Check your Windows Phone 8 motion sensor with Accelerometor Toy

Accelerometer Toy

There's really not much to the Windows Phone 8 app Accelerometer Toy but still, it does a nice job of things. It's a utility app of sorts that simply demonstrates your Windows Phone accelerometer in action.

Accelerometer Toy does so in two ways. First you have the Readings Page that displays the X, Y, and Z axes and the associated readings that illustrates the Windows Phone's current orientation. The axis readings spin about like a Tasmanian Devil but there is a stop button in the lower right corner should you need to stop things should you need to get an easy to read value.

Accelerometer Toy

Along with the Readings page you have the Bounce page. As with the Readings page, the Bounce page is a simple demonstration on the accelerometer where a green ball moves about the screen as you tilt and move your Windows Phone. As with the Readings page, if you want to stop the ball from bouncing about you can hit the stop button. There's not much to this page but many will find themselves bouncing the ball about for minutes on end.

Accelerometer Toy isn't going to appeal to everyone but it's a simple, clean looking app that demonstrates your Windows Phone accelerometer nicely. It would be nice to change the color of the ball or maybe add multiple balls to bounce about though.

Accelerometer Toy is a free app for your Windows Phone 8 device and you can snatch it up here at the Windows Phone Store.

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WPDailyIT says:

Hi friends of WPCentral!
Greetings from Italy!

Aldoron says:

This is kind of related, but does anyone know how you calibrate the sensors such as the g-sensor if they happen to malfunction. I have not been able to find info on that anywhere. Thanks

thanks for the application.
I am working on an accelerometer based application as well. Could you please share details on how do you filter the raw accelerometer readings?
Also, do you have some idea how can I compute the "distance moved" from accelerometer readings?
Bundles of thanks in advance ;)