Chase Mobile banking app updated to 1.47; feels snappier

The Chase Mobile app was updated today with system enhancements to improve app performance. No new features are added, but we can confirm that the app feels snappier. Chase customers can use the app to view balances, transactions, pay bills, transfer money, find branches and ATMs nearby, and deposit checks right from your phone.

Chase has over 5,100 branches and 16,100 ATMs in the US with operations in more than 50 countries. They serve millions of consumers so it’s great to see this app on the Windows Phone platform.

The Chase Mobile banking app is free. If you're a Chase bank customer and haven't tried it yet, you can find it here in the Windows Phone Store.

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Does this app work for customers with only Chase credit cards???

Yes. I used to only have 2 credit cards with them and the app worked. Now I have those cards, plus two savings and a checking.

After seeung the headline I intentionally opened up the app to get a feel for it pre-update to see if there was any truth to the "snapier" claim.

Honestly, it feels exactly the same after update.

But, I'm glad Chase keeps putting enegry into the app even if its only just bug fixes.

absolutshame says:

Yeah it never really lagged. Very good app.

navidee says:

It loads faster. Runs same in app, but before there was a greater delay before you could input password.

ithinkurdumb says:

@Scienceguy Labs, yes it does.

Does anyone know why this app requires permission to read my contacts? For bill pay or...?

Thanks. Just downloaded.

rahul.sharma says:

For quick pay I think.

lippidp says:

Still awaiting landscape support. Holy Christ how difficult can it be? I prefer the mobile site simply because of this.

absolutshame says:

I hate the mobile app personally. To each his own I guess.

Ankmeyester says:

I hope some uses "feels snappier" in the next Facebook update :D

WPSteve says:

I see what you did there.

diod123 says:

It is actually faster now

RayWP7 says:

I use this app quite regularly. Startup at least is faster logging in. General use seems a little snappier but hard to tell. I wish they would add PIN mapping for credentials like BoA. My passwords are really long (for use on websites).

rodrione says:

I want the Barclays app in the UK!!!

carlosrdd says:

Where's Citibank app....

PeltFrelken says:

Good to see this.

Waiting for that USBANK app tho :(

K Raghu says:

It may be good idea t contact the bank, if they receive request from multiple people they may try to create a app. i tried with some they do not respond but its worth a try.

MS if slow in it or may be banks do not see a request so they are still waiting


Jazmac says:

Would be good if this worked with my credit union since they "don't have the resources for Windows Phone ".

MrVol84 says:

But will it add more money to my bank account?

Cant wait for Barclays to be released in December

blegs38552 says:

My only problem with this is that I have to repeat the photo taking process sveral times in order to complete the Quick Deposit process. I keep getting meesages either that the photo is unclear, or that the service is unavailable.


I don't deposit that many checks so will have to wait for the next one to test the update.

PB_H says:

I would say the issue is with your camera or ;-) the operator,  I've never had an issue with deposting checks, did you read the Check Capture info ? tap the camera icon and advice will display.

dortyboy says:

Why aren't there any damn ATM's in freaking Boston?