Catch all your favorites shows in HD with the new CBS App for Windows 8

CBS app

For those who are a fan of NCIS, Elementary, or any of the other CBS Television series we've got some good news. CBS has released a Windows 8 version of their CBS app.

The app lets you stream full, HD quality episodes of your favorite shows on your Windows 8 tablet, laptop or desktop. The app covers Prime Time, Day Time and Late Night series providing photo galleries and mini-clips as well as the full episodes.

CBS app

Delays for show access range from twenty-four hours to about a week depending on the material. The CBS app is a little on the bland side but is a handy way to catch up on episodes you've missed or to re-visit favorites.

The CBS app is free and available for both Windows 8 and Windows 8 RT devices. You can pick up the CBS app here in the Windows Store.  

Oh... and for the sports fans in the room, don't forget CBS offers the CBS Sports app for our Windows Phone 8 devices that you can pick up here in the Windows Phone Store.

Source: Engadget; Thanks, Daniel, for the tip!



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horbeme says:

sounds good to me

carlosrdd says:

Where's HBO GO......

Menzlo says:

Seriously, it should be here by now. Also watch ESPN.

carlosrdd says:

I understand old apps not being here but there's no excuse for new ones....

Sweet! This app itself was released awhile ago, but with this update they FINALLY added full episode watching! I'm not what they were thinking releasing the app with only clips and schedules. Better late than never...

kinaton says:

Nice and can download in uk :)

Wait there are other countries?

jlynnm350z says:

You ruined it. We are all classy in here! I'm out

That escalated quickly

USA has shut down, so no-ones at home

jlynnm350z says:

Wont play videos! Garbage!!!!

Were you seriously expecting a TV app to play videos? Psshh

In Limbo says:

How about the Super Bowl?

glassadam says:

Here's a dumb question, probably: would it be a good idea to hook this up to my tv via HDMI and play shows from CBS.com on my big screen? Would it still look HD?

There is no such thing as a dumb question. Only dumb people who ask questions.

walter1832 says:

Why is poop brown?

sunnybyday says:

Have a large Spinach-Brocolli smoothie and talk to us tomorrow!

Josh Harman says:

Take some paint that is the color of everything you've eaten today, mix them together... there's your answer.

This also escalated quickly.

Clavitox says:

This is why we need a unified store already

Josh Harman says:

Really? Is this why?

See? This is why we cant have nice things.

MF73 says:

Cam anyone play the videos, not a single video works for me, using surface Rt...

sarim_xyz says:

Sorry, I don't know this, but can we stream these shows for free? Or do we need some sort of subscription?

TripsG says:

Videos work on my Surface Pro

treetownal says:

W8 really needs more apps.  A bunch of great hardware was announced recently with those new Dells and the new Surfaces, I hope the expansion of 8 inch devices coming drives devs to produce apps.  I also hope MS has some announcements to accompany the 8.1 rollout, and that Nokia has produced some apps in house to accompany its 2520. 

walter1832 says:

Um, broken link?

caliborn says:

Redundant for me since I have Comcast on demand services but I'll download it anyway...

tk-093 says:

I had just been using the desktop IE browser on my RT tablet to watch CBS shows.  This will be nicer obviously.

Jazmac says:

The rub against this app is that you don't get to watch the FULL episode and who knows what else.  This app gets a 1.9 rating out of 5. I might have to pass for now. 
And this link is bad too. Seems to fit with the reviews of this application.

Taizong Yuan says:

I'd love to see a full Xbox TV app that streams Live T.V., D.V.R./TiVo and content across all your Microsoft devices, now that would be awesome.

SocalTouch says:

Come on CBS - where is the Windows Phone version of the app?