Civilization Revolution brings strategy to Xbox Live for Windows Phone next week

Civilization Revolution iOS

When Microsoft announced that Civilization Revolution would be coming to Windows Phone, strategy fans were understandably excited. They won’t have to wait much longer, as Civilization Revolution from 2K Games is next week’s Xbox Live game.

In the Civilization games, players start at the dawn of humanity and lead their civilization through the ages, including modern times and even the future. You’ll need to gather resources, build new cities, research technologies, and either war against or form alliances with neighboring countries. The mobile version of Civilization Revolution includes 16 countries to choose from, and four possible victory conditions: Technology, Economic, Cultural, and Domination (war). Like the iPhone version, this one won’t have multiplayer, but the single-player game truly has endless replay potential.

We’re still investigating whether Civilization Revolution will sport any Windows Phone-specific improvements; enhanced visuals over the iPhone version (pictured) would be nice. But we do know about its Xbox Live Achievements thanks to our friends at Xbox360Achievements.org.

Civilization Revolution comes to Windows Phone on Wednesday, April 4. It will cost $2.99 (!).



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Omg! Might be Epic!

TheRealSel says:

Typo, you mean April 4th.

Paul Acevedo says:

Thanks for catching that.

rodneyej says:

This is off subject, but I just came from a att store and two reps. said that haven't had any training on the Nokia lumia 900, there is no release date yet, the phones won't be offered to them for free, and one guy even didn't know the difference between the iPad 2 and the iPad 3. Weird! Either they are playing dumb, or they are just completly clueless. A third employee didn't even know what the 900 was. At this point in the release process I would think my experience would have been different. This was my local corporate store might I add!

kidjenius says:

they were probably clueless. the launch date's already made official my ATT, MS and Nokia

Beezie84 says:

Probably an authorized dealer

elisaur says:

I've spoken to a couple of store reps saying their training is on the 8th for the Nokia. Interesting, they already have the phone for personal use though.

schlubadub says:

Hmm yeah, way off topic :P

kidjenius says:

4.99!? windows phone needs cheaper games :'(

although i admit, the recent xbox live games have been really good. for example, istunt2 IS PRETTY AWESOME! i just wish it would be cheaper than 2.99! maybe ill wait for a DoTW..

Paul Acevedo says:

Updated the article to reflect the official price - $2.99. Quite a deal compared to the $6.99 iOS version!

rodneyej says:

Cheaper games are coming. Its part of Microsofts strategy.. It down a few articles..

Verkunder says:

Pardon my language, but OH HELL YEAH.

MadGaffler says:

No multi, no thanks. I'll wait I guess

Paul Acevedo says:

Have you played Civ? IMO it's a lot more fun single-player anyway.

MadGaffler says:

yep i've played both the pc and the 360 version. I have enough one player Live games and not a single multiplayer one... was hoping this would be the first. Carcassone, from what I know is the only one that is coming any time soon. 

There's a difference between price and value, Live titles need value not cheapness for the sake of it, one has non Live games for that. Global Leaderboards for example is more important.

GB330033 says:

There goes my productivity!

My next purchase

Looking forward to next week!

wpbrian says:

Meh.  Already played Civ 2-5 on the PC.  Not looking forward to a stript downn version for WP7.

Paul Acevedo says:

Huh! I should think if you liked the game, you would like the idea of playing it on the go. But we all have different tastes, I guess.

Gmotagi says:

Awesome, just need diablo3 now and I'll be sorted

trazer says:

Was wanting this but was not going to pay $5 or more for it. At $3 its an instabuy for me anyway!!

fraincs says:

want! I seldom pay for games but that one seems great. And I just finished Fable coin Golf looking foward to Carcasonne as well

Mooncow27 says:

It's $3. Not $60. I will be picking it up. I think we are all a bit spoiled in thinking that all mobile games should be $1.

Wahoo! - been playing this for the past three years on XBL :) Looking forward to finally using my $25 giftcard after buying my Titan during one penny Black Friday sale last year :) After everything is tallied, MS has actually paid me to buy and app-ify my phone :)
Wednesday can't come soon enough - although my wife, kids, boss and dog would probably disagree LOL
That flushing/swirling sound you hear is productivity going down the toilet ;)

MacAarburger says:

WOW! early release? CIV Rev is out! 8)
58MB but the installation takes forever... and ever... and ever... and still installing 8(

Might depend on your phone/CPU. My Titan did seem to take a bit of time to install but when I would refresh (on the install screen -> "triple dots"\Refresh) it seemed to nudge it along.

andremr says:

Can we save the current game in the demo version?