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Catch a little air with SkateDog


SkateDog is a jumper styled game for your Windows Phone much like Rainbow Rapture and Penguin. You just control a dog on a skateboard instead of a vengeful rainbow or hungry penguin.

With SkateDog you are racing Pluft ET (space alien) to a race for a hamburger. You guide your dog over hill and dale while Pluft races along in his space ship (doesn't seem very fair). Along the way you can collect glasses of soda for a boost of speed and dog treats for bonus points.

SkateDog is a fun game for your Windows Phone and challenging enough to keep you interested in things. I'm not sure it could hold up to marathon gaming sessions but it is a nice game to pass the time with.

SkateDog's main menu is presented in simple, straight forward fashion. You have a button to turn the sound effects on/off, a "?" button to pull up to access the Help, About, and Facebook/Twitter pages, and a button to launch the game.



SkateDog has four, multi-level stages that includes country, beach, city and fairground scenarios. Each stage has five levels that are progressively become more challenging.

The game screen for SkateDog has your vital stats up top which includes your soda glasses count, speed, points and, when available, the boost button. Down below is a pause button and a race meter showing your progress and Pluft's.

Game play is much like other jumper games in that you tap and hold the screen to gain speed on the down slope and release to jump higher on the up slope. Dog treats (I'm guessing that's what the paw symbols are) will give you bonus points and when you collect three soda glasses, the boost button appears.

SkateDog plays just like the other jump games where timing is key and once you lose that timing, it's tough to get back. The speed boost is a nice touch and you should use it regularly to give yourself a chance at beating Pluft to the hamburger. Graphics are nice and clean with SkateDog and the game has a little bit of an addictive quality to it. 

For the time being (through April 5th) SkateDog is a free game for your Windows Phone. Not sure what the pricing will be after April 5th but for the time being, it's a very nice free game to pick up.

You can find SkateDog here in the Windows Phone Store.

QR: SkateDog



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Badranath17 says:

Not available in Australia on Nokia Lumia 920

gladbecker82 says:

Germany neither :/

cedarlog says:

not available in many markets sometimes i feel  some WP app developers too lazy to publish their apps&games to all markets or they don't care

If I'm not mistaken, can't u just change the region on your phone, reboot, and you should be able to download it? Give that a try

Danielrego says:

You know you download to many games when you see this and think hmm ill download that. Then you realize you already have it.

willied says:

That is so weird. I did the same exact thing.

s0briquet says:

Always love wpc for the free game alerts. Love picking them up to try out! Thanks

nizzon says:

Im addicted to Penguin, have to try this out.

I love Penguin. Somehow i never get near the highscore:( 29k is all i get

david90531 says:

After few tries I think rainbow and penguins are still more fun. Not bad at all for a free game though

Tafsern says:

The music in this game makes me wanna kill myself.

Nakazul says:

"-Stay pluft :-)

erchiappa says:

Bad playability, I tried it but I prefer other games