GDC 2014: Chronology adds time-warping to classic platforming gameplay

While at GDC 2014, we spotted a promising platforming game coming soon to Windows Phone called Chronology. In it, players guide a genius (if slightly amnesiatic) tinkerer who has somehow unlocked the secrets of space and time with his gadgets. 

Head past the break to watch the gameplay video.

Players run, jump, and work their way through some fairly standard platform puzzles while making use of a stopwatch that jumps the player between a dystopian future and an idyllic past. These transitions will regularly change the location of key platforms to progress. Eventually you partner up with a snail that can somehow freeze time and teleport, which as you might imagine comes in pretty useful.

Chronology is expected to release in May on Windows through Steam Greenlight and Windows Phone and other mobile platforms shortly after they figure out their distribution strategies. Be sure to get a closer look at this whimsical little title at the Chronology home page



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Sin Ogaris says:

This sounds awesome, can't wait for another good platformer.

elderjlward says:

Sounds great. As a sci-fi with a particular taste for time travel I am interested in this title. On a side note, if anyone has ever rear Orson Welles "Time Machine" please, you HAVE, to read an amazing sequel to that classic called "Time Ships" written by "Stephen Baxter". Awesome book, it picks up right where Time Machine leaves off an Baxter even mimics the writing style of Welles in the beginning of the book and transitions as the story progresses. Anyway, a Time Travel game will always pique my interest!

biotron2000 says:

A great book! I thought I was the only one who had read it.

Bruno H says:

Is this like that wonderful time twisting platformer Braid, on Xbox 360?

Sin Ogaris says:

Hopefully without the pretentious git of a developer.

DennisvdG says:

I freaking love that game

adin140 says:

It's one of the few games I am really excited about. I think it will be better than braid, at least it looks way much better and seems to have an interesting game mechanic. 

No Xbox No Buy -_-

Aashish13 says:

Would be free and once windows phone will have a good market share Xbox will definitely come back to wp. Elop now will become ceo of xbox and i hope he would make the certification process easy and systematic

Sam Sabri says:

Really? That's kind of a sad outlook. A great game is a great game. With or without Xbox Live. This game looks awesome. Can't wait to play it.

coip says:

Beauty is in the eye if the beholder. Some people value some things more than others, and for some mobile gamers, Xbox achievements are a necessary condition. There's no reason to call their outlook "sad." To each his own.

Dare2Blink says:

No, it is indeed sad to say "no Xbox No buy". The game itself is what should matter in first place, with Xbox achievements being nothing more than icing on the cake but never the main reason why a game is chosen.


You sound like Google when they told Microsoft to make a YouTube app in a ridiculous way or else not have YouTube at all.

In its current form, XBL is also a ridiculous choice for many developers.

coip says:

Why not join the #SaveXboxWP movement to cajole Microsoft into easing those counterproductive processes?

2tomtom says:

No Xbox, no problem. I love the look and gameplay so will keep a look out for the release and purchase.

Agree with Sam. A good game will remain a good game even if it is not a xbox live title.

anirban130 says:

Seemed to me like prince of persia- warrior within in disguised way... A nice concept, really liked hope this game comes for 512mb fones also..

tertitten74 says:

I want I NOW :)

Deaconclgi says:


Looks fun. Definately on my radar with or without Xbox support. I'd rather have good games than no games.

Mellifluous says:

This looks similar to the game mechanics of an exclusive Windows Phone platformer called Reminiscence which I wrote about on the forums.

It doesn't have a snail companion which does tasks you cannot, but there are "cracks" in the main world which takes the character into a steampunk version of the main world, which allows you to do things that then affect the main world.

Pretty cool and well worth a look - a pity it's never been covered.

Jazmac says:

Looks pretty awesome.  The storyline looks good too.

BlackGoku says:

Good.Brings back my nes memories but with better graphics.

ltjordan24 says:

Very interesting.

TheRem says:

Woohoo! Time machine! :D

This game looks amazing.

ChainXOR says:

Hi all. Developer here. Henrik from Osao Games. If you have any questions about the game, I'll try to answer them here :-)

Roan Grunder says:

When will the game be released? On the website it says May...