UPDATED: Clove offering free Monster Purity headphones with Lumia 800 purchase

Get Monster headphones free with a new Lumia 800

Clove has a monster of a deal for its UK customers. For the entire month of May, those who purchase a new Lumia 800 will get a free pair of Nokia Purity headphones, manufactured by audio powerhouse Monster. The headphones, which normally retail for £199, are designed to match the color of your Lumia, but surely you can opt to go two-tone if you desire.

To take advantage of this month-long deal, simply purchase a Nokia Lumia 800 from Clove, then follow the steps below:

  • Text ‘lumiamonster’ to 64446, receive text back: “congrats on Lumia purchase, wait 28 days, then visit www.lumiamonster.co.uk to redeem’
  • Visit www.lumiamonster.co.uk and enter IMEI number, receipt number, name, address, headphone color  preference and phone number.
  • The microsite ‘looks up’ original SMS from phone number to confirm 28 days has passed, if so, IMEI is validated (if not,you will be told to come back later)
  • Within 30 days, headphones are posted to you.

You can click the source link to view the offer or click here for the full set of terms and conditions.

UPDATE: This deal is not actually exclusive to Clove, but rather from several "authorized retailers."  We don't have a list of who those retailers are, so shout them out if you come across others.

Source: Clove UK; Thanks for the tip, Jon!



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selfcreation says:

wow does look sexy!  

ejb222 says:

Why can't I get this offer for my Lumia 900? No free case, no free crappy headphones even :(
Y'all who bought the 800 get all the good stuff :P

Kiveau says:

I would still try if I were you. They would know from the IMEI, but suppose they ARE including the 900.

ejb222 says:

Actually I'm seeing from a couple different sites that those who purchase the 900 also qaulify.
But this is UK only...I'm in the US.

UrbanaSax says:

I did get $100 in free accessories when I bought my 900 at a corporate store here in central Illinois. But I would have wanted the purity headset for free instead.

kittie1823 says:

Three UK are also offering the free headphones during the month of May. Just a heads up :)

Stig says:

Read the small print: this applies to a purchase of an 800 from any UK retailer, not just Clove. 

ratsta says:

I work in carphone looking like we have the 800 & 900 on the promotion :)

woogie_burns says:

Carphone Warehouse also has a app gift card offer on Lumia 710, 800 & 900 from May 3rd. £20 on 710, £40 on 800 and £50 on 900 when available.

yosagojimbo says:

Yep Carphone warehouse has same deal. I've just gotta see if cpw or p4u or o2 direct will give me best deal

CheesyJif says:

What about us Americans? I want these headphones!!! WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME

mccasive says:

It's rather unfortunate that we in the US are not getting this kind of love, I paid full cost for the Lumia 900 and since I don't have a wireless account with AT&T I'm not even eligible for any of the various discounts AT&T and Nokia are offering. I ordered for Purity HD in-ear headset since April 9th but it still not shipped and when I contacted Nokia I was only asked to wait patiently for Amazon to deliver the item because Amazon is the only retailer in US at the moment

TonyDedrick says:

Headphones are gorgeous...would love a pair :)

erzhik says:

Why can't this happen in US??? Brits get all the best offers.

Sy7ygy says:

This is actually a piss poor PR stunt by Nokia.
Like many I bought a Lumia 800 upon release last year, excluding the crap battery life which they finally fixed in April, this offer is only for currently purchases during May - the loyal customers who funded the Lumia project are exempt from this offer.
Disgusting & exactly the reason why I usually go for Apple's products - I don't get shafted in favour of sales.