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Check out what's new in the massive Readit 1.3 update available for Windows Phone

Readit Lead

Readit is a sweet unofficial Reddit app for Windows Phone hardware, which we've covered in the past and even gave it our editor's choice for Reddit clients. While the 1.2 update released late November was a fairly sizeable update, the developer has published version 1.3 and has continued the trend of releasing rather long lists of changes.

Just like before, we've had to snatch the change log from Reddit since it's not posted within the app or Store (possibly due to length issues). Slide on past the break to check out what's new.

Readit Screens

Here's everything you need to know about version 1.3 of Readit:

  • Battery improvements/heat improvements
  • A ton of optimizations for low memory devices
  • Inline loading indicator when clicking to load more child comments
  • You can now pin subreddits as live tiles (requires you to unpin/repin your subreddits)
  • Subreddits can be pinned as either a cycle tile, which cycles through 9 images, or a flip tile which shows a recent post on the back.
  • Cyle tiles only update on app launch due to time constraints and battery considerations of the background task
  • Application live tile changed to be iconic (white number indicator next to icon like messaging) - you can now only see account details on the large tile due to WP limitations - WP8 Only
  • You can now upload an album when posting a new post
  • You can now upload a single image when posting a new post
  • Comment hierarchy changes - no longer a thick border. We use a light border background.
  • Album images load correctly with preview images turned off
  • You can now double-tap to collapse comments again
  • You can now mark/unmark a post as NSFW from the moderation item in the appbar when viewing a post
  • You can now sticky/unsticky a post from the moderation item in the appbar when viewing a post
  • We now ask if you need a captcha, you no longer have to fill out a captcha for every post :)
  • We now parse the submit text of each subreddit. When you go to post a new post, you will see the instruction text at the bottom.
  • Comments are now cached (only while viewing a post) based on sort order so if you accidentally swipe you don't lose your place.
  • Websites are now opimized by default using Readability - setting located in Browsing - default ON.
  • Refresh button in appbar while viewing a subreddit
  • Swipe view is now animated when you swipe your finger across the screen - much more responsive as well
  • Read posts are now cached for 7 days instead of 2
  • Caching of posts for the subreddits are no longer user specific and won't carry across account switches
  • Quick search bugs are all fixed
  • Usernames are now cased correctly across the app when searching for and viewing users
  • Browser navigation is saved when viewing a link post, pressing back will navigate you back in history.
  • Tapping the NSFW overlay no longer zooms content
  • Disabled the pull-to-refresh while viewing a subreddit
  • Major bug fixes
  • General performance improvements

Still with us? Good. That's quite the update and one we're excited to see reach consumers through the store. Unfortunately, the developer has noted that the Windows Phone 7 version of the app has not been updated, but will be soon. A major fan of Readit? What's your favourite feature?

You can download Readit from the Windows Phone Store for $1.99. Thanks, Ewert, for the heads up!

QR: Readit



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TechAbstract says:

Best reddit client so far

Coolaaron88 says:

Love this update

MilkyTee says:

This has got me dangerously hooked on reddit.

Jaskys says:

Why MS store doesn't accept paypal? I have no other way to pay...

Jaskys says:

I don't see an option apart from credit card.

shegg77 says:

You have to set it up in your wallet.

Jaskys says:

ill check it out, thank you.

DiegoMoBa says:

If only the app had baconsync I would change from baconit right now

anon5354051 says:

They will soon support the reddit gold feature that enables a read-status API, so everything you read across your devices will be marked as read

Did the saved images have names now? that was my only complaint. but it really helps that they optimized the app for 512MB RAM. The best Reddit app on all platforms.

SoullessOnyx says:

Running slow and sometimes crashes on my 8S :(

ajaxas says:

That was 1.2. Try out 1.3, should not be crashing now. And please report any bugs/crashes to /r/readitforwp :)