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TouchMail for Windows 8.1

Check This Out: TouchMail - the sexiest email client to hit the Windows Store

When a new email application shows up in the Windows Store, there are two types of people; there are the guys and gals who jump up and down at the excitement of improved productivity, and there are those who could not care any less than they are currently. The latest email application to hit Windows 8.1, TouchMail, just might be able to attract both groups of people.

TouchMail is a beautifully stunning use of the Windows 8 design language and from the moment, you load it up – you know this is not your ordinary email app. The application launches and a dark themed screen prompts you for an email account. TouchMail supports a variety of services including Hotmail/Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Office 365, and other IMAP powered email solutions. You can add up to three different accounts to the application, which may be seen as limiting by some, but as perfect by others – it really will depend on your personal setup.

Once you have put together one of your accounts, you are placed into the Windows 8 rich inbox. Emails are displayed as colorful tiles that can be resized and rearranged according to different settings. The tiles themselves can be zoomed in and out, as you may choose to show large amounts of the email itself, or simply icons of the sender.

Your emails can be sorted by their time, sender, or conversation; you are even able to engage filters that will assist in separating mail based on priority, read status, and time range. Overall, TouchMail creates an elegant and beautiful way to sort through all of your mail.

The application itself is fully Windows 8.1 compatible, and can thus be snapped into any ratio you see fit; all major functions are available no matter which way the app is currently snapped into place.

Composing an email opens a simple, yet effective dialog, to get the job done. It certainly is a minimalist design and may not suite the most demanding of users, but for the majority it will get the job done. Within the settings, you can setup the ability to automatically add a signature to the bottom of your emails. It should be noted that by default the application appends, “Sent from TouchMail”, to the signature and that the feature can be disabled via the settings menu.

Beauty is not everything though, and this application is missing a bit of brain. There is no ability to receive toast notifications when you receive an email, so you will be manually checking the application to see if you have received anything. In addition, the settings are limited, so if you are looking to adjust the exact times when the app performs Send/Receive commands – you are out of luck. The Tiles sizes are also limited for your Start screen as the app only supports Small and Medium and not Wide and large. 

By default the applications represents your contact’s photos as origami animals (which in all honesty, still does look great), but if you want to get your friends and families actual photos attached to their email address – you have to import them manually. A bit of a nuisance depending on how many contacts, you have.

Overall, we really love the design of the application, but we need a few features implemented to make it truly productive. The Windows 8 inspired interface will certainly do well with the average email user, but anyone who finds their inbox being flooded every few minutes (such as many members of the WPCentral team), will find that the layout is less productive and more entertaining.

The best part of the application is that it is completely free and we will be sure to follow the app’s development to see what features improve. Who knows, maybe the developers can get enough features onboard to kick Windows Mail completely out of the way.

You can download TouchMail from the Windows Store by clicking here.




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Micah Dawson says:

This actually looks pretty good. It seems like windows 8 has the best designed apps for the OS...when done right.

jeffro02 says:

I disagree. This UI is too busy. Besides, 99% of my emails are not from contacts with pictures,which defeats the purpose. I'll stick with outlook. :D

wps81 says:

+1. I guess 99% of ppl's contacts don't have pictures. The UI looks refreshing initially, but i'd imagine ppl get bored after not long time.

pmich says:

This could be the one to unite us all!

Wow. Getting this now.

Piro.Garay says:

Hey, I want one too. Get me one.

MDak280 says:

I prefer the stock mail app but this looks very unique.

Stevied1991 says:

I personally prefer Outlook, but to each their own.

Micah Dawson says:

Also Michael, Shouldn't the sentence towards the end about the tile sizes say it only supports Small and Medium and not Wide and large...The way it is worded in the original post sounds more like there is a "Small Medium" and a "Medium large" or something like that.
The original post:The Tiles are also limited for your Start screen, as only small and medium options are available, not the more popular medium or large

When correcting someone, I find it best to avoid making mistakes. For example, the use of "their", when you mean "there". It just proves that pobody's nerfect ;)

Micah Dawson says:

Lol touché, though my correction was to avoid confusion between medium and wide lol

PipoDj says:

indeed "pobody" is perfect

nizzon says:

Obviously with purpose.

schlubadub says:

Whoosh! That was the joke flying over your head @pipo

I think for tablets, this is pretty killer. Laptops and desktop PCs, not as useful. 

