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Clove UK slashes HTC 8X price, now available for £276


UK technology retailer Clove has slashed its pricing for the HTC 8X Windows Phone, which is now available for just £276 (including VAT). While the price still remains high for many consumers, it's now a more affordable smartphone. The high-end device is HTC's current flagship Windows Phone and we painted a positive painting with our in-depth review

Should you be looking for a Windows Phone 8 device, but are not interested in Nokia, Samsung or other manufacturers, the HTC 8X is indeed a solid choice. Available in blue and black variants, the 8X sports an 8MP BSI rear camera, 2MP front camera, dedicated HTC ImageChip, 1080p HD video recording, 4.3 '' 1280 x 768 Super LCD 2 Display, dual-core 1.5 GHz Snapdragon S4, 1GB of RAM, 16GB internal storage, 1800 mAh battery, NFC, LTE and runs Windows Phone 8.

No unique colours are available (like the yellow version - they seem to be somewhat limited in the UK). It's also worth noting that this new price tag also competes against the recently released Lumia 720, which is available at the same retailer for £299 (including VAT). The HTC 8S is listed for £218 (including VAT), which makes the more advanced 8X sound an even juicier deal.  

Speaking of which, we've also noticed (which may well be old news) that Clove has discontinued older Windows Phones. For example, the Lumia 800, Lumia 710 are no longer available. It's a positive change since many retailers across Europe have been pushing the remaining stock of Windows Phone 7.x devices. It's about time consumers are presented with Windows Phone 8 hardware to ensure no one is missing out on the latest features.

Be sure to head on over to Clove for more information and to make the purchase. The Clove blog states that this HTC 8X deal is a limited offer while stocks last.


Reader comments

Clove UK slashes HTC 8X price, now available for £276


Its a rock solid Handset, fantastic styling, better looking than 920, and the handset has even won an award for ir styling.
Highly recommended

Its a better device than the 920, or it would be if Microsoft/HTC would fix the other storage problem, which I am sure they eventually will. Its far more stable than the Lumias, I have never had to restart the 8X once and its never frozen since I have had it. With the two Lumias in our house that is a daily occurance.

You guys are crazy when it comes to the 920. Like its this perfect device sure Nokia is putting everything they have into they have to. HTC is more of an Android OEM and that's where they focus. What's wrong with stock windows phone? No free turn by turn nav not that big of a deal

Actually you can get Nokia HERE beta, on your 8X. It's a pretty damn good free turn by turn nav app. Works great on mine.

I would not recommend HTC phones to anyone. The company may shut down anyday now. Same can be said of Nokia but Nokia India too big to fall, at least in India.

I would recommend the 8X to anyone. It is a superb device. Its feels superb in the hand and is, IMO, the best Windows Phone device there is.