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CarbonWP Twitter

This is almost becoming a television soap script. CarbonWP is an intriguing Twitter client (popular on webOS) that's currently in the process of being made available on the Marketplace. There have been a number of issues in the recent past with submissions and the approval process, but the app has now been denied for the fourth time. Announcing on Twitter (as can be seen above) the developers are losing interest - and we can't blame them.

But hope is not all lost. Some of those who are looking forward to seeing the Twitter client arrive on Windows Phone got in touch with a few members of the WP team and now Brandon Watson (and co.) are looking into what's going wrong with CarbonWP. Here's hoping we'll see this app on the Marketplace soon.

Source: Twitter (@CarbonWP); thanks, Mark, for the heads up!



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threedog says:

Nooooo! What could be wrong?

Fiann says:

Who knows. Part of the problem is that they are having to go through a 3rd party. The marketplace isn't available where they are based or something I think.

The devs aren't the only ones losing interest in the project. I hope they get this all straightened out soon. I would like a good wp7 Twitter client. I have tried several but none are quite there for me yet.

ChrisLynch says:

I never liked Carbon on WebOS.  Have you tried Rowi?  It's an excellent Twitter app for Windows Phone, and they are about to release an updated version that will bring some additional features.  Also, they are working with MetroTwit to bring column (Pivots in Rowi) sync via the cloud with what they are calling "The Nest."

Fiann says:

I did try the light version Rowi a few hard resets ago but I haven't recently. The new features sound interesting so maybe I will give it a try again once I can get the updated version.

Bruno H says:

Tried Rowi but it didn't have a URL shortener :-(.

We (Rowi) have always hard URL Shortening. We just don't shorten URLs unless you're going to go over 140 characters.

Fiann says:

Who knows. Part of the problem is that they are having to go through a 3rd party. The marketplace isn't available where they are based or something I think.

The devs aren't the only ones losing interest in the project. I hope they get this all straightened out soon. I would like a good wp7 Twitter client. I have tried several but none are quite there for me yet.

What exactly are the current offerings missing?

Fiann says:

I've tried several over various hard resets of my device (really hoping I don't have to do that any more) over the last several months. The ones I've tried have mostly been decent but none of them have really wowed me. I don't use a dedicated client for very much anyways, most of what I do is through my Me tile or text message.
Currently I'm using MoTweets (free). I had actually bought it for my WM phone since it is, hands down, the best client I found for it. Not so impressive on WP7 or maybe the competition has just gotten that much better. But it is a bit slow and the interface feels rough around the edges still. Just trying to get to a point where I could follow someone that was following me was hard and required going through a number of screens. It also feels a bit sluggish.
I think what I didn't like about Rowi was the lack of push notifications (maybe fixed by the paid version?) and having to start all over when scrolling through a lot of tweets instead of it remembering my position.
Others I've tried I honestly don't remember since I didn't use them very much.

hhhmmm...we (Rowi) are one of the few apps that always remember your position (even on refresh, we don't move you) and we've had push notifications since April of last year (in the paid version). Try again? ;)

Djole77 says:

one less twitter app
who cares

Cyruss1989 says:

You'd care, but obviously you have never seen or used Carbon ;)

Djole77 says:

i havent used it because i never had a webos phone
i have seen the videos here on wpcentral
i cant say i was impressed
after all i prefer the wp7 intergration than using an app

psychotron says:

Just because you don't want it doesn't mean it's irrelavent. It really is a fantastic Twitter client, and regardless of your personal feelings having more choices available for users is always a good thing for the platform.

ChrisLynch says:

Sure, more choices = better for the consumer. However, as I pointed out above I never liked Carbon on WebOS. Have you tried Rowi (paid app: free app: It's an excellent Twitter app for Windows Phone, and they are about to release an updated version that will bring some additional features. Also, they are working with MetroTwit to bring column (Pivots in Rowi) sync via the cloud with what they are calling "The Nest."

Fiann says:

Crap, sorry for the doublepost. Bug in the wpcentral app obviously.

Jay Bennett says:

Sorry! Should be fixed in v2.1 due in a couple of days! :)

koenrh says:

On what requirements?

Would be nice to get more specifics from the WP team. Seems like here is some needed improvement on the feedback that developers get when publishing through a third-party.

Rob.Elliott says:

That's a shame, I haven't found a twitter client I like yet and I was hoping this one would be it. :(

Justin.TV312 says:

Who needs another twitter app when it's built into the OS and the official app works fine for most cases

Tahiti Bob says:

You never stop do you? If people want more options let them have them! You're always there telling people what they do and don't need!

Justin.TV312 says:

Calm down I was just saying that so they wouldn't make such a big deal about it.

Tahiti Bob says:

I would not have commented if that was your first time, you know I'm right.

Fiann says:

Yeah, not a big fan of the official app really. I agree that most of it I do with the me/people hub and text messaging anyways but some things it's not so good at. For instance, I don't think there is a way to DM through the Twitter integration.