NIST says:

How about fliptops and drop tops?

IceDree says:

I'll tell you what, get me a Drop Top Rolls & I'll happily test it for you ;)

Laura Knotek says:

I agree. I have an Office 365 subscription. Nothing beats Outlook as a desktop email client.

I'll certainly be giving this a go!

ladydias says:

Pretty but I prefer the stock app as it's far more organized.

Narse77 says:

No support for exchange or EAS?

very choppy and slow on Surface 2.

blackhawk556 says:

I hated when apps ran slow on my original surface. Sold that sucker.

schlubadub says:

Terrible name... sounds like TouchMale :P

Not that there's anything wrong with that........

hs k says:

Can we have an adult over here?

schlubadub says:

@Eric, haha at least you have a sense of humour... unlike that guy ^^^^

SEKKDS says:

I have never caught on to using the word "sexy" to describe smartphone hardware and software. Overused, and just weird.

t3chnick says:

Don't lie, you got a chubby when you first saw the 1020 ;)

I legitimately got full wood the first time I played with my.......Lumia 1520.  Right in the AT&T store.  No, I wasn't ashamed.  Didn't take me but about 90 seconds of Googling on my Galaxy Note to upgrade.  lol

jhoff80 says:

When a new email application shows up in the Windows Store, there are two types of people; there are the guys and gals who jump up and down at the excitement of improved productivity, and there are those who could not care any less than they are currently. The latest email application to hit Windows 8.1, TouchMail, just might be able to attract both groups of people.

Not sure that I'd say new or latest when it's nearly a year old, but that's just a nitpick.

crise says:

I think the metro design language is messed up. MS must decide whether they want buttons visible, or in the bottom bar. I feel like everyone is mixing up a few on screen and some in the bar.

Nice idea but not very smooth

epowers007 says:

Yeah come'on, good concept but it needs to be more smooth and fluid. Like the swipe in from the right part of the Surface, THAT is how all apps should run.

blackprince says:

You lost me at the inability to import mail settings from other clients and manually importing contact photos.

Jazmac says:

Not too bad.  I like how the dev is thinking.  I'll need to "depend" on it for a few days to know if I can stick with the design but at first blush, I think its rather cool and fresh.


One thing I can say I'm not real crazy about is this right slider thing. Its kinda over-used in a lot of Metro apps. That panel can roll out, flip out, explode out, or simply appear in parallax fashion like IOS 7 or whatever to deliver its content and be a fresh break from that slide out thing. Not a show stopper but a pet peeve.  I'll use it for a bit since I do like how it behaves on my laptop.  Good job and thanks dev.

ebradley says:

I like the power and flexibility of Outlook. But this app is great looking.

Bruno Sain says:

Outlook 4 ever !

manishkr28 says:

This is window phone from then why you guys release news related windows destop plz be focus on artical related to windods phone only

lesd777 says:

I look at outlook all day at work. I prefer this app for my tablet. This functions exactly how id expect an email app to work on a touch device. Fast and smooth on my surface pro

Looks absolutely hideous.

Works for Office365? I'm too lazy too install, and check. :-)

vinay27 says:

Make it for wp

Localhorst86 says:

Not really useful, there's no way to access emails categorized in folders or move emails from the inbox to said folders.

Neil Katz says:

Will this work for POP3 accounts?

Ari69 says:

Interesting UI but at least is something different.  I already found an issue with this though.  I have some emails that have a huge list of email addresses and it totally fills up the screen.  There is no way to collaps the email addresses and only see the message body.  I finally figured out that the remainder of the message is there but you can only see one line at a time (and you have to use a mouse).  Also, I have some emails with attachments and don't see a way to open that attachment up.

TouchMail says:

Hi everyone -- thanks for the comments and feedback. Whlie we're still in beta we are actively working on new features and bug fixes. It was important for us to get the core concepts out there to start getting feedback while we work on more functionality. FYI attachment support is coming soon.

Please check out our help page or contact us with any issus we can help with.