Carphone Warehouse offering Lumia 800 on contract for free

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Today the Carphone Warehouse has announced their "Smart Deal" for the Lumia 800. For the next week (7 days), the Lumia 800 will be available for free on contract with supporting UK carriers. The minimum price plan fee is £15.50/mo (24-months), which will provide the customer with 50 minutes, unlimited SMS, as well as 250MB of data as month allowances.

Should Orange not take your fancy and T-Mobile be more your thing, the entry contract price is £21/mo (24-months) which bundles 100 minutes, unlimited SMS and 750MB of data.

Be sure to head on over to the Carphone Warehouse website (or pop in-store) to check out this offer.



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bonsai666 says:

I called up orange last week and they bumped my contract down to £15 per month for my 800(was previously on £36 pm). Did use a 1/3 of my data or calls, very happy.

This won't work in the US, will it?

jdep1 says:

If you get it unlocked yes but it's a GSM phone & most likely only work on t mobile with edge speeds.

benandarchie says:

You could always get that deal on: buymobilephones.net