Check out this Microsoft Store rep who knows how to drop a beat with the Surface Music Kit

Surface Music Kit

It can be a rarity to walk into a retail store and discover a rep who actually knows about the full spectrum of technology they are selling, at the Microsoft store though – this is no problem. Not only do Microsoft Stores showcase knowledgeable reps, but they also showcase those who can drop a sick beat with the Surface Music Kit.

At the Microsoft Store in University Village, Seattle an employee and Surface lover steps up to the special Surface cover designed to drop some beats and he does just that. Jonathan Velasquez became a sense of pride for his local store and Microsoft’s Director of Surface, Bryson Gordon, wanted to see just how impressive he was.

Check out the above video, which features Jonathan mixing beats in real time on the Surface Pro. The fun is all happening after hours, but we would love to see Microsoft have Jonathan put on a live show during store hours!

What do you think of the Surface Music Kit and Jonathan’s beats?

Question: Is the music coming from the Surface Pro?

Answer: No, it is coming from an attached “Jawbone BIG Jambox” speaker.

Source: Microsoft



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TechnoTim says:

I don't thin the beat ever dropped, was waiting for the bass =]

NIST says:

Very cool. Have Skrillex use one in store.
He needed like 600watt 18" sub and some decent monitors.

wpguy says:

To each his own, but just saying no to Skrillex in my house. The few Skrillex songs I have heard are like fingernails on a chalkboard. (Now there's an idiom that people under a certain age can't fully appreciate.)

NIST says:

You're more of a Jethro Tull kinda guy?

herbertsnow says:

Let Skrillex into your heart.

tallgeese says:

Skrillex rearranged spells SexKillr.

schlubadub says:

They still have blackboards in schools.... I think it will take a while before they're phased out

asylumxl says:

I think anybody with a few brain cells in their heads can appreciate how awful Skrillex truly is.

Should try to get big EDM DJs to endorse this...i gotta give it a try myself

dkp23 says:

Unfortunately, the MS store where i am close to in santa clara aren't very knowledgable. 

During the surface release, the original one, some guy was running around prancing and telling everybody if they wanted to check out the new windows 8 tablet and explaining the RT as a full on laptop. 

Just general questions i ask about some things regarding wp8 when it first came out, they had no idea.  They had no idea the had the phone in stock so i asked them to ask manager and they had them. 

Last week, walked in to get the music pass for $30, he said i can get one for $50, i said no, you should have an allotement for the $30 and and pointed at the sign for him, the one he stood next to.  Oops! 

At least they gave me a free cupcake and walked out with two passes for $30 each. 

drg says:

Yeah I found the same thing. I just went to the store in Westfield San Francisco and I have a video of me using the 1520 and the rep comes up to me and says "yeah that's the one with 40 mp camera" and I'm like no that's the 1020. Then when using the 1020 another guy said he was using it and loved it cause he could use FB. I was like are you seriously marketing this thing like this???

WavingReds says:

dope...wait do people still use dope

Saiyaku says:

you'd use dope if you were rad enough

wetworker says:

I think it's Fresh!

glassadam says:

Yeah it's seriously pretty tubular.

ScubaNitrox says:

There's a guy at my apartment complex that has 'Dope' on his license plate lol

funkyGeneral says:

That's so gnarly... Dude.

Jefe32 says:

ccc combo breaker

Mark Guim says:

looks very cool. makes me want to get the music kit,

wpguy says:

Is the music kit even available for sale yet? Still not on the Microsoft Store site.

spyderzWPC says:

thats what I was looking for.  I havent see nany place you can buy it from.

meathead88 says:

Good, but where is Deadmau5?

aitt says:

Saw this the other day on their FB page. Thought it was cool

Reeves says:

Good concept, HORRIBLE execution. Build a sweet musical controller to show what your tablet can do, then BUILD NO APPS for it and don't have lined up from other developers either. Just a demo reel of loops that most of your employees have no idea how to operate (I couldn't find one who could do it when I bought my $99 Dell Venue Pro at the Atlanta MS store.)

Oh, and the controller is just a demo too. Why get people in a STORE excited about things they cannot buy now or any time soon? That's why people come to stores....to buy things. It speaks to a larger lack of first party WP apps.

SwimSwim says:

Umm, I believe that the Remix Blade (or whatever its name is), does indeed come with a free Windows Store app to properly utilize?

Ed Boland says:

It does... I have it. I won a surface 2 and the music kit. I wonder how much I could sell this for... Hmmm

Reeves says:

It's not for sale, and no one can download it. Fail, fail, fail.

