Chase Mobile for Windows Phone now available in the Store

Chase Mobile

Chase Mobile now available

For those who have been eagerly waiting the arrival of the recently announced Chase Mobile banking app, your day is here. The app is now available to download and it should be available globally (or at least in markets where Chase is around).

The full app feature log is after the break as it's quite long along with the link and QR code.

WP Central


  • See account balances and transaction history
  • View your credit and debit card rewards status


  • Pay bills and credit cards
  • Transfer money between Chase accounts
  • Deposit checks right from your phone with Chase QuickDeposit℠
  • Send wire transfers
  • Make changes to pending transactions
  • Send and request money with Chase QuickPay℠


  • Find the nearest Chase branches and ATMs
  • Speak with a service representative


  • View your credit card balance and activity
  • Make payments


  • View your balance and transaction activity
  • Make a deposit with Chase QuickDeposit and reload your card
  • Transfer money to a Chase Liquid card

Head to the Windows Phone Store here to grab your copy now for Windows Phone. Thanks, Abhishek A., for the tip!

QR: Chase



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Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!! :)

cperezjr says:

+1!!!!!!!!!! :D

frostkist says:

+1 I was waiting for this forever ! Now the discover bank !!!

Sumit8 says:

pretty ugly app though....

tds101 says:

Sweet!!! This is pretty much the ONLY reason my wife didn't get a WP yet,...now she's gonna switch.

Whoo! About time!

Fantastic news!

crav4speed says:

Wow!! About time... I've been waiting for thus app for forever

KeegdnaB42 says:

About freaking time

prowade says:

Make me want to switch from my small credit union...

cperezjr says:


jabz9 says:

Finally I actually check this like an hour ago and it wasn't there

Sweet! They gave us check deposit too!!

sr! says:

Im happy for u guys... But Where is wells Fargo? :(

L2nak says:

Yeah I second this. :|

deloa84 says:

Third this lol. I use their mobile website which works fine but at some point they need to bring the app.

chad08er says:

Citibank and Wells Fargo next please:)

OMG55 says:

F*cking being loyalists to Android & Apple. I hate them for there blatant bias

chad08er says:

Some of my family are on WP and bank with Wells Fargo and Citibank and won't these apps.Maybe WP8 will change that.

sdreamer says:

Isn't the app just like their website though? Been a while since I used the wf app, but last I remember it was pretty much the same stuff you do on their site. Still, an app would be welcomed.

ymcpa says:

Apps are usually a little easier to use. One major feature you can do with an app is deposit checks by taking pictures of them. You can't do that on the website.

myrandex says:

As ymcpa said, the app gives you features like check deposit, that the website cannot. It should be faster than going through a browser, plus it lets you payees in the bill pay section (cannot do on mobile web), plus appears even more finger friendly.

deloa84 says:

Actually I think you may be right. I noticed the WF app on my bros GSII is very similar to the mobile website just organized a bit differently but not much.

rutvik19 says:

Yes!! Its finally here!! I never thought I would be so happy over a mobile banking app! :-D

operand says:

Congrats to the mobile Chase dev team. Working on Win8 and updates for WP8. Stay tuned.

xmarklive says:

so youve heard they are working on  windows 8 app ....well i thought they would be but i havent heard anything

GJ Kuz says:

This is great!!!

addicusbrown says:

Congrats ladies and gentleman. Now I hope Wells Fargo finally joins the party!

CJ Thunder says:

Fail, doesn't store password. Useless for have to use mobile page still.

CJ Thunder says:

* Useless for me, *

rutvik19 says:

wtf? Chase (or any other financial instution) will NEVER EVER let you store your password in the local cache. That's like security 101.

OMG55 says:

Confucius say, "You are a wise man"! Some people just don't get it and will always look for something to complain about

wellsmanfu says:

This is for security in case you lose your phone. If I remember correctly it doesn't store your password on the iPhone or Android version either. That just makes it easier to steal someone's account info if you store the password.

ymcpa says:

It's a security feature. If someone get your phone and you don't have a lock screen password, your bank account would be wide open. Don't you have to enter your password on the website too? It remembers your user name, but your password has to be entered every time you log in.

