Cliff Diving 3D for Windows Phone 8, belly flops not advisable

Cliff Diving 3D

We have seen a wide range of games hit the Windows Phone Store shelves and Cliff Diving may be the first and only diving game available for Windows Phone 8.  It may not be your typical Windows Phone sports game but the game has potential.

Cliff Diving 3D has two levels of difficulty and a healthy range of dives to perform.  Graphics aren’t terrible but could use a little polishing and game play is fairly easy but not without challenge.  You will find your diver performing plenty gut-busters or belly flops until you get the game's timing down just right.

If you are looking for a unique game for Windows Phone 8 or just a change of pace from the puzzle games, Cliff Diving is worth trying.

The main menu for Cliff Diving will send you into the game, launch a series of tutorial/help screens, view a demo video and view the About screen for the game.  You can also follow the developer on Facebook or Twitter, set the game difficulty, as well as mute the sound effects from the main menu.

Cliff Diving 3D

The game’s difficulty is set by turning on/off the expert mode.  When turned off, your diver will clear the diving board automatically.  When turned on, you will need to tap/hold the screen to insure the diver clears the board.  If you release you hold too soon, the diver will smack into the board or hit the cliffs during the dive; neither being good for the diver.

The game screen has your dive requirement listed in the upper left corner of the screen (e.g. back dive, enter water feet first), you diving board height, and the number of attempts allowed for each dive (you get three chances).  Each round or dive set has you completing two dive styles successfully.

Cliff Diving 3D

To initiate a dive, tap the screen and your diver will spring into the air.  Two buttons will appear at the bottom of the screen to have the diver perform a front or back flip.  Tap the button to perform the action and release to have the diver straighten out. 

After each dive, you will be scored on your Dive, Entry and Overall score.  Obviously, the cleaner you enter the water the better your score and belly flops are surely to land you a failing grade.  You need at least a D to move on to the next dive.  As you successfully complete the dive set, the diving board height will increase as will the dive’s level of difficulty.

While Cliff Diving 3D has an odd sort of appeal, it can use a little fine-tuning.  For starters, the pause button does not work nor does the back button.  To get back to the main menu, you will need to exit out of the game and re-start.  Graphic quality could be better as well.  There were several times when the diver’s feet did not match up with the diving board and the ad-banner would rotate with the screen (yet the gaming screen is locked vertically).

While the nature of the game is a bit surprising, I have to admit that Cliff Diving 3D’s entertainment value is also surprising.  Sure, there is still fine-tuning needed to help Cliff Diving 3D shine a wee bit brighter but it’s not a bad time waster of a game.

Cliff Diving 3D is a free, ad-supported game that is available for Windows Phone 8.  You can pick up your copy of Cliff Diving 3D here in the Windows Phone Store.

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Marco Gomes1 says:

Not as easy as it looks, hey George..

Surprisingly challenging and even more difficulty while trying to shoot a video...

rodneyej says:

Is this available on iOS, or Android❔

kukkuluuruu says:

Why are you asking this all the time?? Who cares. Go and take a look at Google Play or Appstore if you're interested, okay..

rodneyej says:

You telling me what to do, boy❔..
Just ignore it if you don't like it, punk❕.. You better recognize❗

Is this an update to the stickman cliff diving game that has been about since WP7?

Different developer

So it is. Its not as easy as the other. The 3d perspective makes it hard to see the water level.

schlubadub says:

More like a remake of the cliff diving in World Games on the C64 ... ah nostalgia

teaMJPx says:

I thought it would be the Cliff Diver available for the Vita... jejeje

Jazmac says:

Hey, I remember this one or one like it.  Each successive dive gets higher and more difficult.  This one looks better in the photos than the one I remember playing.

Game was fun for about a minute.

it looks like adictin game, gonna give it a try

downup says:

Cant quit, back button Does not quit it

Bill Fox says:

Yeah, how are  you supposed to quit the game?