CarStand gets updated, new shortcuts and music player layout in tow


CarStand is a feature rich dashboard app for Windows Phone 8.  The app lays a list of basic Windows Phone functions (access to maps, weather information, speed dialing, etc.) at your fingertips for easy access while driving.

CarStand was recently updated to version 2.0 which gives the application’s user interface a new facelift which includes a new music player page and new shortcut options added to the main page of the app.  The update also adds a slightly different pricing point.

CarStand Main Pages
CarStand Main Pages

Additional changes included in the version 2.0 update include:

  • Ability to send SMS to contacts from a template or dictation
  • Find and save locations by address
  • Save your car’s location and pin it to the Start Screen (handy for large Mall or Airport parking lots)
  • Shortcut buttons can be deleted or set to a settings shortcut, as well as set to launch an app or set to a saved map location
  • Contacts can be re-ordered
  • Various minor bug fixes

You also gain the ability to choose your startup layout from the settings and select music playback by artists.

CarStand’s pricing has also changed with the version 2.0 update.  The core app is a free, ad-supported Windows Phone 8 app that is limited to four shortcut buttons and six contacts (speed dialing).  You can upgrade the free version to the PRO version through an in-app purchase of $1.99 that will remove the ads and the limitations on the number of shortcut buttons and contacts you can have displayed.

CarStand Menus
CarStand Menus and Settings

While the version 2.0 update does add more features to CarStand, the ad banner definitely gives the app a cluttered feel to it.  I understand the role ad banners play but some apps do not lend themselves very well to being ad-supported as far as design is concerned.  The free version with ad-banners will give you feel for the app but I do not see the banners staying around for long if CarStand is your cup of tea.

If you are looking for a dashboard app for use in your car, you can find CarStand here in the Windows Phone Store.

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coldfilter says:

Makes me wish I knew how to drive

ChrisPS3 says:

Funniest comment of the day!

update INSTAGRAM BETA also as version v2.1 is availabe in the store for minor bug fixes

Schikitar says:

Can anyone recommend a good car mount for the L920? I've been using my cup holder down next to my leg, not the best spot. If I had an app like this I'd need something higher up...

coldfilter says:

Some gaffer tape and Bluetack should do the trick

dermotf says:

This is the best phone holder I have ever used http://www.kenu.com/products/airframe You can pick one up at any Apple store and it works great with the 920

andrewkeith5 says:

By far the best are Brodit kits, which mount to the dashboard and not the windscreen (no damage necessary). Far safer and more secure fit

Schikitar says:

Cool, thanks guys!

Meatpoint says:

Go to dealextreme dot com and search qi car charger. You find good ones cheap and they ship free around the world

Meatpoint says:

Go to dealextreme and search for qi car charger. They come cheap and ship free around the world

Chef316 says:

Been using this app for a while. Will have to spend for the upgrade now...I'm already over the new limits of the new free version...

david90531 says:

Both this and carstarter are great apps, depends what kind of interface you prefer. Kudos to the devs

MikeSo says:

I tried several of these type of apps, and oroginally I didn't care for Car Stand. But the more I used the others, the more I kept gravitating back towards it, and eventually I bought it. I really enjoy using it now, and am excited to see what this update brings. The music player has always been a weak spot, mainly because it only can load from playlists, which I don't really use. If this has changed, it would be nice.


EDIT: Hey, it has changed! Now in addition to playlists there is a list of the artists in my collection. But after I select an artist to play, I can't seem to go back and select a different artist - it only shows a list of the songs by that artist when I click on the "music rectangle". Maybe I'm doing it wrong...


EDIT 2: Found it! After toggling the view button to music view, it allowed me to select a different artist. Very nice! Really appreciate this update. It makes it easier to control the music when it has the larger, driving friendly UI than the original music player UI.

swiz#WP says:

I am one of the developers. Just switch to music player page and you can always open playlist and artists from the icon above repeat.

Grizlyadams says:

Hah ha . . .an app that's designed to lessen danger of in car phone use, runs tiny little ads on the main screen.

gdgates says:

If you can't afford $2.00 to get rid of the ads you shouldn't be wasting money on car payments.

Jazmac says:

I've been using this since it first dropped.  I have to say, CarStand it kinda fly.  Can't wait to see the update.