CJ Thunder says:

So my amazon and one click buy, my eBay, all other apps all store passwords. Why even use an app? Just going to keep using lastpass and the mobile site, that's convince.

Munkeyphyst says:

Tap on tile, enter password and get all the information easy to get to and arranged beautifully. Way easier than the mobile online site where you have type name and password and then navigate around to get what you need done. And can I say, I've already deposited a check this morning. That feature is awesome and NOT available through the online mobile portal.

CJ Thunder says:

As I stated, I use lastpass, it autofills web sites usernames and passwords. As for check depositing, that is a last gimmick of a dying method of doing something. Not worth it imo to have the app just for that.

L0gic Bom8 says:

CJ, I hate to steal your thunder, (no pun intended), but the Amazon app has never stored my password, nor has Newegg's app. Where in those apps will it allow you to store your password? Rutvik19 does have a valid security point as well.

jaybee says:

It looks like the Amazon app remembers your account (i.e. it provides recommendations on the home screen), but if you want to go into your account, it requests your password. I thought that it stored my password too, since it looks like it keeps you signed in (personalized recommendations). I would say it's an honest mistake.

CJ Thunder says:

Oh well, if it was a security issue, then anyone can request a new password, most just send an email and most people have their emails on their phone. So people could get in. About Amazon, I've only "one clicked" to buy once on the app, I swear it auto logged in...but again using lastpass I just use mobile sites for most.

CJ Thunder says:

Myatt app keeps the password and I use that as it's a quick way to look at my data usage. I'm not a big app user unless it is so much faster. That Wikipedia app is a great example, so beautiful, but I just hit search button type in anything with "wiki" and I have the same results, quickly.

xmarklive says:

amazon will let you do one click payment but try buying another item right away and you will have to give your password after you confirm everything , and the att app lets you change feature and check usage but they work just like amazon ,you might be able to pay abill once  but it does not let you all the time without signing back in.

ymcpa says:

This is a bank, not a store. Security is a much bigger issue for a bank. If someone starts charging items on amazon, you aren't liable for the credit card transactions. Plus the credit card company might recognize the unusual activity and stop payment. If someone has access to your bank account, they can clean it out and you will take the hit. The bank isn't required to cover your losses for fraudulent activity.

Ymcpa beat me to it. You are actually comparing a bank to a store???? Also, you complain all because you are annoyed with having to put in a password vs the security of your identity and accounts? I hope you don't have to learn the hard way for your sake. But take my advice. Don't put convenience above protecting yourself.

Quit being such a downer

So say you lose your phone and something gets into the app with a saved password, what then?

CJ Thunder says:

Crack my pin, crack my lastpass then you have it. I have time, remote erase and the ability to change my password. I take my security seriously but our phones are tied to Facebook and other social networks and receive email from multiple accounts. If I lost my phone and my password was saved in an app it would make it easier/quicker, but it's still easier than you guys are making it out to be, even if the app doesn't have the password. As I stated, if you have someone's phone, you have a way in via "forget my password" to most any sites. Facebook holds most answers. I can go on and on. Point being, this app is useless to me, get over it. I use it my way, you use it your way. Just don't think you are secure because your app doesn't remember the password.

Because you refuse to listen to common sense regarding security, I will address you in a way suiting your intelligence: you're an idiot.

chad08er says:

Yep, even with the forgot your password you have to answer security questions to reset it.Don't know what the big deal is you can hit the app and enter the password and be banking in a matter of seconds.

CJ Thunder says:

Which can be answered with the insight I gain from your phone having access to FB. And if I have your phone, I can get texted a reset code. Which chase used to do easier, but now they require ss and account number so they ate much better.

CJ Thunder says:

What a douche.

WilliamK1973 says:

Nice! Believe me when I tell you this is just the beginning of all major apps coming to WP.

Coldain says:

Some people say this is what might make others switch to WP but this is actually what made me switch to Chase from the local credit union.

