Casual Connect video interview: Ben Ahroni, producer of Zuma’s Revenge

Paul Acevedo and Ben Ahroni

Paul Acevedo (left) and Ben Ahroni

I made no secret of my love for recent XBLA release Zuma’s Revenge in my review – after all, it’s a PopCap game. Those guys practically always knock it out of the park. As it happens, Casual Connect Seattle featured a panel on the connected experience (gaming on TV, tablet, smartphone: SmartGlass-type stuff).

Who should we find among the panelists but the producer of Zuma’s Revenge, Ben Ahroni. Naturally I snagged him for a video interview. See Ben discuss Zuma, a potential sequel to Plants vs. Zombies, and Windows Phone after the break!

Ben’s move from playing lengthy games to more casual ones echoes a sentiment we heard from many developers over the course of the conference. It seems that as gamers become busier with work and/or family, many gravitate towards games that can be enjoyed in small sessions as opposed to marathon play. The same is certainly true in my case; I’ve been working on Final Fantasy XIII for over a year! No wonder casual gaming has taken off in such a big way.

PopCap Games Casual Connect table

Does the interview leave you feeling optimistic about future PopCap titles on Windows Phone, dear readers? In the meantime, you can grab Zuma’s Revenge for XBLA here on the Xbox 360 Marketplace.

Fun fact: the original Zuma released on Windows Mobile way back in 2009 for a staggering $14.95.



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MastrMeatWad says:

Wow, the fact zuma originally released for 14.95 is interesting, and to think what the outcry would be a WP game released at that price today and not free. I keed i keed. I would love to have zuma or any other pop cap title on the phone. Love me some peggle! I own what they do have PvZ and bejeweled-more please popcap

tylerh1701 says:

Zuma's not really my thing.  Nice interview tho Paul.