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Chickens Can't Fly for Xbox LIVE on Windows Phone now available

Chickens Can't Fly

You've seen us tease it on Monday with a video review. Then we gave you even more info on it last night. Now the game can be yours.

Yes folks, Chickens Can't Fly from Amused Sloth is now available in the Marketplace. The hilarious and entertaining game is sure to bring a smile to your face and hours of fun as you answer some important questions like  Can Chickens Warm Up? Can Chicken escape witches? and more while collecting corn and earning trophies.

Chickens Can't Fly

The game features more than 50 levels, achievements, free ringtones, Global Weekly challenges and eventually avatar awards all for $2.99. We've said it's one of our favorite games on the platform and that the developer has done a bang up job--now you can see if we're lying or not.

Grab Chicken's Can't Fly here in the Marketplace with a free trial. Hit us up in comments and let us know if we're crazy or spot on. (QR Code after the break with our video review).

QR: Chickens Can't Fly



There are 11 comments. Sign in to comment

slysy says:

Thanks Daniel. Any word on DOTW yet?

nizzon says:

I want to like this game, its so well built and really nice graphics etc.
But the gameplay is so boring. :(

CatalinZZ says:

Any thougths on why you fidn it boring? Maybe we can improve it with the next Update.
Did you play past the tutorial, to reach the leves in Butchery?

Ninja1043 says:

At least give feedback properly please. The developers made their prior iteration for free and have reached Xbox Live status. I'd say that is success in our Windows Phone platform when they could have chosen iOS or Android. Be happy and proud of that!

evilrobot says:

Still not available in the marketplace for me - CST.

dazzztom says:

Same here UK marketplace so slow

tylerh1701 says:

Download started for me, but I don't understand the Windows Phone Marketplace.  Does it update all at once for everyone (in the US at least)?  And how did you find the link to it on the Windows Phone Marketplace?  It's not there when I click Xbox Live games or search for the game.

diffstyl3 says:

This game is not in the marketplace, was able to grab it through wpcentral's direct link.

JayJayTG says:

Hey CatalinZZ
I have to say coming from loving Chickens Can Dream, Chickens Cant Fly is even better! I am enjoying the whole feel of the game where pushing chickens to their survival limits is basically some weird science. The visuals are really nice! The gameplay is awesome, controls are responsive and accurate. I would say this could be a franchise that could be used for different gameplay types rather than just free falling. Ever thought of a sequel of the chicken escaping? Like Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee vibe. This whole idea is fantastic I can see it going far.

agreed. love the concept and graphics, would be really cool to see it expand to other gamy types

awesome game! and by far one of the best looking! just had an idea, wpcentral should host some sort of 'game of the year' and 'apps of the year' for dif't categories awards. I nominate Chickens Can't Fly as the first one.