Kadcidxa says:

Awesome! Been waiting! I wish the "pay and transfer" menu was tiles like the Chase Quick Pay menu. Looks half done.

ymcpa says:

Now all I need is American Express. So, WP has BOFA and Chase. I think the other major banks will have to offer an app as well.

Chazz says:


pants off dance off time

all i need now is capital one (whats in your phone )

goanruss says:

Made my first payment online;)

wpeight says:

Works great

Awesome news. One more roadblock to switching away from iPhone for good has just been cleared away!

deansmilk says:

Just installed! This is awesome for me because of the deposit option.

Ace007 says:

All of us who have been waiting for a Well Fargo app should submit a email request to them from your account.  Who knows why but they actually have a Palm version but none supporting WP.
Great job Chase.  I told WF in my requeat to them that I'm going to move m primary banking to you if they don't release a good app by the end of the year.

Digital#WP says:

You can stop doing business with them and move to Bank of America or now Chase. Simple as that!
I had Chase and Citibank but when I saw they are not going to release and support Windows Phone I closed my accounts with them and moved to Bank of America and I have to tell you I really like Bank of America so far.
So instead of asking Well Fargo and Citi simply don't do business with them and move your business somewhere else.
That is what banks like that deserve (losing customers) for their stupidity and being Fanboy.

OMG55 says:

This is great! Thanks Nokia for all of your efforts and hard work bringing apps to the wp ecosystem

ejlee072006 says:

Oh shit.. Now I can ditch my western union prepaid card with the new CHASE LIQUID PREPAID CARD.. IM SO EXCITED FINALLY GET TO USE A BANKING APP ON MY LUMIA 920

dharmababa says:

Sweet! Actually looking forward to getting my next check!

ejlee072006 says:

Damn its super fast

Soxpranos says:

Best app so far, watching NFL Sunday ticket and scanning checks to deposit, saving me a trip to the bank and gas!

LCARS says:

YES! Now all I am lacking is Pandora

xmarklive says:

xbox music will have free ad supported streaming

Digital#WP says:

With Zune (Soon to be Xbox Music) no need for Pandora!

L0gic Bom8 says:

My parents use Chase as their secondary bank. Now we're waiting for Navy Federal Credit Union to release their own app here. As the son of two retired Marines, I salute of the women and men in the U.S. Armed Forces!

Trib#WP says:

Yes.  I've been waiting all weekend for this app, now it is here!

pstorm13 says:

Thank you!! I was constantly checking the marketplace since Friday.

cperezjr says:

From the moment it was announced I checked nonstop :b

12Danny123 says:

good to have Big apps coming to Wp

Sugarnotch says:

Its pretty bad ass when you have your mortgage with them, the app breaks down all your taxes, insurance, and whatnot when it's paid out from your payment.

iggypop120 says:

Is this real life? An app I can actually download? Nokia isn't screwing me? Oh happy day

ymcpa says:

Nokia didn't pay for the development of this app. They are not screwing you. If the other oems want ther customers to have access to the apps nokia has exclusives on, they should chip in some money for their development.

xmarklive says:

dammmmmmmmmmmmmnnn  sorry but i sold my old focus because i switched to tmobile .....im mad because ive been with wp since early in 2011 and ive been waiting for the chase app since april 2011 and now that it comes out its the 3 days that i dont have a windows phone and i feel left out of the party   ( I NEED A CYBERSPACE HUG )  ......... anyone

xmarklive says:

i bet this app get 5 stars across the board  or 4 because people always find something to...........

xmarklive says:

why does it say it require music and video libary.

SleepyTheDon says:

Great app!!! Simple clean does exactly what I need. I.e. picture check deposit pay bills wirwxfr im happy

RyanDaLyon says:

I like it, and im glad they didn't just port the android version over. Its simple and clean just like the windows phone OS.

TPM50 says:

It's nice you can pay your credit card bill with this app. That piece of shit boa app won't

wpeight says:

Scan a check using bank of America dont work.. Anyone having this issue?

ricardios says:

Wondering if Microsoft helped Chase build this app.