Cocktail Flow updated to Mango v3.4

Cocktail Flow is an app that allows users to find and try new cocktails with combinations of alcoholic beverages. You can input into the app what ingredients you have in your bar and cocktails are then identified that can be created for any event or occasion. We covered the app just before MIX'11 when a pack of cocktails named after Microsoft products was released.

We're now back reporting on version 3.4, which has just been pushed out. This update brings Mango goodness including pinnable tiles for individual recipes, live tile, push notifications and performance improvements. Cocktails can also now be rated and users can upload photos to the database. The app is continuously updated with new recipes being added and is often cited as the pinnacle of Windows Phone app design.

You can download Cotail Flow from the Marketplace for $2.99. Thanks Argenys for the tip!



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TheWeeBear says:

Love the app total eye candy. Hic!

Plaschke says:

Hehe i read "pineapple tiles".. Cool app by the way.. On a related note, there seems to be alcotester available as well

robertftw says:

So glad I got the app while it was free since I havn't much use for it but like to show its awesome design to people who has never seen WP7 before.

Dusteater says:

Yeah but do they have the Sidecar in the app yet? Come on, that is one of the most classic cocktails of all time and it is missing. Not to mention, it is my signature drink.

cedarlog says:

lol what a nice app to have for people who like alcoholic drinks i thought you meant fruit drinks only =(

JudgeHolden says:

Beautiful app, horrific selection.So few cocktails, and so few basic ones.It's beautiful but entirely terrible.