Chillingo bringing Feed Me Oil to Xbox Live on Windows Phone

Last year WPCentral asked our readers what mobile games they’d most like to see ported to Windows Phone. One highly-requested game was Cut the Rope from Chillingo. Well, we’re getting one step closer to seeing that happen. WPCentral is pleased to announce that Chillingo has officially begun to support Windows Phone. Their first game: Feed Me Oil, from developer Holy Water Games.

Feed Me Oil is a physics puzzle game that closely resembles Enigmo. The player’s job is to get a bunch of dropping oil into the mouths of gigantic creatures. You’ll use a variety of gadgets to do so, pushing, pulling, and otherwise directing the flow of oil. While the gameplay may be somewhat familiar to puzzle fans, Feed Me Oil’s creative art design is far more appealing than Enigmo’s sterile setting.

Feed Me Oil

The Windows Phone version of Feed Me Oil will include all of the original iPhone version’s levels, plus a new chapter with “fun new game elements.” Gotta love new content! It’s due out within the next month or two and will probably cost $2.99. Hopefully this is just the first of many awesome games in store from Chillingo!



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Ton77 says:

The only app I want is instagram. :(

z33dev33l says:

tint your photos sepia and post them on Facebook. It's the same thing hipster.

Peter McCain says:

No, it's not. People who haven't used instagram just don't get it.

i sepia'd my photos before it was cool..

z33dev33l says:

Is there a more hipster reply?

theman60099 says:

^^^THIS!!!^^ @ z33dev33l

When you guy implied yesterday, answering a fellow WP'er one of two Rovio or Chillingo would be bringing games to Live portfolio, I was quietly rooting for Chillingo, imo a much more interesting company. Happy.

Residing says:

Looks hard.  Oh well, I anxiously await Paul's demo and review.

Paul Acevedo says:

Thanks man. That makes me want to start finishing my reviews up faster, ha ha. But I like to make sure I've beaten the game before I talk about it at length.

ChrisLynch says:

Looks rather interesting.  One I certainly would try out.

Was me!! :)
This news is so great!!

Hopefully this is the first of many. But, I continue believing that we'll only see Cut The Rope in our phones when WP8, and W8, arrives, unfortunately.

Fiann says:

Cut the rope is already in the Windows 8 Marketplace so the work is already done. Not sure how hard it would be for them to port it backwards.

pepsijosh says:

Is it just me or does this app look alot like World of Goo???

trazer says:

Not really like world of goo, but boy I hope that comes to WP some day!!!

Paul Acevedo says:

It's a little similar visually, but the actual gameplay is a lot different.

tommohammed says:

This game cannot come out soon enough :D I remember it was the big iPhone game as soon as I sold mine

evilrobot says:

"It’s due out within the next month or two and will probably cost $2.99."
Arg!  When is the pricing parity with iOS/Android going to kick in!

Peter McCain says:

"Next month or two" is what really sucks... The price will come down as wp gets more users.. But the long delay for games to come out is what really sucks, and then you get crappy graphics (civilization, pirates...)

theman60099 says:

graphics for civ and pirates are not crappy at all. least not to me, calm the hell down damn!

Peter McCain says:

they are not up to par; when you compare these games in other platforms that has been out for months if not years. and they look crappier if you have 4 inches + device.

Paul Acevedo says:

Pirates really looks fine. No idea why you're criticizing it. Civ Rev does look bad, but it also looked bad on iPhone. The WP7 version is just slightly worse.

Gatlyn says:

Will these be XBOX Live enabled?

kbob_o says:

Free for Nokia??

Paul Acevedo says:

No. Whenever Nokia starts giving out free games, we'll be sure to tell you guys though.

microhaxo#WP says:

This looks awesome!

inteller says:

Is this like a poor man's version of Where's My Water?  It certainly looks like it!

Paul Acevedo says:

It looks perfectly nice (not poor) to me.

What's this Nokia free this and that ppl talk about?