Clarify brings dictionaries for 30 languages in one app for Windows Phone


Clarify brings 670 different bilingual and monolingual dictionaries in one single app. The Windows Phone (and iOS) app was launched a couple of weeks ago, and covers 30 languages.

Clarify covers Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malayalam, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Tamil, Thai, Turkish, and Vietnamese linked in a complex matrix resulting in a comprehensive language tool with a potential of reaching 3.8 billion people worldwide.


The included dictionaries are from trusted partners such as Collins and KDictionaries. The dictionaries are all in the cloud, so they do not take up large space on your device, with the tradeoff that you'd need an active data connection or Wi-Fi to use the app. I would've liked if we could download individual dictionaries to be used offline, similar to the HERE Maps implementation.

On registration, you need to choose your preferred languages well as languages you wish to search within. For performing a search, simply type the word, and click Search, and the app will display hits within the languages selected by you. The search results include references to specific sources.

Download Clarify for free for Windows Phone 8 devices from the Windows Phone Store. It's an easy and reliable app that serves as a comprehensive language service with a neat user experience. Give it a whirl, and let us know how you like it.

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patrickg25 says:

Better if offline though

roguecroce says:

Oh no! No off line? Gulp...

kittananj says:

Thai language, finally!

kurtd says:

Nice, I'm going to Thailand soon. It'll come in handy.

Is this better than the Dictionary.com app ?

ortizang says:

Advanced English Dictionary is the best!

Kaymd says:

Totally agree AED is the ultimate dictionary app!

Wam1q says:

No. OALD is the best.

lyubomeer says:

Nah. Online only. Would be cool if there was an option to download offline dictionaries.

astroXP says:

I wish Cortana were multilingual, that'd save me A LOT of time.

WinPhanKyle says:

What about Swahili?

KMF79 says:

What about Gaelic?

Nice app but no offline support .  Advanced English Dictionary provide offline support

Seems like a nice app, shame it isn't offline.

Would rather see the Oxford English and Thesaurus. I'm surprised one can only find the learner dictionary in the store - the ios app is rather handy.

Aashish13 says:

Bing translator is going well on twitter. Lot of ppl are using it now

DSWNG says:

Without an option to download the dictionaries I can't see any sense in this app.

pluizebol says:

The app needs a Facebook account ?

In that case it is worthless to me because I don't have one nor do I want to create one !

KMF79 says:

Thank you for mentioning this. I refuse to use any app that only offers that as a means to log in.

You need a Facebook account to log in? That's crazy - what if you don't have one?

Facebook login is one of the options. You can, like most apps, sign up with your email as well.

Thank you for the clarification, I did think it would be rather odd to rely solely on Facebook. I can't remember the app; they're was an app on the play store requiring Facebook logins only - turned out to be a scam. Glad to hear this isn't the case here.

bigkampe says:

Out of curiosity, are there that many times users are without a data connection where offline is that big of a deal? Seems to me the offline capability doesn't matter to me, but maybe I'm overlooking something.

Eric Arc says:

Would be nice if you can download some language pack just like the maps on WP, when you are in foreign land and doesn't buy pay-as-you-go sim cards abroad.

muvig says:

Sure anything that needs data connection is not good for me. Data is expensive here in our country

Whoa !! A Hindi and even Tamil dictionary too ... Sure will attract Indians...

deepsp says:

and Malayalam tooo!!!

KickAssLumia says:

I see some really not-so-widely-spoken languages but missing a lot of widely-spoken languages. I wonder what controls the priority of languages they provide releases for.

mpt15 says:

Bing Translate has offline dictionary, but clarify has a few different languages. Both are good.

ferdin08 says:

Awesome +1 for TAMIL

lyubomeer says:

Great app, but offline support in the future would be a great update.

GK Wong says:

Language is power!

mukulagarwal says:

Its showing sign up error??

Lumio says:

//I would've liked if we could download individual dictionaries to be used offline, similar to the HERE Maps implementation.//

Very true. Not everybody has a speedy connection or wifi all the time. 

Nakazul says:

Great. Now I can spell check AND understand English finally, on my vacation, and write posts here people understand. :)

Saddam Khan says:

Why not Urdu? I mean seriously, Microsoft/Nokia has been criminally ignoring Pakistan for the last 3 or so years, despite it one their best selling regions among others.

Saddam Khan says:

and why not any offline dictionaries in ths app? thats exactly why I sold my Lumia 720 and am glad with ny excellent Huawei Y-511.

Fuck, where is Telugu???????

chmun77 says:

Lousy app! I cannot even locate the very first word when I tried the app. "nostalgic" returns no hit! "Attest", "convivial", "fallacy", "delinquent", lots of words can't be found! What kind of dictionary app is this?! All of those words are found perfectly on Google Translate. Piece of junk.

wessly says:

Clarify one of the best and best app because of the 30 languages. Thank for the developer. Microsoft thanks for the support to the developer

koenshaku says:

This app has excellent definitions for korean to english and vice versa.

ANSARI5X5 says:

Ahhh Thank God it supports Arabic