Djole77 says:

i think you can dm through the wp7 intergration

albertleao says:

Tell me if you can search for new people, look up trending topics, and see how many followers people have in the baked in version...

dakranii says:

Well that's understandable, there seems to be a high threshold of quality in place if you take a look at the apps that make it into the marketplace on a daily basis.  Loads of top-notch, highly necessary, non-duplicative apps that make life easier and don't take advantage of confusing names, or brands to make a buck.

stryker09 says:

Still waiting on rowi to push that Mango update. Though been waiting for Carbon ever since I saw it here. Hopefully Brandon can get it settled. 

We're just about there with Rowi. Shipping RC to testers tonight! :)!/rowiapp/status/161351569407868928

weepatc says:

I've tried both Rowi & CarbonWP betas. Both are nice Twitter clients but for me Rowi is the better of the 2 at present. Carbon has just too much black & white about it for my taste but I hope they get the Marketplace problems sorted & do well. Competition is a great thing & keeps devs on their toes as they strive to keep adding knockout features to keep ahead of the competition.

But yah, this is unfortunate. Both for WP7 and for the Carbon guys. We (Rowi) are sorry to hear about it and hope it gets figured out.

NH3MAN says:

For Tweople that haven't tried MehDoh I want to throw it out there that they should give it a go as it's the best WP7 Twitter App I have tried. Very nimble and still quite functional. MoTweets is the most complete but a little slow. Beez, Birdsong, and others IMHO are either jumpy, buggy, or as of yet don't have basic, needed functions (such as retweet with comment). IMO, the built in functionality of WP7 is nice and useful but for serious Twitter Heads its not functional enough.

morzezeichen says:

Mehdoh it's where it is at, at the moment. It's FREE now.

HD7guy says:

I hope the Carbon folks don't give up. More choice is good.

Meanwhile, I hop between Mehdoh and Rowi. Mehdoh is smooth and doesn't suffer from Rowi's rather annoying habit of opening a tweet when I want to scroll. But I love Rowi's ability to open a tweet link in its own browser, which is handy for not filling up IE's open tab limit.

ctafield says:

Mehdoh has it's own built in browser too.

sj55555 says:

How can you not figure it out after getting 3 mulligans?

ctafield says:

Microsoft only tell you one error at a time. They find the first one, then stop and reject the app, sending you back to the start. 

JPDVM2014 says:

I really hope this gets sorted out. This was tied with Bad Kitty for my favorite twitter client on webOS. I have tried Rowi, but there is no Instagram support? May be forthcoming? And mehdoh is good, but I can't seem to find a way to view my lists. Maybe I am just missing it?

ctafield says:

No, there's no lists at the moment, they're coming in the next version 

We (Rowi) support instagram for photo previews (have for quite a while). We also support viewing your lilsts. :)

albertom says:

We went thru well during 6 weeks to publish photoweather live after wpcentral review.We kind of felt ashamed.The app changed we don't know how many times.It had weather videos but we had so many little problems and them they blocked the submission.It was a horror movie.Still the app there it is 10 times simple than it was meant to be. I guess many went thru that pain while others can publish junk and get people money in a not so honest way.It's something for Redmond guys to improve.

Antwan3k says:

I've been waiting for Carbon for months now.. I used the app on webOS before switching over to windows phone and it definitely stood out as the best among all the other twitter apps.. I'm really hoping they don't give up on their WP offering (especially since they have an app of android in the works and presumably one for iOS is going to come after that).. The app is really that good.. I'm using Mehdoh right now (and I like it) but Carbon is the app I want without question..

sHAYM4N says:

A conspiracy theorist might say the folks behind Rowi had a hand in the delays. The race is on!

Muhahahaha (says the guy from Rowi)!!!!!1!!11
But seriously, that's a funny statement. ;)

albertleao says:

I've tried several, if not all twitter clients for Wp7 and I find that MehDoh and MoTweets are the best. I prefer MehDoh because of the layout and the autocomplete functionality for both your contacts and trending topics. I like how MehDoh also lets you tweet with a trending topic already in the text field.

Rallicat says:

I've been using Birdsong so far, but I'm not quite happy with it.

For starters, push notifications don't work (despite still being advertised as a feature of Birdsong).  I want a twitter client that supports true push notifications, with toast, audio, and tile updates.

Birdsong at least supports multiple twitter accounts, which is a must for me, and something Rowi doesn't do (yet, but saddeningly they don't seem to have accepted this suggestion on their Uservoice site).

Birdsong also lacks in a few other areas, autocomplete of user '@' names for example, and it seems to struggle parsing some links embedded in tweets.
Finally - and this might be just me - it would be great if more twitter clients supported using Skydrive as a photo sharing location.

I don't hold out much hope that Birdsong will be updated any time soon, and Rowi is a non starter for me without multi account support.  Carbon won't support notifications in their first release, but they have at least promised to get around to it - in every other regard it looks like a great client, and if nothing else, there's no reason for anyone to be saying 'we don't need this' - given how many Spam apps seem to make it into the marketplace on a daily basis, the more high quality stuff we can get, the better!

If you want reliable notifications, it's us (Rowi) right now, but yes, no multiple accounts yet. It'll probably make it in the next update (not the one we're about to ship).  You could of course use us for the Twitter account you care about most and use another Twitter app for the other accounts so you could get good notifications on one account at least. :)