Chase some storms and monitor weather patterns with MRLevel3 for Windows Phone


Should you be interested in Meteorology, EMS, or be an avid storm chaser, you're options on Windows Phone are fairly limited. This could be about to change with the introduction of MRLevel3. The app is exclusively available on Windows Phone (oh, hello there Disqus) and is right up your street if you're into the weather (quite literally) in the US.

So what's MRLevel3 all about? It's a single-site viewer for real-time NEXRAD and TDWR Level 3 radar data - if you understood exactly what that sentence meant, I'll buy you a pint. Basically, it enables users to view weather radar data from the two sources, with the support for high resolution base products, derived products, Dual Pol products, LSRs, and warnings. It's a niche app that will cater for the needs of a select minority (especially at the asking price).


You can download MRLevel3 from the Windows Phone Store for $29.99 (listed for Windows Phone 8 only and we believe coverage is restricted to the US). There's no free trial so be 100 percent sure you'll get good use out of it before purchasing.

Thanks, Paul, for the tip!

QR: MRLevel3



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Does this work in the UK?

Rich Edmonds says:

Not 100% sure, but I'd say it's restricted to the US.

In looking at the Developer's website ( http://www.grlevelx.com/mrlevel3 ) and the User Guide, it appears US only in only listing US radar systems.  

It is listed in the UK Windows Phone Store but I doubt it taps into the UK's radar systems.  Shame there isn't a trial version because it looks like an interesting weather app.

tallgeese says:

Great! Can't wait!

Fndlumia says:

Tornado alley residents would get use out of it

sicnus says:

Awesome, right till the for win 8 part, thanx for saving that till last. Need to b able to ignore authors if we can't filter by OS... Get on it

Buy a new phone!

laserfloyd says:

I'll be buying this. Not in tornado alley but we get out fair share of storms plus tropical systems.

aitt says:

Pretty pricey since there was an Android release from another company that's pretty much the same at more than 1/2 the price.  http://www.androidcentral.com/radarscope-android
Regardless this is cool and I'm sure (or hope) they price would be worth it.  Definitely at that price there should be a limited view trial.  Or like a limited viewing trial.  Looks great.

GRFan says:

radarscope wishes it had half the functionality of this...

microhaxo#WP says:

Man, i'd like to buy this but its just a bit too much. Id pay 15.00 tops.

hopmedic says:

I have qualms about the price, but if it had a trial I might be persuaded to buy it.  I emailed the dev, let him know that I'd love to support a local dev (I drive through his city twice a day), but without a trial, the chances of my making the purchase are about the same as those of a dead chicken fired from a cannon keeping all of its feathers. 

L0gic Bom8 says:

@hopmedic: Two things - 1) Yes I agree that it's expensive. 2) No disrespect intended, but I screamed with laughter at the chicken in the cannon. That was more unique than a snowball's chance in Hell. I'm still laughing about it.

L0gic Bom8 says:

@hopmedic: Wow! Thanks for the info!

badMojo69 says:

I'd have to see in in action before I paid that much. 

GRFan says:

Windows Phone limits the dev, they do not allow free trials...