Moviegoers rejoice, Cinemark comes to Windows Phone

Feel like seeing the new X-Men movie this weekend? Then you’re in luck if you’re a Windows Phone fan near a Cinemark movie theatre. An official Cinemark Theatres app has just hit Windows Phone! Cinemark is the third largest cinema brand (Cinemark, Century Theatres, Tinseltown USA, CineArts and Rave Cinemas) in the United States and has over 334 theatres in 40 states. Let’s check out Cinemark for Windows Phone.

This is a brand new app that just came out today. You’ll notice version 1.0 of Cinemark ( sitting in the Windows Phone Store with the following features:

Find theaters and buy tickets:

  • Find Cinemark theatre locations via GPS
  • Search for your preferred Cinemark theatre location
  • Access your My Cinemark favorite theatres
  • Purchase movie tickets securely
  • View your gift card balance
  • View ticket purchase history

CineMode Rewards:

  • The Cinemark App now features CineMode - an exclusive and interactive way to earn Cinemark Rewards while being courteous during the show
  • From within the Cinemark app, start CineMode when your movie begins
  • Your phone's screen will dim automatically, and you will be prompted to set volume to vibrate
  • Stay in CineMode for the duration of the movie
  • To ensure you receive your Reward, be sure to not use your phone at all when in CineMode. Hitting the "home" button will stop CineMode and you will not receive your Reward.
  • Earn Rewards each and every time you see a movie at Cinemark!

You’ll also be able to search and view:

  • Search for movies Coming Soon
  • Search for movies Now Playing
  • View movie trailers
  • Rating, Synopsis, Cast and more…
  • Get information for the films you want to see!

Stay Social:

  • Share showtimes via email, text, Facebook or Twitter
  • Share theatre locations via email, text, Facebook or Twitter
  • Share movie info via email, text, Facebook or Twitter


We actually don’t have any Cinemark theatres around to go and try out some of the features of the app, but we did play around with it. The app itself is very slick and responsive. Seems like a really well put together app for those that will frequent Cinemark.

Go to a Cinemark movie theatre often? Download the app and let us know what you think! Don't have a Cinemark? Just let us know what movie you're seeing this weekend! 

Thanks for the tip SoloXCRacer!

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KrightonX says:

What's a Cinemark? None here SoCal that I've heard of.

diaperback says:

There aren't any Cinemarks in the bay area that I know of, but there are Century Theaters which is the same company. I've been waiting for this app.

dbgman says:

I am in northern la county. Many cinemarks!

dalydose says:

In LA we do have Rave. I think the theater down by Staples and Nokia Live is a a Rave.

ProFilmLA says:

Lol. No Cinemarks anywhere in Burbank....AMC and Pacific mainly. But the app looks cool. Glad to have official AMC app!

JustAGuy001 says:

Cinemark, Rave, Century (west coast), Tinseltown... all the same company. The app works for all of them.

dalydose says:

ooops, I was wrong about downtown LA. That is a REGAL which is not owned by Cinemark. I think Regal is owned by AMC. 

The Los Angeles area had a couple of Rave locations, but they've been rebranded to Cinemark.  There are a few in the area, but none are close to me in West Hollywood. This is pretty much AMC territory with The Grove (Pacific), The Chinese (Independent) & Arclight (Pacific) filing in the gaps.

Paritosh Rai says:

From what I know about American entertainment business, there are 3 big players in the movie theatre business- Regal, AMC and Cinemarks. All 3 are separate entities.

Jim_MAY says:

Rave Cinema is 2 miles away only problem it's not showing any near me.

JustAGuy001 says:

Which rave theater? What city? Thanks

Jim_MAY says:

Rave Cinemas Festival Plaza 16, Montgomery.

JustAGuy001 says:

I'll take a look tomorrow thank you for the information. 

JustAGuy001 says:

Hey Jim, Cinemark owns about a third of the old Rave theatres, unfortunately that particular Rave is not owned by Cinemark so it won't show up in the app. Sorry.

vFlagR says:

Is cinemark anything to do with cineworld in the UK, they seem to share a logo

Brazil has a Cinemark app since WP7.5... :)

Sam Sabri says:

Cool. Do you use the app often?

ruisolid says:

Well I do. Since WP 7.5 version was an basic app. You see last movie list, find some theather around you and you have an link to watch trailers.

Last Nokia/Microsoft event in São Paulo, was promissed that we would able to purchase tickets. I don't know that would be the same version. But today the apps are different versions.

Yes Sam. But is a pretty simple app here. They recently promised an WP8.1 update where you will can buy tickets directly inside the app. Ah, they said that in the Lumia 630 announcement. Also stated that here in Brazil the WP is where most of their app downloads are. :)

ricbon says:

wow......just wow.......

tribexx says:

great. I am surrounded by them, lowes and AMC

raul_junior says:

Do you live in Illinois?

jayrod213 says:

I am and have a Cinemark Theatre 7 blocks away from my house.

twelvetudors says:

FINALLY! I've been wanting to try out cinemode for forever.

diaperback says:

Too bad Despicable Me 2 is no longer in theaters.

MikeSo says:

Yeah... that made no sense.

RayWP7 says:

Wow, wasn't expecting this.

Me too. Me and my Homies just saw XMEN last night at Cinemark Boca Raton in South Florida. We always buy tickets via our phones but I was always left out :(
Let me go explore this.

fwaits says:

Cool, Century theaters are pretty common up in the Sacramento, CA area and I always see them talk about the Cinemark app before the movies start.  Glad it's now available.  Cinemode for rewards points could be useful.

Sam Sabri says:

Oh yeah! I saw Wall-E at a Cinemark up in Sactown.

Tahiti Bob says:

Sam, everytime you have a new post someone asks you for that wallpaper. Are you ever going to share it? :)

big dooze says:

Cinemode!!!! Yay

MikeSo says:

Century and Cinemark are indeed the same. Can't wait to try this out tonight when I go see X-Men: Days of future past!

eric12341 says:

I just use Cortana to find showtimes etc.

silverbladex says:

I have been waiting for this app! My girlfriend and I are avid moviegoers so this good news!

MikeSo says:

Yeah, I don't know how much rewards I'll get but it was always annoying that they advertised this so much and it was never available.

Now let's just hope they change their on-screen ad to include the WP logo! It is often left out even when a product DOES have an app for WP. It's needed to raise awareness.

silverbladex says:

Yes! Lol. I'm tempted to yell "and it's available on WP!" But it would def be nice to see it on the big screen.

JustAGuy001 says:

There will be an update but since this is a new platform we wanted to get some feedback on the app first. Please if you have any feedback or encounter bugs email We would love a chance to fix any issues before you rate us poorly. The more detail the better. Thank you!

Moviegoers' need an updated IMDB app. Long overdue. :/

danielgray says:

Yes that would be good..

Jonas Lee says:

never heard about it..need hbo instead with Games of Thrones:) for wp

xFalk says:

Awesome.  I'll try it out when I go see Maleficent.

fiknahs_osei says:

What is that google+ app??

Benjaminb95 says:

It's called gPlus. So far, it's the only G+ app I found with community support. I really like it. Check it out:

RaRa85 says:

Great going to see the new X-Men movie this weekend. Anybody watch it yet?

danielgray says:

Yes it is really good.

Byrese says:

There is one it in Redlands I believe.

JustAGuy001 says:

Hey everyone, I hope you enjoy the app. We have some more surprises coming your way but in the meantime if you see any errors/bugs please report them to I want to make this app a great experience for my fellow Windows Phone users and my goal of course is five stars. We'll see how that goes. :)

We will be pushing a small update out in the next few hours to address a few launch issues.

Thank you WP community.

Thanks for your support :)

myrandex says:

Thanks for the support if this is a real user for the app!

Prod1gyHero says:

I know its been said, but thank you for supporting Windows Phone!

11B1P says:

My thanks to you as well. As previously stated, I was envious of not having an app. I appreciate your time to our community.

myrandex says:

It has always been funny seeing all of these WP commercials in Cinemark theaters, then an advert for Cinemode rewards, then no app available :(

herbertsnow says:

I hate movie theaters.

mswindows101 says:

Great to have.. We have Cinemark,and AMC theaters amongst several others..

tallgeese says:

It's about time!!!!!!! It better be excellent!!!!!!!

Compiux says:

There are a couple of Cinemark theatres in Honduras, but the APP doesn't list them :(

Cinepolis App does list all it's movie theatres! Shame on you Cinemark!

Mark Hanley says:

Like the app, nice layout, etc., but even though I am signed in, I have to re-enter name, address, etc. as well as credit card information.  Is this intentional? I have tried uninstalling, re-installing, but always have to re-enter even though it says I am signed in.  Pretty much makes the app useless, unless this changes.