CloudSix for Dropbox updated with PNG and GIF viewer, design changes

CloudSix for Dropbox

A few days ago Rudy Huyn released his new Dropbox client for Windows Phone – CloudSix for Dropbox. It’s the first of many cloud storage apps that Rudy will be working on in the near future. Not only does it bring all the functionality of Dropbox to Windows Phone, but it also offers up new opportunities for developers to add cloud storage to their apps with minimal effort. CloudSix for Dropbox has also just picked up its first update. Let’s see what’s new.

Head to the Windows Phone Store and you’ll see CloudSix for Dropbox at version 1.1. Here’s what’s new in this update:

  • PNG and GIF viewer
  • Customize design of the app: change side-panels color, change live tiles design

Not a big update, but viewing PNGs and GIFs in CloudSix will make a lot of you happy. Don’t like the design of the app? You can now change the color of the side-panels and use transparent Live tiles. If you select to make your Live tile for CloudSix transparant it will instead use the system theme color you've selected. 

CloudSix for Dropbox is a free app and available in the Windows Phone Store. You can remove ads through an in-app purchase. 

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Marco Gomes1 says:

Well, that didn't take long :) @rudyhuyn

Bluedemon77 says:

Good job there Rudy...

Micah Dawson says:

Go Rudy! Go! Go! I downloaded it simply to support Rudy. Onedrive is my go to.

WilsonBlaze says:

Even though I'm using one drive these days, its good to have access to dropbox files from 2010 haha. Can't wait to a similar client for one drive is released

rockstarzzz says:

OneDrive is not good enough client?

Rem97 says:

It's sufficient, but could be better. If Rudy does a better job than MS, then that'll be telling.

mjfadaway says:

I like onedrive but I need it to handle music better, or just media files altogether. It would be nice if it had a built in music player. 

juba20 says:

6snap updated too

No es compatible con mi Lumia 800 win 7.8 :(

jgservices says:

A Lumia 520 is $100. Time to upgrade

Joeul_Ramos says:

Compra te un Lumia 520 por $100. Es barato amigo

gerrymad says:

Sadly I just uninstalled it. My HTC 8X had always been rock solid. Perhaps it's a coincidence, but my phone has randomly rebooted 2 or 3 times per day since I installed it.

WhippedKream says:

My 8X works perfectly fine, and I have 300 MB of space left lol, so my phone tends to lag a bit more at times. Maybe just reinstall?

gerrymad says:

I'll run without it for a couple of days to eliminate some other issue and then I'll reinstall

Carduelis says:

Experiencing the same problem on my Nokia Lumia 920

carlosrdd says:

Is 6tag not loading on WiFi for anyone else?

WhippedKream says:


t.cross says:

make a cool social nework app Rudy

Face2000 says:

Superstar Rudy at it again im glad he is on windows phone's side good job man.

Wish Rudy would make a Facebook app :(

sinaswee says:

What's that weather app?

Burnbackin says:

GIF viewer for onedrive would be great too...love my nokia cinemagraph app

IceDree says:

+1 . I use BLINK though


wow. rudy also planned for soundcloud apps. great! 6cloud, anyone?

gamato says:

All the functionality of Dropbox ??
Not really. That would be, among others, ability to sync any/all remote folders to WP for local use. Also, uploading videos is not available. :-/

Jazmac says:

This app has problems. On my 920, this app crashes like it should be on android.  Not only that, its limited to view and save You can't delete anything either. The preview images are waaay too small to see and it crashes every 5th image. Rudy, when you get a minute...this app isn't ready.