Check out the Windows Phone demo and win $10,000 along with daily prizes

Windows Phone Demo Prize

Microsoft has kicked off a competition with a Windows Phone demo, which is available on the web for consumers to try out. It's super simple to get stuck in and be in with the chance of pocketing $10,000, as well as some exciting daily prizes. So while checking out exactly what Windows Phone looks like and what the platform has to offer, those who are playing with the demo can also walk away with more than what they arrived with. It's a win-win.

Here's how you get involved:

  1. Follow the blue dot to demo.
  2. Select any tile from the Start screen when the blue dot disappears to keep demoing.
  3. Select “Click For A Chance To WIN” in the blue bar to enter the sweepstakes and instant win!

So what are the prizes? There's one grand prize - the $10,000 cash award. Everyone can enter once for the sweepstakes but the daily instant wins are open each and every day (though you can only win one prize!). Here are the instant win rewards (and they aren't too shabby):

  • First Prize: Three Xbox 360 Limited Edition Kinect Star Wars bundles
  • Second Prize: A single Xbox 4GB console
  • Third Prize: 800 copies of Halo Reach for Xbox 360
  • Fourth Prize: 1,937 3-month Xbox LIVE Gold subscription cards
  • Fifth Prize: 378 1,600 Xbox Live Points Card
  • Sixth Prize: 1,000 Kinect Sports for Xbox 360 with Kinect

Phew. Did you catch all of that?

This is open to US residents only and will close on June 30th. Be sure to check through the official competition rules (PDF) before entering the sweepstakes. Also, get friends and family involved who haven't got Windows Phones just yet. They'll be able to test out the operating system, as well as obtaining the chance to win some prizes and a whopping $10,000.

Source: Windows Phone Demo



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rhodri22 says:

They're different contests.

L2nak says:

Think again my friend, think again. The sweepstakes that the WP app takes you to in the IE browser is this. Been doing it for days!

rhodri22 says:

Argh! My bad, I saw this one on Facebook and assumed that it was different.

AriesDog says:

True but before people had to use the Microsoft Store app to get to that page. This link opens the contest to any web browser on any computer.

Gatlyn says:

Yeah, I'm having dejavu.

topleya says:

Didn't even bother reading this. I'm not a US resident so I'm not eligible for any Microsoft competition

Kram Devil says:

It would still be nice to try out the demo and share it with friends and family.

RatPriest says:

Arrrrgh! Again it's only US residents! Sigh...

blackprince says:

The affiliates of different countries really need to help us out.

Idzaudin Idz says:

800 copies of halo?! Shit. What to do with 800 copies..... Sell it??

Mortenlotte says:

I'm guessing it means 800 people will get one copy...

Idzaudin Idz says:

Oh i get it! Haha

01mggt says:

How about some windows phone prizes :)

Choorp says:

FYI: The demo doesn't seem to work in Chrome. I had to go find and open IE to get to the contest...

Choorp says:

Most webapps (the good ones, at least) work in all the major browsers.
Even so, Microsoft may want to at least let people know that they need IE for this to work. Seems like a lot of people are going to get stuck at the "loading..." screen and just give up.

nunyazz says:

Worked fine for me in Chrome....

Choorp says:

Hmm. Lucky you... heh

MediaCastleX says:

I never win... =(

DavidinCT says:

I agree...I never win anything...  =(

Mooncow27 says:

I won...the opportunity to move to the united states as not avail in Canada. At least with the spinner I had some false hope.

Adretheon says:

I hate that spinner. I won 3 months of xbox Gold, but I won't get it till 8-10 weeks after the contest ends...wtf is that?

IamDefiler says:

Doesn't work on my phone. Stuck at the blue dot screen after video. :(

Nemo Kuhns says:

If you're stuck with the blue dot try tapping it a couple times (so it will read your taps as on the phone) or turn your phone so you see it in landscape mode.

taqi zaidi says:

Only for us...

tcadbury says:

Giving up. Never won in 5 attempts so far.

NZ255 says:

Why not give away some windows phones?

Riopato says:

Fyi, you can't run the demo on your windows phone because the demo runs in flash.

Nemo Kuhns says:

Yes you can. Make sure your IE settings are on desktop mode and then it will run through the blue dot demo (need to have your phone sideways in landscape mode to get through it). I've done it every day this way.

Riopato says:

The link from the Microsoft store kept sending me to the demo all last week. I went to try it again with the ie setting but it now it skips the demo straight into the game. It makes sense that a windows phone user wouldn't need to do the demo since we are using the phone anyway.

link5a says:

Try it on UC Browser, it runs properly on that browser for me and not on IE.

skoll1988 says:

I made a spin and apparently won something but then i relized its US only... I sincerely hope i wasted a prize.

IamDefiler says:

Sweet! Just won Halo Reach.

QuadraFX says:

Maybe somebody should inform Microsoft that there is a quite big chunk of world outside US ? ;-)

Kevin Rush says:

I played this 5 or 6 days on my Lumia 822. It's available on WP8 through the Microsoft Store App. I stopped because it changed to forcing me to follow the "dot" demo, before doing the spinning wheel. The demo is boring after several times. I tried again, just now, and it takes you straight to the spinning wheel. I didn't win, but it took less time to find out.

How do you enter, I keep following the dot and demoing on the computer in ie 10 and still nothing works.