CES 2012: Lumia 900 at Pepcom

Our very own Ashley Esqueda was out and about at the Pepcom event for CES 2012, and gets a tour of the highly anticipated Nokia Lumia 900 - it's a very beautiful phone, and she gets a sneak peek at the awesome Windows Phone device.



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DavidinCT says:

I want it now but, on Verizon....

OMG55 says:

Too Bad, Verizon is pulling a sprint. I've had the HTC Trophy since day one and was hoping the verizon would get another WP7 device. But as stated above, Verizon & Sprint should be Siamese Twins...Oh, wait they are! that why they "got in bed together" to prevent ATT for buying T-Mobil

RenatoFontes says:

That woman wants to bang him so bad xDDD
Just look at her face

Reaction80 says:

Sorry I was looking at another part of her....

xyhchina says:

mee tooo man....

Jvillaro says:

That would be really akward, considering the camara guy is her husband... -.-

xirsteon says:

I was gonna say that too but I think you meant the other way around (he wants to bang her). When she asked him "show us the goods?" I thought he was gonna put the Lumia 900 in his pocket and look at her racks and say "oh this is the goods" but that was a let down. I bet he was intimidated by those racks .....D
Man, Is she sexy all around? What's it like being her coworker? is it distracting? or less productive? *ahemm** I rest my case. Crucify me now :D
btw, no pun intended here,...just acknowledging what my eyes witnessed --- a perfectly sexy lady. Sorry if my comments were offensive.

Jvillaro says:

And I want her with the phone... pronto!

What a great way to take the focus off the phone.

jabtano says:

you guys crack me up I'm being nice my wife reads all this stuff. and she post as well...... with that said I love the Phone I'ts AT&T THAT SCARES THE CRAP OUT OF ME!

jfa1 says:

I have been on Cingular and ATT since the 190's and I find nothing to scared of about ATT I have had a few minor issues  with customer service and a few bad phones like the Treo 600 but very satisfied all in all. 

psychotron says:

Interesting, considering that she and her co-host were bashing the design of the Lumia 900 pretty hard on her own podcast today.

scrapple says:

What was she bashing on her podcast?

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