Flagz says:

Very correct. He's demoing a demo product that hasn't released with no support and his beat is full of basic included loops. Thats not impressive whatsoever.

They need to get ill.gates to do some demos. That guy kills a midi fighter and could sell his instructional stuff too.

navidee says:

He had some custom ringtones back in the wp7 days that were backed by msft. I'd love to see another partnership of the two!

juanitoriv says:

Damn!! I'm in lust with that thing!!

therealprof says:

If that counts as cool in the US I'm definitely living in the wrong country. Even my 4yr old son could hit a few touch buttons with the precision of this guy and make a few cool poses in between... wait, is being randomly off-beat in again?

Damn, hate on much?

therealprof says:

Not a big fan of "much ado about nuthin'" I have to admit.

NutmegState says:

Nothing is stopping you from showing how it is done. From your comments your obviously a music pro so whip up a video showing how its done using a Surface and include your 4yr old to put in the beats.

Otherwise....your just a troll with a pointles opinion

Flagz says:

Lol he's not really trolling. Go download FL Studio and use some loops, throw in some sound effects, synths, and a few hype sounds from yourself and that what you got here. Dont be ignorant, some people here respect music and know how it works, while others are easily amazed. We just happen to be the prior.

bbqrooster says:

Why is Nutmeg ignorant? All Nutmeg was saying is if you can do better, then show us. We'll be heaping even more praises on you and getting more amazed. If you think he is ignorant, then provide your proof. So where is your video?

operand says:

I think it must look better if you flail your arms around while doing it. I couldn't tell if he was into the music or a fly got in the store and was swatting it.

MacDaMachine says:

Have you ever seen producers in the studio? This is what they do. Bob their head to the music really hard, or dance in their chair.

iyae says:

I call BS. People like you piss me off; if you think its easy, go ahead and do it mate. Seriously. Go on.

rogerhew says:

Yeah, shoot him

asylumxl says:

Send him out in to the desert with an iPhone and Apple Maps!

mingo3000 says:

Cool video i need that kit.

NutmegState says:

Microsoft should create a commercial with guy doing music with the surface. I believe that would  blow away some of the Apple commercials that feature music.

Lee Juhan says:

Sorry i love my lumia 920, but i still would trust my ipad for music stuffs. Beatmaker 2 ftw

Hmm not 100% sure but isn't that a surface 2 and not a pro?

SwimSwim says:

My thoughts exactly... You can see the new silver finish...

willied says:

I was expecting more than him waving his hands around in the air with terrible music in the background.

rex.reyesiii says:

ZZZzzz its music alright. Glorified Button Mashing Music. :)

harrywilde says:

That guy clearly has no idea what he is doing, can see the potential but would attract me more if i could see someone actually tsp out a beat in time rather than drop a low quality kick over a song, and trigger a vocal sample at random intervals

Flagz says:

+1000; he's making producers and DJs look really, really bad.

mister2d says:

The guy is having fun. Where's you guys video with all the scrutinizing equipment mentioned?

SACRIFICE_84 says:

How about microsoft store here in mumbai, india...When they are goona open...?We have crapple store,we need MS store too.

N_LaRUE says:

Since MS is into the comparrison commercials, how about that annoying iPad piano commerical against this? That would be funny.

ScubaNitrox says:

I agree, that would be great

Moaske says:

What I really think is cool about this video is that apparently MSFT hires a dude with such a big tattoos on his arm as a Store rep! :D 

hysonmb says:

If the guy was an awesome DJ like Joe Hahn, he might have more impressive for the critics.


Then again, if he were that good he might be a professional and not working in the MS store.

I'm not blown away by the performance but do recognize that the guy's got some skill, more then I do at least. For Microsoft to showcase an employee and what we mere non-DJ humans can do with thier Remix Project is pretty cool in my opinion.

nsg1000 says:

There has to be potential here just down to the audio stack legacy of full blown windows. Just need the apps.

Does anyone know what song that is?

gevabar says:

Nice app and keyboard, but I must say that is not my type of music....its was hard to listen to

ViktorG says:

Nice playing around. Doesn't sound serious. It's more about music keyboard then surface. Such a music soft exist on  every tablet platform nowadays. Keyboard is just a nice add, but pros never gonna buy it. Too limiting and not anough touch/feel. When you are DJing - most of the time it's in a dark env. - you need to feel and see. Anyway - not serious, but with limiting oportunities he did a good job.