafsern says:

I will make it my personal sex diary. Giggity.

hahaha nice idea :D


erasure25 says:

So it will be blank pages? Booyah!!! J/k :D

Tafsern says:

I might just need to get a WP with memory card! BOYAH!! :P 

tanveer 786 says:

I got the email from nokia for black update but it is not available for my phone 620 when i check the update,what is the reason?

Aashish13 says:

Even I got it. Thats just to aware the ppl who arent connected to fb Twitter or WP central that they will be getting an update

Aashish13 says:

Wanna ask that is the black update version with gdr3 makes your phones performance smoother compared to developer preview gdr3?

ToobaJ says:

<p>ohh come on! why does lumia 520 always has to be the odd one out</p>

dolbyarun says:

@ToobaJ Hang on there for a week. Will optimize the app and make it available for lower end devices as well.

Master_Mohan says:

I read last paragraph of your articles first, I am Lumia 520 user.

Jazmac says:

It looks great on my Lumia 920.  Well designed and professional looking.

dolbyarun says:

Hi Jazmac, Thanks for the feedback. Next version will have few more features to toy around.

dolbyarun says:

Hi, WPCentral, Thanks for the time and effort to review my app.

The gyro requirement is in place because there was some parallax animation in the initial version and its just a mistake on my side not to remove it from phone requirement.

The email id is used only to send the new pin in case someone forgot the old pin.

I will address those issues in the next upcoming version.

dolbyarun says:

@GeorgePonder Importing options are on the way. To keep it simple it will support OneDrive and a companion app will be available for Windows 8 and Xbox.

Anguis says:

Please, allow this app up to be used with low memory phones.

dolbyarun says:

@anguis Tahnks for the feedback. Even though theoritically it should not be an issue at all, i dint had time to test the app on lower memory device. Just wanted to be sure the app dos not end up with horrible UX in lower end devices. Will test it on lower end phones as well, make necessary optimization (if) needed and will publish it. 

Anguis says:

Good to hear, I look forward to trying your app!

ramyZgHR says:

Not avilable for 8x because my device aparently don't have gyroscope.

ChrisPS3 says:

I hope they have a real import feature. Should be easy to implement since it's common among other photo/video apps.

dolbyarun says:

@ChrisPS3 True. This is beta version. Even though i have a complete backlog (which is also mentioned in the about page) i wanted to give the app a try and listen to users what they want before i could implement what i want. Stay tuned. I promise next version will have import feature to OneDrive.