CBS Sports for Windows Phone updated, apparently brings live video

CBS Sports

CBS Sports officially launched for Windows Phone 8 this past September. Judging by the comments from that post we can see a lot of you were happy to see the app join Windows Phone. The app hasn’t seen any update love since then. That is until today. Head into the Windows Phone Store and you’ll see a major update for CBS Sports. Live video, GameTracker and more are included. Let’s check it out.

CBS Sports for Windows Phone hits version today. It’s a big update with the following features:

  • GameTracker for NBA, NHL, NCAA Basketball
  • Live video
  • UI improvements
  • Performance and stability improvements
  • League Leaders
  • Power Rankings
  • My Teams Scores and News
  • Improved league and conference management
  • Bug fixes

CBS Sports

Those are some pretty great features for an app a lot of you like. Unfortunately we’re having a hard time finding the option to view live video. Let us know in the comments below if you find out where live video is hiding in the app. Maybe it’s dependent on whether or not a game is currently live. In the meantime, we've reached out to CBS Sports to see what's up with live video. We know it's a feature a lot of you (including us) will want.  

Nonetheless, we are liking the inclusion of Power Rankings and other small fixes to CBS Sports.

Head to the Windows Phone Store to pick up CBS Sports for free.

Thanks for the tip Josh H! 

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UnnDunn says:

I'm hoping NBC will follow suit and update its LiveExtra app to provide live video for more than just the Olympics.

JagJunkkie says:

WPC already reported that will be the case.

wozburger says:

They may have done (actually, I think it was implied that we would be able to view all sports from day one), but the Olympics are over - it would at least be an idea if Sam would get some confirmation from NBC. At the moment, the Live Extra app for WP is useless unless you want to watch a few replay videos (of the Olympics).

The Android app never stopped showing the other sports, although it was heavily focused towards the Olympics. WP version is once again a poor second :(

You know it was only released for WP days before the Olympics right?
As it was explained, it was rushed out for the Olympics and will be updated after.

Does CBS have the rights to broadcast March Madness this year? If so, this is a must have app.

RaRa85 says:

You just read my mind.

nwildcat says:

Yes, the do. And that's all I care about, as long as the live video is working by then, I'm good.

Curtieson says:

Nwildcat = Northwestern?

Completely agree! I will take the afternoon of work off the first two days but still love having access for when the wife makes me eventually leave the house over the weekend!

thirdday2002 says:

In years past, the NCAA app/website has been the only way to watch the tourney online. I'm afraid this app isn't going to help with that. I'm holding my breath for that and watchESPN.

ade333 says:


Live pom feed!!!!
Wait its just CBS.
You read the first sentence wrong didn't you.

Jabid21 says:

I have a big black clock

Live pom, big black clock, and a huge bick.. What next?

Laura Knotek says:

Nice! I wasn't even aware of this app, but I grabbed it after seeing this blog post.

Hopefully, The Masters will be broadcasted live on the app.

I believe you may be right about live video depending when its actually live. A replay feature like WatchESPN has would be nice.

nwildcat says:

The app looks much better than it did before, I'll actually use it now. Great update.

I'm also not seeing any live video but then I'm not sure I'm supposed to. Come Saturday afternoon, if there's no live video of college basketball, then it'll be a bit more concerning. I'm not clear on what other live video CBS Sports would have to offer beyond their weekend coverage of sports. Maybe they'll have live video of what airs on their cable channel as well? Should be available tonight if that's the case, they have college bball games most nights on there.

Also, I had a completely blank video page, but hitting refresh loaded the page with many more video clips than I thought there'd be.

dalascby says:

Still can't pin teams nor does it take advantage of the wide tiles, the same reasons why I dumped this app before.

Curtieson says:

Couldn't agree more...biggest items I want in a sports app are teams you can pin (with the team's logo) and toasts about their games. Still haven't found an app that can do that. Daily game updates to the tile and I'd throw money at them, haha.

You can pin your "Favorite Teams", but not individual teams.

Rick Smits says:

We need fantasy apps from them and others.

toph36 says:

How about including Fantasy Baseball and Football? Or better yet, how about separate apps for each?

k0de says:

CBS! This app is horrible. I know your developing team can do much better. pleas update again soon with better app features and UI. I installed and uninstalled.

I contacted the developer (onelouder) after the app's initial release with basically the same sentiment and they blamed WP. Saying that WP didn't support live video streaming... horse manure, other apps could do it.
Anyway, he said an update would come in early 2014 and here it is.

k0de says:

I agree that live video streaming could be difficult. But the UI and all other features are horrible. They should look at other apps for design planning at the least. For example ESPN Hub, MLB.com, Bing Sports, NFL Mobile, NFL Fantasy. Don't blame WP that is a lie and a lame excuse. CBS just doesn't care.

Aashish13 says:

Banking apps!!!!