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Check This Out: Zombie Ragdoll - a bloody violent physics puzzle game

Sometimes it just isn’t a good day until you have spread some Zombie blood using the power of physics. If that seems along the thought process that goes through your still alive, and not rotting brain, than we certainly have a great Windows 8 game for you to play! Today’s “Check This Out” app is Zombie Ragdoll by RV AppStudios.

According to the description, Zombie Ragdoll “promises hours of fun” and with my rigorous scientific testing, I can conclude that the game is indeed quite fun. There are over 160 levels to play your way through, while firing Zombie ragdolls at various sharp instruments and watching the blood splatter.

The game itself is based on the physics of firing zombies from a canon (a very well-studied field) and seeks the basic objective of using as few zombies as possible to make sure all nails, axes, guillotines, and maces have a zombie planted fully into them. Of course, as the levels continue and you unlock more “labs” (AKA: Worlds), the puzzles will develop and more complex solutions will be required to solve them.

If it wasn’t for the fact the game contains blood and is thus rated 16+, the general learning curve would be easy enough for the average kid. Don’t fret though, by default the game is set to be played out with less gore in what the developers call “Kid Mode”; luckily this can be turned off and you can enjoy flying zombie chunks in all of their glory.

The game has been optimized for tablet use and all of the included graphics and levels are in High Definition, so no corners have been cut on your experience. And really, with such a free addicting game, why would you possibly not want to download it?

You can grab Zombie Ragdoll from the Windows Store by clicking here.

Let us know about your zombie killing adventures!

Note: This game does not have support for Windows RT; it will only work with Windows 8.



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mrdvos says:

One more stupid game.

And another stupid comment.

Oh, you played it? Why didn't you like it?

No ARM support, so I can't play it :(

Aw, darn - sorry. I added that note above so other know.

djgreedo says:

I gave this a quick try on my phone and have no idea why it doesn't support ARM. It's not a complicated game by any means, and it's definitely designed for touch primarily. I would love it on my Surface.


It seems odd to release this kind of game on Windows 8 and not to support RT.

andrew1967 says:

You called this game stupid,? Ok your in trouble now no WPC news for you for 1 week.,

Aashish13 says:

I haven't heard users in the comment section whining for san Andreas since 7 days.

Miistercoool says:

Where is San Andreas ?!?! :P

Where is Plants vs Zombies 2?

rahulrambhat says:

Hint for The official date has been reportedly given in the website why can't someone check it out

addz77 says:

Perfect game for Windows Phone... Oh wait

HomeBound12 says:

7 posts and not a single complain about it not beein XBOX Live game?

I'm starting to get worried...

taqi zaidi says:

The games are getting removed tho :P

Check out Gameloft Dungeon Hunter 4. Its now available for all Lumia phones. Just downloaded it from store for free,

HomeBound12 says:

If you haven't hated "fremium" before Dougeon Hunter 4 will make sure you do...

Not "before" but rather "yet".

No support for ARM? That's just disappointing; guess all Surface owners are S.O.L.

Tom2F says: