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CineTube, a streaming movie player for Windows Phone 8


CineTube is a simply laid out movie player for Windows Phone 8 that taps into full-length movies that are freely available over on YouTube.

CineTube has a bit of appeal but also could use a little refinement.  It is worth a try but don't expect to see any current blockbuster hits listed.  However, you may find an older movie title that is just as entertaining.

The main pages for CineTube has a Home Page listing recently added titles, a Genres Page that breaks down the movies into broader categories, and a Search Page where you can hunt down a movie title by keyword.

CineTube's Main Pages

Movie titles range from Mad Max (1979) to 2 Guns (2013) to Nosferatu (1922).  Movie titles may have multiple streaming sources and lack any description when you pull up a title.  It would have been nice to have seen an IMDb link to the movie available to give you a clue as to what the movie is about.

CineTube Streaming Movie (Mad Max)

Streaming was smooth and while the movie selection is somewhat limited, there are some nice titles thrown into the mix.  CineTube comes across as a nice movie player with a simplistic approach.  Maybe a little too simplistic though.  In searching through the movie titles and watching a few of the classics, I could not help but think the app needed a little more meat on the bone.  Descriptions of the movies would be a step in the right direction or a way to tag the titles as favorites for easy access.

CineTube is a free, ad-supported app available for Windows Phone 8 devices.  You can eliminate the ads through an in-app purchase of $1.49.  You can pick up your copy of CineTube here in the Windows Phone Store.

QR: CineTube



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el-ojo says:

Thanks for this..btw FIST!

iamoniwaban says:

You are the fistest ever

el-ojo says:

Indeed, there's been too many "First" so, I'll be the FIST!

HikiSpray says:

Such FIST.

  Such amaze.


Anyone getting "store not available" when trying to dl this?

Yeah, region US,real region,Pakistan. :(

mlcooper54 says:

Yep. Ohio - USA, company WiFi through Time-Warner fiber.

Sachinmeet says:

Me too.. Store region : US. Real one is India

Jazmac says:

This may turn out to be a really important app IMHO.  The older films are in many ways better written and better acted than the stuff being released today.

wangsa86 says:

Movie planet or filmspot is better

Koen Geerts says:

Nah, flash videos

Seconded, I got it for free so yay for me

el-ojo says:

Thanks, I knew Movie Planet from W8. I was unaware they had an app for WP.
The good thing about both those apps is that the Ads don't cover the screen when watching a movie unlike CineTube. Appreciate it.

fahad kazi says:

Not much of a collection here

coronox says:

Thanks a lot for the review!  An update is in work and most of the missing features will be addressed soon. 

I can also stream videos from my PC and play them on my windows phone using an app called my personal cloud 

here is the youtube channel :

Quin 2013 says:

This is also available om Surface 2

bitdisaster says:

Update is published. Brings movie description and cast. Plus a bugfix for improved movie availability.