Chickens Can't Fly but they can be the Xbox Live Deal of the Week

Chickens Can't Fly Lead

Chickens Can’t Fly from Amused Sloth is regarded by many as one of the best games on Xbox Live. How do you make a good game even sweeter? Put it on sale! That’s right; Chickens Can’t Fly is now the Xbox Live Deal of the Week at $1.99, down from $2.99.

In this tale of science versus nature, players control a hapless chicken as he’s harangued by cruel scientists. In each level, the chicken falls (not flies) through more than 60 massive obstacle courses while trying not to get sliced, fried, or electrocuted along the way. Great tilt controls, sharp artwork, and a subversive sense of humor make Chickens Can’t Fly a joy to play. Check out our review for more details.

Chickens Can’t Fly is due for a major title update anytime now, adding new features like Avatar Awards and asynchronous multiplayer.  Check back tomorrow when Windows Phone Central will provide an exclusive peek at how the update tweaks the difficulty for the better as well.

Chickens Can’t Fly is on sale for $1.99 for one week only. Don’t stand their crowing – get it here on the marketplace right away.

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b3o says:

Thanks! I only saw zombie attack! as xbl GotW :\ strange how they didn't post this as well.

Paul Acevedo says:

They have this weird 'Games of the Week' thing that's easily confused as the Deal of the Week. BUT the Games of the Week is not a sale, so it isn't too exciting.

ShocWave says:

They should make Plants vs. Zombies or Bejewled DOTW. They're currently on sale for Xbox 360.

vault21x says:

ooh! nice. love this game, paid the full price when it came-out and haven't regretted it at all. can't wait till the update, am sure it will only add to the awesomeness that is Chickens Can't Fly. also, it would be soo sweet to see some sort of W8 metro variant!!

spacedvest says:

I love this game. It is worth $4.99 IMO. I didn't think it was that difficult either, challenging maybe, except I still have a long way to go to get the one million corn achievement. That one is super ridiculous. But as far as the game goes, it is definitely one of the best on the WP.

aeronaught says:

Waiting for this and Doodle Jump to go down to $.99 :(

schlubadub says:

Is a $1 saving really going to change your life? :P

I think msoft is to be commended on the pricing lately. I grow weary of the constant complaining on pricing.
There have been plenty of great free games, and 99 cent ones, and most of the pricier games are well worth it. The Harvest especially.
No complaints here.

snowmutt says:

I have about 5.00$ to burn on my 25.00$ app card I got for buying my Focus S in December... Chickens, I hear ya calling....

trazer says:

I apparently have less than what I need for this game, thought I had $3 left but this purchase will not go through. :(

Paul Acevedo says:

Sales tax maybe?

trazer says:

Yeah, I was able to purchase a 1.49 app so must have been tax adding up that did me in. Really liked this game after trying the trial today too. Oh well, I bought a good non live game instead!

Arsenic17 says:

Did I miss the promised article about the upcoming update for this game. Just wondering cause I am only going to buy if they fix the grind achievement. .and I would like to know while it is still on sale.